Why is my Amazon affiliate link not working

Why Is My Amazon Affiliate Link Not Working?

The most probable reason your Amazon affiliate links aren’t working is that you are not using Amazon’s affiliate link generator.

The Amazon affiliate program has millions of members. Each member has a unique code. The Amazon link generator ensures your unique code is in your affiliate link.

My post shows you how to generate affiliate links using Amazon’s link generator.

Let’s get started.

Why Is My Amazon Affiliate Link Not Working?

Your Amazon affiliate links must include your affiliate ID.

If you send visitors to product pages with links that don’t have your ID, Amazon can not detect who sent them.

The Amazon affiliate link generator adds your affiliate ID to each link automatically.

The Amazon link generator is called the SiteStripe. The SiteStripe is simple to use and generates text and image links for you to use on your blog or YouTube channel.

How Do I Make My Amazon Link An Affiliate Link?

Amazon has an excellent affiliate link generator for affiliates. It is called the SiteStripe.


Use Amazon’s SiteStripe to create affiliate links.

Log in to your Amazon affiliate account and visit Amazon to search for products to promote on your website.

The SiteStripe appears at the top of the page. You can get text links, product image links, and text with image links.

Once you find a product on Amazon, select the Text, Image, or Text+Image link.

Get link

When you select a link, Amazon’s SiteStripe generates a link that includes your unique affiliate ID.

Affiliate ID

Paste this affiliate link into your website blog post. When visitors go to Amazon, Amazon detects who sent them a customer.

Amazon tracks a visitor for 24 hours. Purchases made within 24 hours earn you a commission.

How Do I Know If My Amazon Affiliate Links Are Working?

You can access a link tester tool from your Amazon affiliate account dashboard.

Hover your mouse over Tools and select Link Checker.

Link checker tool

Paste your affiliate link and select Check Link.

Link checker

You get this message if your link is valid.

Valid affiliate link

How Long Does It Take To Show Earnings On Amazon Affiliates?

Amazon affiliate accounts are updated once every 24 hours.

New clicks, impressions, and earnings are updated once a day.


Amazon affiliate links don’t work if they don’t include your affiliate ID.

Always use the Amazon link generator to ensure your links include your ID.

The Amazon affiliate link generator is called the SiteStripe and is visible at the top of Amazon pages when logged into your affiliate account.

If you want to check your affiliate links are valid, use the link checker tool on your affiliate dashboard.

After joining the Amazon affiliate program, you must set up a preferred payment method. Visit my How To Withdraw Money From Your Amazon Associates Account to learn more.

It is against Amazon’s operating agreement to ask your family to use your affiliate links. Visit my Can Your Family Use Your Amazon Affiliate Links? article to learn more.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.



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