Why is my Amazon affiliate link not working

Amazon Affiliate Link: Why Your Amazon Affiliate Link Is Not Working

If you’re using the Amazon affiliate program and your Amazon affiliate link isn’t working right, don’t worry! I’m here to help you figure it out.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you must use a special code called an affiliate ID in your links.

This guide will show you how to create, check, and fix your Amazon affiliate link so you can start earning.

This article contains affiliate links. That means I make a commission when you purchase at no extra cost. I appreciate purchases made using my links.

Amazon Affiliate Program Changes in November 2023

No More ‘Image’ and ‘Text+Image’ Links

Starting in November 2023, if you’re part of the Amazon Affiliate program, you won’t be able to grab product images the way you used to.

Amazon has removed the ‘Image’ and ‘Text+Image’ options from their SiteStripe toolbar.

This means you can’t click to get pictures for your website or blog anymore.

How to Get Product Images Now

But don’t worry, there’s a new way to get those images!

Amazon wants you to use the “PA API” to create image links for your site.

I haven’t tried this new method myself, so I can’t walk you through it step by step.

However, Amazon has made a video that shows you how to use the PA API to get your images. It’s meant to help you adjust to this update.

Alternative to SiteStripe

Amazon is making it difficult for affiliates. If you have many Amazon product images on your site or want to use images, there is an option for you, the AM Image Master WordPress plugin.

How to Make Amazon Affiliate Links

Making Amazon affiliate links is easy with a tool called SiteStripe.

First, sign in to your Amazon affiliate account and go to Amazon’s website.

Look for the SiteStripe bar at the top of the page.

Site Stripe

It lets you create different kinds of links: just text, an image, or both together.

Get link

Your special affiliate ID will be part of these links, so Amazon knows the link came from you.

Copy and paste code

Copy these links and put them in your blog or YouTube video descriptions. When people use your links to buy something, you’ll earn some money!

Troubleshooting: Fixing SiteStripe Issues on Amazon

Make Sure You’re Logged In

The first step is to check if you are logged into your Amazon Associate account. You need to be signed in to see the SiteStripe bar.

Check Your Browser Settings

If you’re logged in but can’t see the SiteStripe, your web browser might be the problem.

Sometimes browsers block certain types of code like JavaScript, which is needed for SiteStripe to work.

Also, if you have added extra features to your browser (called extensions), they could be blocking SiteStripe too.

How to Fix It

To fix this, you can change your browser settings to allow JavaScript and check if any extensions are causing the problem.

Once you adjust these settings, you should be able to see and enable SiteStripe on Amazon.

Understanding Amazon Affiliate Clicks

When to Expect Updates

Amazon checks how well your affiliate links are doing once a day. So if you just shared a new link and don’t see any clicks yet, there’s no need to worry.

You’ll be able to see any new clicks after Amazon updates the report, which happens every 24 hours.

Making Your Links Work Better

To get the best results from your links, put them where people can easily find them in what you’re sharing.

You want to make sure that when someone is reading or looking at your content, they can easily spot and click on your links.

This will help you get more clicks and keep your audience interested.

Amazon Associates Link Checker Guide

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, there’s a handy tool you can use called the Affiliate Link Checker.

You can find this tool in your Amazon Associates dashboard. It’s there to help you make sure that your Amazon affiliate links are working just like they should.

Here’s what you do:

Copy your affiliate link.

Go to the Link Checker tool in your dashboard.

Link checker tool

Paste your link into the tool.

Hit the ‘Check Link’ button.

Link checker

By doing this, you can check if your links are directing people to the right place and if they’re tracking your sales correctly. If everything’s good, you’ll see a message that says your link is valid.

Valid affiliate link

Fixing the “Invalid Affiliate ID!” Error

If you see the error message “Invalid Affiliate ID!” it means there’s a problem with the special code, known as your affiliate ID, in your link.

This ID should be added for you when you create links with a tool called SiteStripe.

If your ID isn’t there, or it’s wrong, you’ll need to make a new link using SiteStripe.

How to Spot an Amazon Affiliate Link

When you use Amazon’s tool to make a link, you can choose between two types: a short link or a full link.

Short and Full link
  • A short link from Amazon will always include “amzn.to” in it.
  • A full affiliate link will have the word “tag” in the web address (that’s the URL), followed by your special affiliate ID.

These clues help you check if a link is set up to earn you money.

If the web address doesn’t have your unique ID next to the word “tag,” then it’s not set up correctly, and you won’t get paid for sharing it.

How Often Amazon Updates Your Affiliate Earnings

Amazon gives your affiliate account an update every day. This means you’ll see new clicks, how many times your ads were seen, and any money you’ve made, added once a day.

Just remember to be patient. After 24 hours, you can log in and see all the newest information about your account.

Tips for Being a Successful Amazon Affiliate

To do well in the Amazon affiliate program, you must pay close attention to how you create and check your links.

Always make your affiliate links with the SiteStripe tool. This is important because it helps ensure your links work and that they have your special affiliate ID on them.

You can also use the Affiliate Link Checker to double-check that your links are set up correctly.

If you follow these steps, you’ll have a better chance of earning more and staying on track with the Amazon affiliate program.

Are you having trouble with your Amazon affiliate link not working?

Don’t worry! It’s important to know who is allowed to use your links.

I have a simple guide that will help you figure out if your family can use your Amazon affiliate links.

By learning more about this, you can make sure your affiliate account stays in great shape!

Newblogr.com participates in various affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are designed to provide a means for sites like Newblogr.com to earn fees by advertising and linking to their products and services at no extra cost.

15 responses to “Amazon Affiliate Link: Why Your Amazon Affiliate Link Is Not Working”

  1. Syed Zainvi avatar
    Syed Zainvi

    How do I know my affiliate ID?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi, your affiliate ID is on the top right when you are signed into your account. Is this what you were asking?

      1. Syed Zainvi avatar
        Syed Zainvi

        thanks…Do i need to input id in link checker

        1. newblogr avatar

          Hi. When you use Amazon’s SiteStripe, you do not need to worry about your ID. The SiteStripe includes your affiliate ID for every link. If you are worried your link doesn’t connect to your account, copy and paste one of your links into the Link Checker tool on your Amazon affiliate dashboard.

  2. Christina Fejerang avatar

    I’ve sent many links connected to my associate account but when people click the link it prompts them to log in and they keep getting an error code for the password. I’ve even tried the links, with my personal account, get the same login, and the same error code when entering the correct password. Why is this not working? I’ve yet to
    Complete a successful sale bc of this!

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi. How are you generating your affiliate links?

      1. Shanna avatar

        Hi, I’m having this same issue. I made multiple idea lists for people to shop with ease and pasted my affiliate link in my instagram bio….but people are not able to access my page?

        1. John Ridley avatar

          Hi Shanna, can you give me some more detail? What page is not accessible?

        2. John Ridley avatar

          Are you using Amazon’s SiteStripe to generate the link?

  3. Emma king avatar
    Emma king

    How do I know if I have any products linked?

    It does everything I get text highlight link then it won’t let me add

    1. John Ridley avatar

      Hello Emma. What are you using to build your site? Is it Wix or Squarepace? These free sites don’t let you monetize your site without paying them. You can’t add links or ads. If this is a business for you, I recommend moving to WordPress.org (self-hosting). With Wix or Squarespace you don’t own the content which means they could shut down your website at any time. If you want help moving, I am happy to discuss a plan of action with you.

  4. Robert avatar

    My stripe was working fine for about a week and then this evening it disappeared

    1. John Ridley avatar

      Hi. I just checked my account, and it worked fine. Ensure you are signed into your affiliate account and then go to Amazon.com. Try another browser if you still have issues.

  5. James avatar


    Have you ever run into a issue/problem where the sitestripe is showing when logged into Amazon but ONLY get text link option is showing? I don’t see the option to add image link or text+image. It’s not visible to me. I am in the USA and all 3 options were showing last week when I logged in. I don’t have any ad blockers on my pc, I am logged in and have sitestripe enabled. I have not seen this issue on You Tube or blogs when searching. Thanks for any help.

    1. John Ridley avatar

      Hi James, apparently Amazon have removed these links permanently and are instructing affiliates to use Amazon’s API. I don’t know how to use this myself so will learn about it and then update my post.

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