What is Prefered Associates Store ID on Amazon

Amazon Store ID: What is Preferred Associates Store ID?

The Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a popular way for people to earn money by promoting Amazon products on their websites, blogs, or social media.

By joining the program, you can create customized affiliate links that allow Amazon to track sales generated by your marketing efforts.

One crucial aspect of this program is the Preferred Associates Store ID, a unique identifier that ensures you receive credit for the sales you generate.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of the Amazon Store ID, how to find it, and how to use it effectively in your affiliate marketing strategies.

What Is Your Preferred Store ID On Amazon?

A Preferred Associates Store ID is a special code that Amazon gives to people who join their affiliate program.

Think of it as your personal ID number that Amazon uses to keep track of all the sales you help make.

What Does It Do?

This ID is like your secret code that tells Amazon, “Hey, this sale came from me!”

It’s made up of letters and numbers, and no two affiliates have the same one.

When someone buys something from Amazon using your affiliate link, your Store ID ensures you get credit (and money!) for helping make that sale.

How Is It Different From a Tracking ID?

Now, you might also hear about something called a Tracking ID.

It’s also for Amazon affiliates, but it’s not the same as your Store ID. Your Store ID is your permanent name tag, but a Tracking ID is more like a nickname you can change.

You use Tracking IDs to see how well different ads or promotions are working, while your Store ID stays the same for everything you do.

How Does Amazon Use It?

When you join Amazon’s affiliate program, you get your Store ID.

You have to put this ID in your affiliate links. Then, when someone clicks on your link and buys something, Amazon knows you’re the one who helped, and they give you a share of the money.

Your Store ID makes sure that you get paid the right amount for your work.

By using your Store ID the right way, you can keep an eye on your sales and earn more money with Amazon.

How to Find Your Preferred Associates Store ID on Amazon

How to Find Your Amazon Associates Store ID

If you’re part of the Amazon Associates program and you want to find your Store ID, don’t worry—it’s easy! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have it in no time:

Sign in to Your Amazon Associates Account

First, go to the Amazon Associates website (affiliate-program.amazon.com) and log in with your email and password.

Sign In
  1. Go to Account Settings:

Look for the “Account Settings” option at the top right of the page after you log in. Click on it to open your account details.

Account settings

2. Find Your Store ID:
In “Account Settings,” there’s a part that says “Manage Your Tracking IDs.”

Manage tracking ID

Your Store ID will be right there. It usually looks something like “yourID-XX” where “yourID” is a special name or number for you, and “XX” is a code for the country.

Tracking ID

What’s with the Country Codes?

The two letters or numbers at the end of your Store ID tell you which Amazon country store you’re working with. For example:

  • United States: -20
  • United Kingdom: -21
  • Canada: -22
  • Germany: -23
  • France: -24

These codes are important because they help Amazon keep track of where sales are coming from, which means you get paid for the right sales in the right places.

Remember, if you want to sell things from Amazon in different countries, you might have to sign up for each country’s associate program separately.

And that’s it! Now you know how to find your Amazon Associates Store ID and what those little country codes mean. You’re all set to keep an eye on your sales and earnings.

Using Your Amazon Preferred Associates Store ID for Affiliate Marketing

If you’re part of Amazon’s affiliate program, your Preferred Associates Store ID is key to making money.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use it:

Creating Affiliate Links

Find the Amazon product you want to tell others about.

Amazon best sellers

On that product’s page, click the “Text” link option from Amazon’s SiteStripe.

Amazon will make a special link or HTML code that has your Store ID in it.

Text link

Take that link or code and put it on your online store, website, blog, or social media to share the product with others.

Adding Affiliate Links to Your Site or Blog

Got your link with your Store ID? Great! Now, put it on your site or blog to start earning:

  1. If you use WordPress, paste the link into your posts or use plugins like EasyAzon to add the links easily.
  2. On other platforms like Shopify, use the tools they provide or get an app to help you include your Amazon affiliate links.
  3. If you write a blog, you can weave affiliate links into posts where you talk about products, like reviews or comparisons.
  4. Always let your readers know about these affiliate links, following Amazon’s rules and the FTC’s guidelines.

Keeping Track of Your Affiliate Success

Check how well your affiliate links are doing with these steps:

Log into your Amazon Associates account.

Sign in to your Amazon affiliate account

Go to the “Reports” section.


Use the tools there to see how many people clicked on your links and what they bought, plus how much money you’ve made.

Link type performance

You can look at this info for different times, like days, weeks, or months, to see what’s working best.

By doing all this, you’ll be able to make and share affiliate links, put them on your site or blog, and watch how they’re helping you earn through Amazon’s affiliate program.

How to Earn More Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Pick the Best Products for Your Audience

  • Choose items that your audience will like and need.
  • Look for products that people want, and have good reviews, and high ratings.
  • Promote products that always sell well or are popular during certain times of the year.

Make Great Content to Attract Visitors

  • Create content that’s interesting and useful for your visitors.
  • Write great reviews, guides, or how-tos for the products you’re talking about.
  • Use keywords that people search for to help your content show up in search engines.

Improve Your Affiliate Links to Get More Sales

  • Put links in your content where they fit naturally and make sense.
  • Try different kinds of links, like text, pictures, or ads, to see what your audience likes.
  • Use buttons or banners that stand out to grab attention.

Use Amazon’s Helpful Tools

  • Use Amazon’s SiteStripe to make links for specific products or searches.
  • Try out different widgets or lists of recommended products to get more clicks.

Be Honest and Build Trust

  • Tell your audience that you get money from the links.
  • Explain how their support helps you make more content.
  • Give honest advice about products, focusing on helping your audience, not just selling.

Check Your Results and Make Improvements

  • Regularly look at your Amazon Associates dashboard to see how you’re doing.
  • Figure out which products and strategies work best for getting clicks and sales.
  • Use this information to make your promotions better and repeat what works.

By following these tips and using your Preferred Associates Store ID wisely, you can bring in more visitors, make more sales, and increase your earnings as an Amazon affiliate.

Remember, it’s important to have loyal followers and provide them with valuable content for long-term success in affiliate marketing.


Let’s wrap up what we’ve learned about the Preferred Associates Store ID on Amazon and why it’s a big deal for folks who are part of the Amazon affiliate program.

What We’ve Talked About:

  • The Preferred Associate’s Store ID is a special code given to each Amazon affiliate. It’s used to keep track of sales and make sure affiliates get paid the right amount.
  • It’s not the same as a Tracking ID, which is more about keeping tabs on different ads or ways you’re promoting things.
  • Your Store ID helps Amazon figure out which sales came from you, so you get credit for them.
  • You can find your Store ID by signing into your Amazon Associates account and checking your Account Settings.
  • Amazon uses different country codes in their Store IDs to know where the sales are coming from. This helps them pay you correctly.
  • To use your Store ID, you make special links for products, put them on your website or online store, and then watch how they do on your Amazon Associates dashboard.
  • To make more money with your Store ID, pick good products to share, create awesome content that people want to read or watch, make sure your links are working well, and keep an eye on how things are going so you can make them even better.

Why Your Store ID Matters:

  • Having a Store ID is key to making money as an Amazon affiliate. It tracks your sales so you can get paid.
  • By using your Store ID the right way, you can really benefit from being an Amazon affiliate and boost your income.

Tips for Success:

  • Be smart about the products you choose to promote.
  • Create content that’s helpful and interesting.
  • Make sure your affiliate links are the best they can be.
  • Keep track of your progress and look for ways to improve.

If you stick with it and use smart strategies, you can do really well with the Amazon affiliate program and grow your online business.

You might be wondering about the next step: how to get that money into your pocket.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Check out my guide on “How To Withdraw Money From Your Amazon Affiliate Account” to learn how you can access your hard-earned cash.

This article contains affiliate links. That means I make a commission when you purchase at no extra cost. I appreciate purchases made using my links.

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These books explore crucial topics for affiliate marketers looking to maximize their earnings, from promoting the right products to driving website traffic and troubleshooting common issues.

They provide actionable tips and tools you can put into practice immediately.

I hope you found my article informative. Please leave any questions in the comments below. I appreciate all the feedback.

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