How To Add Amazon Native Shopping Ads To WordPress

In my post, I show you how to add Amazon native shopping ads to your WordPress website, step by step.

The Amazon affiliate program is free to join. Once you are a member, you get HTML code to embed in your website to generate ads. Helping you monetize your blog.

Native ads generate advertisements for Amazon products based on the keywords in your blog post.

Let me show you how to add native ads to your WordPress website, step by step.

Add Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Step One – Sign In To Your Amazon Affiliate Account

First, go to Amazon Associates Central, and log in to your affiliate account.

Sign in to your account

Enter your login details and select Sign-In.

Enter details

Step Two – Select Native Shopping Ads

On your associate’s dashboard, hover over Product Linking. Select ‘Native Shopping Ads’ from the menu.

Native shopping ads

Step Three – Select The Native Ad Type

There are three types of native ads, Recommendation Ads, SearchAds, and Custom Ads.

Select the tab of the native ad you want to display on your website.

Select native ad type

Recommendation Ads

Recommendations ads generate ads based on categories and keywords. This option allows you to display ads related to your blog content.

To create a recommendation ad, select the ‘Recommendation Ads’ tab.

Recommendation ads tab

Next, select the ‘Create Recommendation Ads’ link.

Create recommendation ads

First, create an ad name. Should you plan to create multiple ads, use titles that help you remember where you placed them on your blog. The data will help you monitor performance.

Next, if you have more than one affiliate ID, ensure you select the correct one from the list. You also have the option of creating a new tracking ID.

Tracking ID

There are three ways to display ads on your website, Grid, List, and Strip. You can preview each format on the right.

The preview is for desktops. For a mobile preview, click on the Mobile Preview link.

Ad format

Next, select the product categories you want the ad to use. The box below shows your chosen categories.


As a backup, you can also use selected keywords for Amazon to find products.

Search keywords

Finally, save and create your ad.

HTML code

Copy your ad code and embed it into your website.

Search Ads

Search ads allow you to add a search feature for Amazon products.

To create a search ad, select the ‘Search Ad’ tab.

Search ads

Next, select the ‘Create Search Ads’ link.

Create search ads

First, select the tracking ID.

Tracking ID

Then, select how you want to display the ad. Choose Grid, List, or Strip.

Ad format

Next, select the default search term you want to appear in the search box.

Search term

You can edit the title of the ad.

Edit title

Finally, copy the ad and embed it into your website.

Copy ad code

Custom Ads

Custom ads allow you to choose products from Amazon to display.

Select the ‘Custom Ads’ tab.

Custom ads

First, select the correct ID from the list.

Tracking ID

Next, select the ad format. The preview on the right shows you how the ad looks on a desktop. For a mobile preview, click on the Mobile Preview link.

Ad format

Next, search for products from Amazon. Enter a keyword, then click on the ‘Add’ link for products you want to display in the ad. The minimum is four products.

Select and add products

Should you change your mind about the products selected, click on the ‘Delete’ link to remove them from your list.

Delete products

The default title for the ad display is My Amazon Picks. You can change that with the ‘Edit Title’ option.

Edit title

Finally, copy the ad code and embed it into your blog post.

Copy ad code

Step Four – Add Native Ads To Your WordPress

After copying your native ad code, return to your WordPress website post. Choose where you want to display your ad and create a new block.

You create a new block by selecting the plus icon.

Create new block

Type ‘html’ and select the ‘Custom HTML’ block.

Custom html

Another way to create a new block is to type ‘/’ after hitting enter.

Create new block

Then type ‘html’. Select the ‘Custom HTML’ block.

Custom html

Now you have a block to paste your code.

Write html

Paste the ad code from Amazon into this block.

Paste ad code

Select the ‘Preview’ link to view your ad.


Now you have native ads on your WordPress website.

Finally, select Publish or Update.

Publish changes


Adding Amazon native ads to your website is an excellent way to monetize your blog.

There are three native ad types, recommendation ads, search ads, and custom ads.

Recommendation ads use categories and keywords you set. Search ads have a search in the ad for your visitor to find products on Amazon from your website. Custom ads show products you pre-selected from Amazon.

Once you have set up your ad, copy the ad code and paste it into your blog post.

Create a ‘Custom HTML’ block to embed the ad code.

Publish or update your post to start showing ads.

I hope you found my article informative. Do you have questions about this post or the Amazon affiliate program? Please leave them in the comments box below.