Can't Log In To WordPress Admin After Changing URL Solution

In my post, I show you how to fix it when you can’t log in to WordPress admin after changing the URL, step by step.

When I started using WordPress, I made the same mistake. I changed the site URL in my WordPress admin and saved it. I couldn’t access my site. After panicking for a while, I found the solution.

The ‘Can’t log in to WordPress admin after changing the URL problem’ is easily fixed by accessing your WordPress database and editing your website URL. Editing takes just a few moments.

Let’s begin.

This What Happens When You Change The URL

First, let’s look at how we create this problem.

In your WordPress admin, hover your mouse over ‘Settings’ and select ‘General’ from the menu.


In ‘General’ is your website address (URL).

Site URL

Here is the front end of this website.

Website URL

Next, I will change the site URL.

Change URL

Then ‘Save Changes’.

Save changes

When you change your website’s URL in WordPress admin, this happens.

Error message

Here is the front end of this website.

Front end

Let’s look at how you fix this problem for your website.

Step One – Log In To Your Hosting Cpanel

When you purchase a hosting package, you get a link to your website’s hosting Cpanel. If you did not bookmark the link, search through your emails from your hosting company.

I received this email when I bought hosting from Hostgator.

Cpanel URL link

Here is the login page for my website.

Cpanel login page

After you log in, you come to your Cpanel dashboard.

Cpanel dashboard

Step Two – Log In To Phpmyadmin

In the search box, start typing ‘phpmyadmin’.

Type phpmyadmin

Select the ‘phpMyAdmin’ icon.

Select phpmyadmin icon

After a short delay, you go to your website’s database.


Your database is essential for your website. Follow the steps I show you next, nothing else.

Step Three – Open The Database For Your Website

Should you have more than one database. Find the database for the site that has the error.

To do this, click on the plus icon next to the database name.

Open the database

Next, click on ‘wp_options’.

Click on options

On the right, check that this is the correct database. View the ‘SiteURL’ and ‘Home’ details.

Database site URL

This database is for ‘’. Here is the database for my website.

Site URL

Step Four – Edit The Database

Next, we must change these URLs back to the original URL. To start, click on ‘Edit’.


Then, type the correct URL. I corrected this URL from ‘newblogrone’ to ‘newblogr’.

Edit URL

On the bottom right, click on ‘Go’ to save your edit.

Click on go

The ‘SiteURL’ is updated. Now, complete the same steps for ‘Home’.

I have completed the update for this website’s database.

Two URLs updated

Step Five – Refresh Your WordPress Admin Page And Website

Return to your WordPress admin page and refresh.

Here is my WordPress admin page.

I can log in and edit my website.

WordPress admin

Here is the front end of the same website.



As a new WordPress user, I changed the site URL and broke my website. After some research, I found the solution.

Should you change the URL for your website in WordPress admin, go to your Cpanel and search for ‘phpMyAdmin’. You get access to your website’s database.

You can update your site’s URL in your database. Be careful, don’t delete or make unnecessary edits to the database. You will break your site.

Find the database for your website and click on ‘wp_options’. On the right, confirm you have opened the correct database.

Next, click on ‘Edit’ to update the ‘SiteURL’ and ‘home’ fields. After changing each data field. Click on ‘Go’ to save your changes. Now, you can access your WordPress admin.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I check my account daily.

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