Can Your Family Use Your Amazon Affiliate Links?

You use affiliate links to promote Amazon products to earn a commission as an Amazon affiliate.

You can not purchase anything using your affiliate link as an Amazon affiliate. This rule applies to family members, friends, employees, and associates.

Your family can not use your Amazon affiliate link.

Can Your Family Use Your Amazon Affiliate Link?

When you join the Amazon affiliate program, you agree to abide by the rules in Amazon’s associate’s program operating agreement.

The operating agreement states that you can not request or encourage friends or family to make purchases using your affiliate links.

Operating agreement

Using your affiliate link or asking friends and family to use your links is deemed an unauthorized discount.

Asking your family to use your links is serious and will get your account closed.

I don’t know how Amazon knows, but they do.

If you are new to the program and haven’t achieved the three required sales, I don’t recommend asking friends or family to help.

Amazon allows you to reapply to the program.

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What Happens If You Ask Your Family To Use Your Affiliate Link?

When Amazon detects you have broken the rules contained in the operating agreement, you receive an email.

The email details why Amazon closed your account, and you won’t receive commissions earned.

How To Appeal

You have five days from the date of notification to appeal.

Use Amazon’s contact us page to contact Amazon. On the Contact Us page, select Closed Account Appeal from the menu.

Closed account appeal

Affiliates must provide evidence that proves Amazon’s facts are wrong to win the appeal.


Amazon affiliates can not ask family members to use affiliate links. Asking your family to use your affiliate links will get your account closed.

You can appeal the decision using the link in the notification email or by going to Amazon’s contact us page.

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