What is Unpaid Balance on Amazon Affiliates

What is Unpaid Balance on Amazon Affiliates?

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or a website and you want to make some cash from it, you might have heard about the Amazon Associates program.

It’s a really popular way for bloggers and website owners to get paid by sharing Amazon products and getting people to buy them.

Making money from sharing products sounds cool, right? But if you want to really make the most of it, you’ve got to learn all the small, important details about how the program works.

One thing you don’t want to miss is keeping an eye on your unpaid balance with Amazon Associates. This is the money you’ve earned that hasn’t been paid to you yet.

It’s important to know about this so you can make sure you get all the money you’ve worked for.

Unpaid Balance in Amazon Associates

What is an Unpaid Balance?

An unpaid balance is the money you’ve made from being an Amazon Associate that you haven’t gotten yet.

Think of it as a bunch of your earnings that are all added up and waiting to be sent to you.

Unpaid vs. Paid Balance

It’s important to know the difference between unpaid and paid balances. A paid balance is money you’ve already gotten from Amazon.

You can take this money out or use it to buy things. On the other hand, an unpaid balance is money you’re going to get, but you have to meet some requirements before you can get it.

Why Do Unpaid Balances Happen?

Knowing why you have an unpaid balance helps you keep track of your money and understand why there might be a delay in getting paid.

Here are some common reasons:

Returned Items

When someone sends back something they bought using your affiliate link, you lose the commission for that sale. So, the money for that item gets taken out of your unpaid balance because the sale doesn’t count anymore.

Canceled Orders

Just like with returns, if someone cancels an order they made through your link, you won’t get the commission for that sale, and it won’t be part of your unpaid balance.

Declined Payments

Sometimes, a customer’s payment doesn’t go through because their credit card is declined. If this happens, you won’t earn a commission on that sale, and it won’t be added to your unpaid balance.

How Unpaid Money Affects What You Earn from Affiliate Sales

When you’re making money by selling things as an affiliate, not getting paid can change how much you actually earn.

It’s not just about selling a lot of stuff. You also need to keep an eye on any money you haven’t received yet to know how much you’ve really made.

Here’s a simple way to look at it:

Imagine that you sold enough to earn $500 from your affiliate work in one month.

But then, some customers returned their purchases, some canceled, and some payments didn’t go through. Because of this, you have $100 that you haven’t been paid.

In this case, the money you really made is $400, because that’s the amount that’s actually been paid to you and that you can use.

Checking Your Unpaid Balance

Keeping track of the money you haven’t been paid yet is important if you’re part of the Amazon Associates program. Here’s how you can easily find out what you’re owed:

Step 1: Log In

First, sign in to your Amazon Associates account.

Amazon affiliate sign in page

Step 2: Find Payment History

Once you’re logged in, move your mouse over where your email is displayed at the top. A menu will appear; click on “Payment History.”

Payment history

Step 3: Review Your Balance

In the Payment History area, you’ll see how much money you’ve been paid and how much you still need to receive. You’ll also see other important info like when you got paid before.

Unpaid balance

Tip: Keep Checking

Make it a habit to look at your unpaid balance often. This way you can keep an eye on any updates or fix any problems that might come up.

Tips to Lower Unpaid Balances

Sometimes you can’t help it when balances go unpaid, but there are some smart moves you can make to keep unpaid balances low and make more money from your affiliate sales.

Sell Awesome Products

Make sure the products you’re telling people to buy are top-notch, get great reviews, and work well. This way, fewer people will send stuff back or change their minds about buying.

Give Great Customer Service

Answer readers’ questions quickly and be super helpful. If your readers have a good experience on your website, they’re less likely to cancel their orders.

Returns and Cancellations

If someone sends something back or cancels an order, try to find out why. You might need to remove the item from your website.


Being smart about unpaid balances is super important if you’re an Amazon Associates affiliate.

Why Unpaid Balances Matter

You need to figure out why you have unpaid balances and find ways to keep them as low as possible. This will help you make more money from your affiliate links.

Checking Your Balances

Make sure to keep an eye on your unpaid balance often and do something about it before it gets too big.

Tips for Earning More

Focus on sharing products that people love.

This way, you’ll get to keep more of your earnings from the Amazon Associates program.

Keep Growing Your Earnings

Stay on top of things, take action when needed, and you’ll see your affiliate earnings increase.

If you’re curious about how you can earn money with Amazon’s Affiliate Program, you might be wondering if you get paid just for clicks.

Check out my easy-to-understand article, ‘Amazon Affiliate Program: Do You Get Paid For Clicks?‘ It’s a great way to learn more about making the most of your affiliate links!

Newblogr.com participates in various affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are designed to provide a means for sites like Newblogr.com to earn fees by advertising and linking to their products and services at no extra cost.

2 responses to “What is Unpaid Balance on Amazon Affiliates?”

  1. James Laurie avatar
    James Laurie

    Thanks for your explanation

    I just started the program.
    I show I have earned $14 with a $10 payout.
    I reached my $10 threshold yesterday.
    However my Unpaid Balance has always been $0.
    No payment history.
    I did fill out my tax information.
    What am I missing?

    1. John Ridley avatar

      Hi James. Amazon has a 60-day window for payments to cover any cancelations or returns. This month’s commission will be paid on or around the 1st April. It is a pain, but this is how Amazon works.

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