How To Withdraw Money From Your Amazon Associates Account

Amazon Money Transfer: How To Withdraw Money From Your Amazon Affiliate Account

Are you an Amazon Associate looking to withdraw funds from your Amazon Affiliate account?

Look no further! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of Amazon Money Transfer, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your preferred payment method.

When you’re new to the Amazon Associates program, understanding how to manage your earnings is crucial to your success as an affiliate.

This guide will cover everything from the minimum amount required for payout to the various payment methods available, ensuring that you maximize your earnings potential.

So, let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of Amazon Money Transfer together!

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What Payment Methods Are Available?

Amazon pays you commission income every month. Approximately 60 days after the end of each month.

You can select payment by cheque, Amazon Gift Certificates, or deposit your commissions directly into your bank account.

Amazon Associates: A Simple Guide

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is a way for people who own websites, write blogs, make YouTube videos, or create other online content to make money by telling others about products sold on Amazon.

If you become an Amazon Associate, you get paid a little bit each time someone buys something from Amazon using a special link that you share.

The great thing about this program is how easy it is. You don’t have to make or sell any products yourself, and you don’t have to worry about shipping or talking to customers.

All you do is share Amazon product links with others, and if they buy something, you get a percentage of the sale.

This percentage, called a commission, can be anywhere from 1% to 10% of the price of the item they buy.

How to Sign In to Amazon Associates

Signing in to your Amazon Associates account is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Amazon Associates website. You can find it by searching for “Amazon Associates” on the internet or by typing ‘’ into your web browser.

Look for the ‘Sign In’ button when you get to the Amazon Associates homepage. It’s usually in the top right corner.

Amazon associates sign in

Click ‘Sign In,’ and you’ll go to a page where you’ll need to put in your email (or phone number if you use a mobile account) and your password.

After you put in your email and password, click the ‘Sign-In’ button, and you’re in!

Sign In

You’ve successfully logged into your Amazon Associates account.

Amazon affiliate dashboard

Just remember that your Amazon Associates account is not the same as your regular Amazon shopping account.

Make sure you’re signing in to the right one.

If you’ve never used Amazon Associates before and you need an account, you can make one by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button on the Amazon Associates homepage.

Understanding the Amazon Affiliate Program

How to Log In to Amazon Affiliate

The Amazon Affiliate Program, or Amazon Associates, lets people who own websites or blogs earn money by promoting Amazon products.

Here’s a simple way to log in:

Go to the Amazon Associates homepage by searching for ‘Amazon Associates’ online or by typing ‘’ in your web browser.

Click the ‘Sign In’ button, which you’ll usually find at the top right of the page.

Amazon associates sign in

You’ll see a new page where you need to put in your email or phone number, and your password.

After that, just hit the ‘Sign-In’ button to access your Amazon Affiliate account.

Sign In

Remember, this account is not the same as your regular Amazon shopping account, so ensure you’re logging into the right one.

What’s the Smallest Amount You Can Earn Before Getting Paid?

Amazon Affiliates have a minimum amount they need to earn before they can get paid, and it depends on how they want to be paid.

  • If you want to get paid through direct deposit or an Amazon gift card, you need to earn at least $10.
  • If you prefer a check, you must earn at least $100.

Amazon usually pays its affiliates about 60 days after the month ends, but only if you’ve earned enough to meet the minimum payout.

What Does ‘Unpaid Balance’ Mean?

In the Amazon Affiliate Program, ‘unpaid balance’ is the money you’ve made from commissions that hasn’t been paid to you yet.

This might be because you haven’t earned enough to meet the minimum payout or the 60-day payment period isn’t over yet.

Once you meet the requirements, you’ll get this money in your next payment. It’s smart to keep an eye on your unpaid balance to see how much you’re earning.

What Are Bounties?

As an Amazon Affiliate, you might hear about “bounties.”

Bounties are special ways to make money by getting people to do certain things, like signing up for Amazon Prime, making a wedding registry, or becoming new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

These are called “bounty events.”

Bounties are different from the usual money you make from selling products because they pay a set amount for promoting specific Amazon services or special offers.

They’re a great way to make more money and add variety to how you earn as an affiliate.

Setting Up How You Get Paid in Amazon Associates

Getting paid for your work with Amazon Associates can be done in a few different ways.

Let’s look at how you can set up each payment method so you can get your earnings easily.

Getting Paid Through Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is an easy way to get your Amazon Associates earnings. It puts the money straight into your bank account.

Here’s what you need to do:

Sign in to your Amazon Associates account.

Move your mouse over your email at the top right and click ‘Account Settings.’

Account settings

Choose ‘Change Payment Method.’

Change payment method

Pick ‘Pay by Direct Deposit.’

Amazon affiliate programs

Enter your bank information, like the bank name, account number, and routing number. Check these carefully to make sure they’re right.

Click ‘Save Changes.’ Now, any money you make will go right into your bank account.

Add bank account details

Getting Paid with an Amazon Gift Card

If you love shopping on Amazon, you might like getting paid with an Amazon gift card.

Here’s how to set it up:

Go to ‘Account Settings’ in your Amazon Associates account.

Account settings

Click on ‘Change Payment Method.’

Change payment method

Choose ‘Pay by Gift Card.’

Payment options

Check that your main email address is correct because that’s where Amazon will send the gift card.

Pay by gift card

Click ‘Save Changes.’ Your future earnings will come as an Amazon gift card to your email.

Getting Paid by Check

The last way to get paid is by receiving a check. This option requires you to earn at least $100 before you get paid.

Here’s how to set it up:

Access ‘Account Settings’ in your Amazon Associates account.

Click on ‘Change Payment Method.’

Change payment method

Select ‘Pay by Check.’

The United States

Make sure your mailing address is right because that’s where Amazon will send your check.

Click ‘Save Changes.’ From now on, you’ll get your payments through a check in the mail.

Pay by check

Remember, if you change how you want to get paid, it will start on the first day of the next month. Pick the payment method that’s best for you!

Update payment method

How to Create a Bank Account on for Amazon Payments

If you can’t get paid directly by Amazon because of where you live, you can use (which used to be called TransferWise) to make a virtual bank account in the USA.

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Wise website and click ‘Register’ at the top right.

Fill in your personal details like your name, email, and phone number.

Make a secure password, and say yes to the terms of service and privacy policy.

To verify your account, you’ll need to send a little money to one of the currencies they list.

After they get your payment, you can set up bank accounts from your Wise dashboard.

Put the bank details Wise gives you into your Amazon affiliate account.

Balance information

Amazon will pay into this virtual account, and then you can send the money to your own bank.

Withdrawing Amazon Affiliate Money in Pakistan Using Wise

If you’re in Pakistan and making money as an Amazon affiliate, getting your cash can be tough.

Here’s how to use to get to your money:

Earn Commissions

When people buy things on Amazon after clicking your links, you earn some money.

Amazon keeps track of what you earn and pays you once you hit at least $10 or the same amount in Pakistani currency.

Sign Up on

  • Head over to and sign up.
  • Give them the correct info because you’ll need to prove who you are.

Set Up Your Wise Borderless Account

  • Once you’re signed up, set up a “Wise Borderless Account.”
  • This lets you handle money in different currencies, including US Dollars, which you need for Amazon.

Get Your Wise Account Details

  • Wise will give you an account number and routing info.
  • This is like having a US bank account to get Amazon payments.

Update Your Amazon Payment Settings

  • Log in to your Amazon affiliate account and go to payment settings.
  • Put in your new Wise account details.

Choose Direct Deposit

  • Pick direct deposit on Amazon to get your earnings sent straight to your Wise account.

Watch for Payments

  • Keep an eye on your Amazon account to see when you get paid.
  • When you’ve earned enough, Amazon will send the money to your Wise account.

Exchange and Withdraw

  • When the money’s in your Wise account, you can change it to Pakistani Rupees at good rates.
  • Then, you can move it to your bank in Pakistan or use other ways to get your money from Wise.

When you’re ready to withdraw your money, you can transfer it to your local bank account in Pakistan or use other available withdrawal options offered by

How to Make a Bank Account with Payoneer for Amazon Payments

If you live in a country where Amazon doesn’t send payments directly, Payoneer might be a good solution for you.

Sign Up for Payoneer

First, you need to go to the Payoneer website and create a free account.

It’s easy to sign up, and you don’t have to pay anything to get started.


Open Virtual Bank Accounts

After your Payoneer account is ready, you can set up virtual bank accounts in three countries: the USA, the UK, and Japan.

Payoneer virtual bank accounts

These aren’t physical bank accounts but they work almost the same way for receiving money.

Update Your Amazon Affiliate Account

Payoneer will give you bank account details for these virtual accounts.

You’ll need to put this information into your Amazon affiliate account so that Amazon knows where to send your money.

Get Your Money

When Amazon pays you, the money goes into your Payoneer virtual account.

Amazon affiliate commissions paid into a US bank account

From there, you can move your earnings to your actual bank account in your home country.

Keep an Eye on Fees

Both Payoneer and another service called Wise will charge you for using their services.

Make sure to check out how much they charge so you can decide which one is better for you.

It’s always good to know about any fees before you start using a service.

Conclusion: Starting Your Amazon Associates Journey

Wrapping Up the Basics

You’ve made it through the essentials of the Amazon Associates program and the Amazon Affiliate Program!

We’ve gone over what these programs are, how to get your account ready, and even how to set up the way you’ll get paid.

Payment Options for Everyone

If you’re in a place where Amazon doesn’t send payments directly, don’t worry!

I’ve shown you how to use services like and Payoneer to get your money without any hassle.

The Path to Affiliate Marketing Success

Remember, being an affiliate marketer is all about being patient and not giving up.

It might take a little while before you see your earnings grow, but stay positive!

Keep making great content, share products your followers will love, and always look for ways to get better at what you do.

Encouragement for Newcomers

I hope this guide has made it easier for you to start with Amazon Associates.

Keep in mind that every pro marketer started as a beginner, just like you. With dedication, the right tactics, and a bit of time, you can create a thriving affiliate marketing business.

Never stop learning, aim to improve, and most importantly, have fun with it! Wishing you the best of luck on your Amazon Associates adventure!

Ready to enjoy the rewards from your Amazon Affiliate account?

Make sure your links are up and running first!

My article, ‘Why Is My Amazon Affiliate Link Not Working?‘, has some quick tips to help you sort out any problems so you can withdraw your money without a hitch. participates in various affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are designed to provide a means for sites like to earn fees by advertising and linking to their products and services at no extra cost.

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      Amazon will pay you according to the preferred payment method you set. Amazon also has a minimum payout, so if you don’t reach that, you won’t receive payment. Amazon pays you 2 months late, so if you make a $10 commission in March, you will get that on the 1st of June.

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      Sign up for a Payoneer account first to gain access to a bank account in the United States. Then use that account number to update your payment information in your Amazon affiliate account. After you update your account details and providing you earn the minimum payout limit, Amazon will pay money into the bank account on the first of each month. Once you have money in your account, you can then transfer the money to your personal bank account. Doing this way incurs fees, I recommend ordering the free credit card from Payoneer and use that to make payments.

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      Hello, thank you for your kind comment. You can check payment confirmation in your account under ‘Payment History’. Sign in to your account, hover your mouse over your email address, and select ‘Payment History’ from the menu.

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      Hi Udoba, what did you do to get banned? If you did anything against their operating agreement, you won’t get your money.

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          Amazon is strict. Try reaching out to other affiliate programs in your niche.

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      Hello, Bryt. Commissions earned in January appear on your payment history on the 1st of March. Providing you earn more than the minimum amount, payment is then made on the 31st March.

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    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, Aystar. Once you update the preferred payment option, Amazon activates that method from the 1st of the following month. You don’t have to request a withdrawal, Amazon pays you automatically once you earn over the minimum amount. Don’t forget, Amazon pay two months late. Commissions earned in July are added to your account on the 1st of September and then paid on the 30th of September.

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    If I earned 20$, and my payment method was Direct Deposit(min. 10$). Amazon will send me 10$ or 20$?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, SouMek. Thank you for your comment. Once you earn over $10, Amazon pays you the amount in your account. So if you have $20 in your account on the 2nd of June, you get paid $20 on the 30th of June.

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      Hello Clemzy. On 1 September, Amazon adds commissions earned in August to your account, ready to be paid at the end of September. You should receive payment from 30 September to 2 October.

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      Hello Oluwa. Thank you for your comment. I only used Payoneer to accept payment. I don’t know anything about Geegpay. As long as you can open an account in the States, it should be OK. I recommend you look in forums and Facebook groups for more information.

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      Hello Michael. Thank you for your comment. Unless you provide Amazon with the requested document, they must follow US tax law. I recommend you submit the required information as soon as you can.

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      Hello Janet. Thank you for your comment. You use Payoneer to get access to a bank account so you can get paid by direct deposit. Update your account details on Amazon and Amazon deposits funds into that account. Once you reach the minimum payout limit on Payoneer, you can transfer the funds to your account. Payoneer charges for this, I’m not sure how much.

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    Okay…. Let say I earn $100 on September and am using either direct deposit or gift card, can I withdraw it once or I will be withdrawing $10 each month

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      Amazon pays 2 months late. Money earned in September is deposited on the first of November. Providing you reach the minimum payout limit. Amazon pays the total amount by the preferred payment method you set.

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      Hello Jimmy. Thank you for your comment. Amazon pays you the amount in your account, providing you reach the minimum payment limit.

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      You have to wait for Amazon to pay you. You can see the funds in your account but you can’t access them. Amazon adds commissions earned to your account on the last day of a month and then pays you on the last day of the next month.

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      Unfortunately, you can’t access funds in your account. You set up a payment method and wait for Amazon to pay you. If you are new to the program it feels like a long wait, but if you are earning commissions, it is nice to get money deposited into your account once a month.

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          Yes, that is correct. Please make sure you have set your preferred payment method because it takes Amazon a month to update this. Also, have you completed the tax information request on your account?

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      Hello Tarvel. Thank you for your comment. Was the $10 in your account on the 1st of September? If it was, you will receive payment on the 1st of October.

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          In that case, you won’t get paid until the 1st of November.

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      Hello Okudu. Thank you for your kind comment. Amazon pays after 60 days. So if you earned $35 in September, that gets put into your account on the 1st of October and paid on the 1st of November. So for you, you will get paid $35 on the 1st of November.

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      Hello Bobbyy1997. Thank you for your comment. Officially, Amazon states there is a 60-day delay in payment. That means you get paid for commissions earned in October on the 1st of January. I got paid after 30 or so days when I was promoting Amazon’s products. I received payment in early December when I made a commission in October. Would you mind letting me know when you get paid? I want to give my readers accurate information.

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        I’ll let you know then. Can I recieve payment if i have only bounty earnings?

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          Thanks for letting me know. Yes, Bounties are another way for affiliates to earn money. If you have money in your account, that is what you get paid.

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    Thanks for all the help so far.
    My associate account has been closed because I used a popular site rather than a complete and valid URL of a site that is owened by me.
    Please can you guide me on how to apeal

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi Bobby1997. Sorry to hear that. You must follow the instructions in the email. If you can’t prove Amazon is incorrect, you must accept their decision to cancel your account.

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    Benny Scott

    Hello, if I have $10 bounty, will the amount of income remain the same as the amount of the bounty?

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      Hello Benny. Thank you for your comment. Does the $10 show in your affiliate account? If yes, then that is what you get paid.

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    I have attached my Payoneer USD account with Amazon Affiliate Program. I can see the traction have been made on the 1st or 2nd of each month but surprisingly, I haven’t received any payment in my Payoneer account.

    What should I do to get the payment to my account to my Payoneer account?

    I am looking forward to receive your answer.


    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Javed. Thank you for your comment. The payment shows instantly on Payoneer. Are you sure Amazon made the payment? When you don’t make the minimum payout limit, Amazon doesn’t pay. Are you sure the bank details are correct? Double-check to be sure. If you can’t find a reason, contact Payoneer support.

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