How To Link To a Specific Part Of a Page On WordPress Guide

In my post, I show you how to link to a specific part of the same page on WordPress, step by step.

Links to a specific part of the same page are anchor links. Usually, when you add links to your post, the destination is the URL of another post or website.

Anchor links are clickable links within a blog post that jump to a different section of the same page. No need to scroll, click on the link, and jump.

To create an anchor link. Assign the part of your post you want the link to jump to, your anchor. Next, highlight the text you want to be the link, and add a hashtag followed by your anchor link text.

Let’s do that step by step.

Step One – Create The Anchor

First, we must assign the part of the post that will be the link’s destination.

In this example, I have highlighted text in a section of a paragraph block. You can also use headings and images in the same way.

Highlighted text

Next, on the right-hand side of the editor, select the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Advanced tab

In ‘HTML Anchor’, type one or two words with no spaces.

HTML anchor

This text is your anchor. The destination for the link you are going to create next.

Step Two – Create Your Clickable Link

Next, highlight the text you want to be your link.

For example, I want my link to offer more information about boat trips. So I highlight the text where I want the link to be.

Highlight text

Once you highlight the text, a toolbar appears. On the toolbar, select the link icon.

Link icon

Type a hashtag followed by the HTML anchor text from step one.

My HTML anchor text was ‘boat trip’, I must type ‘#boattrip’.

The link won’t work if you don’t add the hashtag or copy the HTML anchor text correctly.

HTML anchor text

To activate the link, select ‘Submit’.


Once activated, the text changes color to show it is now a link.

Clickable link

Step Three – Publish Your Post

Finally, publish your post to make your link live on your website.

I recommend you test your links after publishing.

I made errors on my first couple of posts. Sometimes I forgot to add the hashtag, and sometimes I made a mistake with the HTML anchor text.

You should find and correct errors before your visitors.

Here is my blog post with my new anchor link. When I hover my mouse over the link, the destination appears on the bottom of the screen. You can see the ‘#boattrip’.


When I click on the link, I jump to the specific part of the page.


How To Link To a Specific Part Of a Page on WordPress Video Tutorial


You can use any part of your blog post to be an anchor, paragraph text, headers, or images.

Select the part of the post you want to anchor to and add text in the HTML anchor box under the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Next, return to the part of your post you want to add a link. Highlight the text to get the toolbar. Select the link icon, and add a hashtag followed by the HTML anchor text. Finally, select ‘Submit’ to activate the link.

You must add the hashtag before the text for the link to work.

I use this technique to create a table of contents in my posts without a plugin. Check out my ‘How to add a table of contents without a plugin‘ post to learn more.

I also have a YouTube channel of tutorials about WordPress, SEO, and the Amazon affiliate program.

Any questions about my post? Please leave feedback or questions in the comments box below. I appreciate all feedback.

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