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If you used to use Keywords Everywhere, you were probably disappointed when they decided to make it a paid tool. I have been looking for a Keywords Everywhere alternative, I have found a free tool that offers the same data.

In my post, I’m going to introduce you to the WMS Everywhere Chrome browser extension. As with Keywords Everywhere, each time you do a Google search, you get data about average search volumes, cost per click, relates searches, and people also search for.

Let’s find out more.

Introducing WMS Everywhere

WMS Everywhere is a Chrome browser extension from What’s my Serp? As of March 2020, you can only get it on Chrome or Opera, but the company has stated that an extension will be released soon for Firefox.

What does WMS Everywhere look like?

Here is a screenshot of a Google search in Opera.

Keywords Everywhere free alternative

Under the search bar, I can see that the keyword phrase ‘How to start a blog’, gets about 60,500 searches a month, and advertisers have to pay Google $6.47 per click.

On the right, there is a selection of related keywords with average search volume and cost per click. Below that is people also searched for.

How to install WMS Everywhere on Chrome

The quickest way to install this extension is to go to ‘What’s my Serp?’ and click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ link.

WMS Everywhere homepage

To install the extension yourself, go to the Chrome web store, and type ‘WMS Everywhere’ into the search box.

Chrome web store

Click on ‘wms everywhere’, and select ‘Add to Chrome’.

Add to Chrome

To confirm, select ‘Add extension’.

Confirm add extension

Once you confirm, you get a confirmation notice and a new icon in your toolbar. To start using WMS Everywhere, you sign in or sign up for a new account.

WMS Everywhere a Keywords Everywhere alternative

WMS Everywhere settings

Before you start using WMS Everywhere, I recommend you review the country settings, to ensure the data matches your target audience.

To view country settings, left-click on the cogwheel icon above the ‘Related Keywords’ section.

Preferred location

The default location is set according to your IP address location. If you are doing keyword research for another country, select that location from the menu.

For example, I am based in Thailand, but I want data from the United States. Therefore, from the menu, I select the United States.

How to change preferred location

After you set your preferred location, refresh the page and the flag icon will change to match your set country.

Flag icon

WMS Everywhere video tutorial


As a Keywords Everywhere alternative that is free, it does an excellent job. I like to have the data in an easy to read format like this.

As with all keyword tools, they should be used as a guide only. The data isn’t from Google so is not accurate. I use it to find alternative search queries similar to my original keyword phrase. The search volume and cost per click help me understand if that phrase is popular or not.

WMS Everywhere is easy to install and use for Google Chrome and Opera browser users. The company has stated that as of March 2020, they are working on an extension for Firefox.

Before you go to install WMS Everywhere, kindly leave a comment to let me know what you thought of my post. I look forward to reading your feedback.

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