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In my post, I show you how to join the Amazon Affiliate program step by step. The program is free to join. You can use a website, mobile application, or social media to make an application.

Amazon has affiliate programs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. There is no limit to the number of programs you can join.

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs to join because Amazon is a brand people trust.

Let’s begin.

Step one – Choose your affiliate program country.

First, go to the Amazon affiliate program home page. On the top-right, choose the country of the affiliate program you want to join.


Select the country of your choice and select the ‘Sign Up’ link. I’m going to sign up for the program in the United States.

Sign up

Step two – Create your account.

Next is the sign-in page for Amazon affiliates. To create a new account, click on the ‘Create your Amazon Account’ link.

New account

Complete personal details

On the next step, add your name, email address, and password for your account. Then, select ‘Create your Amazon account’.

Step three – Account information

Now we begin the process of becoming an Amazon Associate. In total, there are five steps. The first step is ‘Account Information.’

On this page, enter your payee name, address, and phone number. The payee name is for cheque payments.

Once you have completed your details, click next.

Step four – Website and app details

Website and app

Enter your website URL in the box under ‘Enter your Website(s)’, then click ‘Add’.

Website URL

Once you have added your website URL, select ‘Next’.

Before you can continue to the next step, you have to make a declaration regarding under 13-year-olds.


Once you make your selection, select ‘Confirm’.


Step five – Profile

First, enter your preferred ID is for this site. If you intend to add more than one website, name each one differently.


Next is your website list. Your website URL appears here.


In the next box, describe the topic of your website.


Use the menus to select the blog topic that best describes your website. Then choose the type of items you intend to promote.


Finally, use the two menus to state the type of website you have.


Step six – Traffic and monetization

First, state what methods you intend to use to drive traffic to your site.

Traffic source

Next, use the menus to state how you intend to generate income.

Generate income

How are you going to add links to your blog content?


Next, state how many visitors you get to your website per month.


Why do you want to join the Amazon Affiliate program?

Why join

Finally, how did you hear about the Amazon affiliate program?

How did you hear

To proceed to the next step, complete the captcha and select ‘Next’.


Step seven – Identity verification

The final step is confirming your identity.

Select your country code from the drop-down menu on the left, enter your phone number, then select ‘Call Me Now’.

Amazon calls you with a PIN which you enter on your computer.

Call me

If you enter the PIN correctly, your account is verified immediately. Next, confirm you agree with Amazon’s terms and conditions and select ‘Finish’.


On the next page, you get your unique Amazon affiliate ID. You have 180 days to complete three qualified sales. Amazon withdraws your account if you don’t make the sales.

To complete your account set up, you need to enter your tax and payment information. You can do it straight away or later.


Now you are an Amazon Affiliate member and can start promoting Amazon products.


Complete sign up to the Amazon affiliate program video tutorial

Important notes about the Amazon affiliate program

After you become an affiliate, you have 180-days to make three qualified sales. You can not use your affiliate links to make purchases or ask family and friends to help you. If you don’t make the required sales within the time limit, Amazon withdraws your account.

If your website is brand new with little traffic, you might want to work on building your audience before applying to the Amazon affiliate program.

If you make the three qualified sales within 180 days, Amazon audits the content of your website. If your site does not meet their requirements, they will cancel your account. You can reapply to the program immediately.


The Amazon affiliate program is an excellent affiliate program to start monetizing your website. The program is free to join and has a massive amount of products to promote.

Amazon commission rates are low, but Amazon does an excellent job of selling. You also get a commission of everything in the customer’s basket.

You have 180-days to make three qualified sales. Amazon withdraws your account if you do not make those sales.

When you make the three sales within 180 days, Amazon audits your site. If you pass their check, Amazon sends you an email confirming your acceptance into their program.

To add your affiliate links to your website, you use the Amazon Site Stripe. To learn how to use the Amazon site stripe, check out my ‘How do I add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress?‘ post.

I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials on WordPress.

Before you apply to the Amazon affiliate program, would you kindly spare one minute to leave a comment? Did my post help you? Would you like me to cover something in more detail? I appreciate all feedback.

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