What You Need To Have On The Homepage Of Your Company Website

In my post, I show you what you need to have on the homepage of your business website to find new customers for your business.

You can create a fantastic first impression and generate sales for your business with a customer-focused website.

Your potential customers are shopping online more than ever before. Does your website have everything to take advantage of this opportunity?

Your customers need a website that offers an excellent user experience. With so much competition online, you must get your business website homepage right.

Let us look at what you need for your website.

Homepage Of Your Company Website

Use High-Quality Images 

Websites without images do not stand out. Once your customer visits your homepage, let them see your business in action with high-quality photographs.

Website example

Show your business in action and introduce your team. Images with people generate more interest.

Team photo

I recommend hiring a photographer to get high-quality images to showcase your business and team.

Large images slow down your website loading speed. Before you use them for your website, optimize them to load fast.

Have Multiple Contact Options

How can your potential customers contact you once they visit your website? Each customer will have their preference. Design your website to offer all contact options and make them easy to find.

I recommend you don’t put them at the bottom of your website. Ideally, place them above the fold. Above the fold is the area visible to your customer when they come to your site.

What options should you have?

Phone Number

At the top of your website, place a phone number for your company. Your customers won’t wait long for someone to answer. Add more than one number if possible.

Include your business hours so that your customers know when to call.

Contact phone number


I recommend you have a phone and email visible at the top of your website. For less urgent matters, customers may want to send you an email.

Ensure that your email account has an automated responder. So customers know you received their message.

Reply to the customer within 24 hours. Fast responses will impress them and help you get ahead of your competitors.


Contact Form

Embed a contact form on your homepage. Contact forms allow your customers to send you a message with little effort.

Once the customer submits the form, you receive a notification to your email address.

Contact us

Live Chat

Live chat offers your customers a way to contact you instantly directly from your website. Live chat software is easy to install.

Live chat software has an option to use a bot to answer customer queries 24/7, with no delay. Once the bot has gathered enough information, you can smoothly transition to a team member.

The live chat icon activates with one click.

Live chat

Live chat easily integrates with social media. You communicate with your customers using the platform of their choice. It is not necessary to download a mobile application.

For businesses in the United Kingdom, Click4Assistance offers the best live chat software for small business. Visit their website to ask for a demo or request a free trial.

Call To Action

A call to action is a fantastic way to drive your customers towards your service or product. A call to action requires your customer to give you some information so that you can better serve them.

Your customers can get a quote, book an appointment, schedule a callback, receive a newsletter, or complete a questionnaire.

Call to action


Your business website is an opportunity to make an excellent first impression and drive customers towards your services and products.

Ensure that your website offers the best user experience possible. Use high-quality images to showcase your company and your team.

Offer multiple contact options for your customers. Ensure they are easy to find and are above the fold if possible. Your customers don’t want to be looking around for a way to get in touch with you.

Include a phone number and email address at the top of your homepage. A contact form above the fold allows your customers to leave a message with little effort. Use live chat software for customers who want to contact you immediately.

A clear call to action helps you gain important information to serve your customers better.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.

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