how to take a screenshot in windows

In my post, I show how to take a screenshot on Windows, step by step. I present two free tools you can use to save and edit your screenshots to use on your blog posts.

After reading my post, you will be able to take a screenshot and upload it to your WordPress website with ease.

Let’s begin.

How To Take A Screenshot With Paint 3D

If you have Windows installed on your computer, you have Paint 3D. To check, click on ‘Start’ and scroll down to the letter ‘P’, and there you will find ‘Paint’.

On my computer, I also have it on my tiles.

Paint 3D

First, open the screen you want to take, then push the ‘Print Screen’ key on your keyboard. This will save the screen image to your clipboard.

Next, open ‘Paint 3D’, use the tile or find it on your list. Once open, select ‘New’.

Welcome screen in Paint 3D

Now you have a canvas to paste your screenshot image.

How to take a screenshot on a pc or laptop in Windows using Paint 3D

Once open, paste your image here. You can use ‘Control’ and ‘V’ or right-click on your mouse.

How To Save Your Image In Paint 3D

After you have pasted your screenshot, editing options appear.

Once you have finished with your edits, select ‘Menu’ on the top left. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Save as’.

Save as

Select ‘Image’ from the options.

How to save a screenshot in Windows in Paint 3D

In the popup, give your image a name and save it to your computer.

Video Tutorial For Taking Screenshots With Paint 3D

Here is a YouTube tutorial video from Eventech76. He goes through the process of using Paint for screenshots.

How To Upload A Saved Screenshot Image To Your Blog

To start, click on the new block icon. From the options, select ‘Image’.

Select image

In your new image block, select ‘Upload’.

Select upload

Select the image from your computer.

How To Add ALT Text To Uploaded Images

Alt text is text added to images to describe what they are showing. This text helps search engines index your images correctly.

After uploading, click on the image, and a little toolbar menu will appear above the image.

Click on the image block

Select ‘Replace’, then ‘Open Media Library’.

Replace and open media library

Once in your media library, complete the ‘Alt text’ and ‘Title’ information. Finally, click on ‘Select’.

Complete alt text and title description

How To Take A Screenshot With Gimp

Gimp is a free image manipulation program.

Gimp homepage

Gimp is free to install and use. To download Gimp, select the ‘Download’ link.

How To Save A Screenshot With Gimp

Once you have your screenshot saved using your ‘Print Screen’ key, open Gimp.

Once open, select ‘File’ from the menu. Then click on ‘New’.

How to take a screenshot on a pc or laptop in Windows using Gimp

In the popup, you can set your image size. I recommend leaving the size as default until you complete your editing. Then enter your image size.

Image size

Select ‘OK’, then paste your image onto the blank canvas.

Paste your image

After you complete your edits, resize your image. Select ‘Image’ from the menu, then ‘Scale image’.

Scale your image

In the popup, set the width and height of your image, then click on ‘Scale’.

Width and height

By default, Gimp saves images in XCF format. To change, select ‘File’ from the menu, then ‘Export’.

File then export

In the popup, name your image and save it to your computer. Finally, select ‘Export’.

Name, save, and export

In the popup, select ‘Export’ again.

Select export

Once saved to your computer, return to your WordPress blog post and create an ‘Image’ block to upload your image.


In my post, I have shown you two excellent tools with step by step instructions on how to take a screenshot on Windows.

I use Gimp more than Paint 3D. I love the range of editing tools on Gimp. Both Paint 3D and Gimp are free to download and use.

Would you kindly spend a minute to leave me a short comment? Did my post help you? How do you take screenshots on Windows? I enjoy reading your comments.

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