How to use widgets on WordPress

How To Add Widgets In WordPress

In my post, I show you how to add widgets in WordPress.

WordPress widgets allow website owners to add functionality to their sites.

There are widget-ready areas on WordPress themes where you can drag and drop them.

WordPress widgets provide a simple way to customize a website.

Let’s get started.

What Are WordPress Widgets?

Widgets are blocks that you can drag and drop into specific areas of your website to add functionality.

You can add a search bar, a recent posts list, a category list, and recent comments.

In WordPress themes, there are widget-ready areas. Drag a widget to one of these areas on your website to add a function.

Here are the widgets on my website. I have a search box and two text widgets for my legal disclaimer and introduction.

Widgets in my sidebar

On my theme, I can add widgets to my footer section.

Adding widgets to my footer section

Where Are Widgets On WordPress?

There is a widget library in WordPress.

To access the library, hover your mouse over Appearance and click Widgets.

How to find widgets on WordPress

Available widgets are on the left, and widget-ready areas are on the right.

Available widgets on WordPress

How To Use Widgets

Select the widget that offers the function you require and then drag that widget to one of the widget-ready areas.

For example, I want to add a search function to the sidebar area.

My example website

I look for Search in Available Widgets.

Search widget

I drag the Search widget to the sidebar.

Add a search widget to my sidebar

Add a title to the widget and click Save.

Add your widget title and then save

The Search widget appears on my website in the sidebar.

Search widget

WordPress Widgets List

Here are the available widgets on my website.

Available widget list

If there is a function you want to add that is not available on the list. You can find more options in the WordPress plugin library.

Go to your plugin library and search for a plugin that adds the functionality you require for your website.

widget search in plugin library

How To Edit Widgets On WordPress

To edit widgets, hover your mouse over Appearance and click Widgets.

Open the WordPress widget you want to edit.

Make your changes and click Save.

Editing widgets

How To Move Widgets On WordPress

To move widgets, hold the left button on your mouse and drag it to the new position.

Drag and drop the widgets. There is no need to save them when you move them.

The change appears on your site immediately.

Moving widgets

How To Add An About Me Widget On WordPress

To create an About You widget for your site, you need to use a Text widget.

Hover your mouse over Appearance and click Widgets.

about me widget

Select a Text widget and drag it to a widget-ready area on your site.

Drag a text widget to the right sidebar

Click the widget to open, give the widget a title, type your message, and select Save.

Creating an about me widget

Here is my About Me widget. I have an image followed by text.

About me example

How To Remove Widgets On WordPress

Go to the widget library in WordPress.

Open the widget you want to remove.

On the bottom left, click Delete.

How To Add Widgets In WordPress Video Tutorial

How to add widgets on WordPress - B...
How to add widgets on WordPress - Beginner's guide


Customizing your website using widgets is easy with WordPress. You can drag and drop widgets into widget-ready areas on your site.

To move widgets, hold your left key on your mouse and drag the widget to a new position.

To remove a widget, open it and click on Delete in the bottom left.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.



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