What Is A WordPress Image?

WordPress images are media files used on your website to make your content more appealing to visitors.

There are four image types on WordPress. In my post, I show you the four image types and where they go on a WordPress website.

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What Is A WordPress Image?

A WordPress image is a media file to make blog content more appealing to visitors.

WordPress Image Types

Featured Image

A WordPress featured image is assigned to blog posts as the main image.

This image appears at the top of the blog post and on pages that list blog posts.

Featured image

When you share the URL of a blog post to social media, the featured image appears.


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Blog Post Image

Blog content with no images is hard to read on mobile devices.

I recommend keeping paragraphs short and adding images to your content.

Images help bring color to your blog post. Images break up monotonous text and highlight important information.

Blog post images

If your blog has how-to guides, I recommend adding images and videos to your content.

People have preferences when learning. Some people prefer to read instructions, while others prefer images or video tutorials.

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Site Icon

The site icon is the image that appears on website browser tabs. The site icon is also called the favicon.

Site icon

Do you have a favicon for your site?

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Background/Header Images

WordPress themes allow you to add a background image to your website. The background image appears behind your blog content on every page on your blog.

The header image appears at the top of your homepage and blog posts.

Header image

Large images slow down your website. Visit my How To Compress WordPress Images post to learn how to reduce your image sizes.

Where Are WordPress Images?

WordPress images are in Media on your WordPress admin.


Click Library to view them.

Media library

When To Use WordPress Images

Ensure you have a site icon and a header image when launching your website.

When you write a blog post, set a featured image. You do this by selecting the Featured Image tab on the right of the post editor.

Set featured image

As you write your blog post, add images to break up text and highlight important points.

Blog post image


WordPress images are an essential element for your blog. Images make your content more appealing to visitors.

Websites with no images are hard to read on mobile devices.

Use high-quality images for your post’s featured image and content.

Do you need a logo for your site? I recommend Canva. Canva is a free online graphic design tool. You can create awesome logos in a few minutes.

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I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.

I enjoy reading your comments.

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