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In the new WordPress editor uploading videos to your blog posts is super easy. You can have them in your articles or display them in a widget. I show you step by step on how to upload a video to WordPress without using videos from YouTube.

A word of warning before you upload your videos, they take a lot of space on your hosting server. If you have a shared hosting package, it is possible you will reach your account limits if you upload too many videos. Hosting companies set limits on shared hosting accounts to ensure one website doesn’t take all the server resources.

Once a site goes over the set limits. Your hosting company will stop your site showing on the web until your website returns to pre-limit levels. That is not a good experience for your site visitors.

The better option is to embed videos from sites like YouTube, that way, the video is not hosted on your server. It is hosted on their servers, you just link to the video, linking doesn’t use resources.

If you enjoy making videos, start a YouTube channel, upload your videos to your YouTube channel and then embed your videos into your posts. I have a tutorial on how to do that on my ‘How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress‘ post.

Let’s upload a video to WordPress.

Uploading a video to a blog post

I recently recorded my screen for a tutorial video. I will upload that video to a blog post using the latest version of the WordPress editor.

Here is my example blog post.

New blog post in WordPress

We need to create a new block, we do that by clicking on the ‘Plus’ symbol on the top left of the WordPress editor. Once you click on the ‘Plus’, you get a popup menu. In that menu, type ‘Video’ into the search bar, you do not have to hit enter, the auto-search function starts working as you type.

Like this.

How to add a video block on WordPress

Once ‘Video’ appears, select that icon. Now you have a block that allows you to upload your video to your article.

A video block

To start uploading, select the ‘Upload’ link and find your video on your computer. Once you locate your video, click on ‘Open’.

How to upload a video to a blog post

Now your video is in your blog post.

Video in WordPress blog post

In the WordPress editor release in November 2019, there are extra options for your videos on the right.

Adding a video to a widget

First, we need to find ‘Widgets’ on our WordPress admin dashboard. That is found by hovering your mouse over ‘Appearance’ in the menu on the left. In the popup menu, select ‘Widgets’.

Widgets in your WordPress admin

On the next page, you come to your available widgets and the sections on your site where you can add widgets.

I am going to move the video widget into the main sidebar.

Moving the video widget into the main sidebar

To move a widget, left click and drag to the section you want the widget to appear.

Placing the video widget into the main sidebar

Give your widget a title and upload your video using the ‘Add Video’ link.

Once you have given your widget a title and uploaded your video, select the blue ‘Save’ link.

Add video to sidebar and click save

Now it is time to see how the video looks on my website.

Video published in a sidebar widget

There is my video on the right in the main sidebar. This video has zero seconds, it was the only way to keep it under the 2 MB limit on my website.

Video upload error message

If you have shared hosting for your blog, there are limits set for the size of files you can upload to WordPress. If you have attempted to upload a video to your blog post and get a ‘This file exceeds the maximum limit for this site’, then you have gone over the limit for your site.

File exceeds maximum upload limit message

In that case, the better option is to upload your video to YouTube and embed the link in your article.

To check what the upload limits are for your site, go to ‘Media’ in the side menu and select ‘Add new’ from the popup menu.

How to check your upload limit

Your upload limit is displayed on the next page.

Upload limit

My example website has a limit of just 2MB. That is too low to upload videos, I can only upload photos to this site.


If you have shared hosting then importing videos directly into your site will be difficult due to the limits set on your account.

The better option is to start a YouTube channel and embed the videos into your posts that way. When you embed a video from sites like YouTube, you are not using server resources. The video is hosted on someone else’s server, not yours.

If you have a generous upload limit on your account, then uploading videos using the new WordPress editor is easy. Select the video block and upload it.

If you want your video to be seen on all posts and pages on your website, use the video widget and place it in your main sidebar.

Check out my YouTube channel. I have tutorials on using WordPress, SEO, keyword research, and the Amazon affiliate program.


If you have any questions about this post, please leave them in the comments box below.

Do you upload videos to your site or do you embed videos?

Do you have a YouTube channel?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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