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PHP in Hostgator – How to upgrade PHP version guide

I show you step by step how to upgrade your current PHP version in Hostgator. I also show you how to check your current PHP version.

If you are not technical, don’t worry, follow my guide and you can upgrade your PHP version in a few minutes.

Let’s get started.

Log into your Hostgator Cpanel

First, log into your Hostgator Cpanel account. This is the login page.

Hostgator Cpanel log in page

After you log in, you come to your Cpanel dashboard.

Hostgator Cpanel dashboard

On your dashboard, look for the ‘Software’ section. You can scroll down the page, or, you can select the ‘Software’ link in the main menu on the left.

Software link


HostGator Web Hosting

How to check your current PHP version

In the ‘Software’ section, select the ‘PHP selector’ icon.

Select the PHP selector in the software section

Next, you come to this page.

PHP selector

The folder you need is ‘Public_HTML’. Click on that folder to find your website’s current PHP version.

Public_HTML folder

Your current PHP version is shown in the drop-down window. In my example, the current PHP version is 7.0.

Current PHP version

How to update your PHP version in Hostgator

To update your PHP version, click on the down arrow in the drop-down menu. In that menu, select the version you want to upgrade to.

Select PHP version

Hostgator has two options for me, I can stay with PHP 7.0 or upgrade to PHP 7.1. I am going to upgrade to PHP 7.1. To upgrade, select the version in the menu and click on the ‘Update’ link.

Update PHP version

After you click on ‘Update’, you get this confirmation message.

PHP preference updated

If you return to the previous page, you can see confirmation of your current PHP version.

Confirmation of current PHP version in your Hostgator Cpanel

As of March. 2020, the latest PHP version is 7.3. I no longer use Hostgator, therefore, I am unable to check if they have PHP 7.3 available.

Check your website after upgrading PHP

After upgrading your PHP version, I recommend you visit your site to check that upgrading PHP versions hasn’t caused issues with your site.

I checked my site after upgrading, everything is working fine.

Website check

How to upgrade your PHP version video tutorial


Now you can check and upgrade your PHP version in Hostgator. I no longer host with Hostgator, therefore, I am unable to check if they have the latest PHP 7.3 version available to their customers.

If you follow my step by step guide, you can check if PHP 7.3 is available for your site. It is good practice to upgrade your PHP version, it ensures you have the latest security releases.

If you have a hosting with Bluehost, I have a ‘How to upgrade the PHP version in Bluehost’s Cpanel‘ post.

To view Hostgator’s latest deals on hosting you can visit their homepage at Hostgator.com. (This is an affiliate link, that means I get a commission on sales through this link at no extra cost to you.)

Before you go to upgrade your PHP, may I ask a few minutes of your time to leave a comment. Did I help you with my post? Would you like me to cover anything else in Hostgator’s Cpanel? I look forward to reading your feedback.

Frequently asked questions

How do I update my version of PHP?

You can update your version of PHP in your Cpanel.

What is the current version of PHP?

The latest version of PHP at the time of writing this post is 7.3.

Is PHP 7.0 still supported?

No, PHP 7.0 is no longer supported.

How do I update my PHP version in WordPress?

You can’t update your PHP version in WordPress. You update it in your hosting Cpanel.

How do I check my PHP version in cPanel?

Cpanel layouts differ from company to company, contact your hosting company to confirm your current PHP version.

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  • Cheryl

    Hi John,
    Thank you! That was helpful. When I updated from the default 5.6 on Hostgator this morning, I didn’t see an option for 7.3 — looks like I’ll be on the phone to them today to follow up.

    • newblogr

      Thank you, Cheryl, for your kind comment.
      I used to have a site hosted on Hostgator and they did not offer me an option to upgrade to the latest PHP version. I don’t know if it is a Hostgator thing or if they only offer it on their best Hosting plans. After you speak to Hostgator, would you kindly drop a comment here so others can get an answer to this? Good luck!

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