How to undo saved changes in WordPress

In my post, I show you how to undo saved changes in WordPress. There is a feature in WordPress that allows you to restore a post to an older version. This feature is called ‘Revisions’.

Each time you publish, update, or save a draft, WordPress saves that version of your content. It doesn’t overwrite older versions, it saves a new copy. This allows you to compare older versions of blog posts.

By the end of this post, you will be able to access the ‘Revisions’ feature, compare versions of a blog post, and restore a blog post to an older version.

Let’s get started.

What are WordPress revisions?

When you create a blog post and publish, WordPress saves a copy to your database.

If you return to the same post to make changes and ‘Update’, WordPress will save this copy and store it next to the first published copy.

Update post content

Now you have two versions of the same blog post, these versions are called revisions.

WordPress will also save a copy if you select ‘Save Draft’ when creating blog content.

Saved draft or publish content

You can access these revisions from your WordPress editor for each post.

WordPress also has an autosave feature, when you are creating your blog content, WordPress saves your work every sixty seconds. This is not a revision, autosave updates the current blog post.

How to view WordPress revisions

In your WordPress editor, revisions appear in the right sidebar. If you have no revisions, you won’t see this option.

For example, this is a tutorial post. I use the same blog post and change the title, therefore I have many revisions.

Revisions in WordPress

To view revisions of a post, click on the ‘Revisions’ link.

Revisions in WordPress review

On the top left, you see the details of the last revision. Created by autosaving 4 days ago by Examplenewblogr.

Below that, I can see the post from that date. The text highlighted in green is the text I added.

On the top of this page is a sliding scale, moving this scale allows you to view other revisions. You use the ‘Next’,’Previous’ links, or use your mouse to move the scale.

Here is the previous revision for this post.

Previous revisions in WordPress

In this revision, red indicates what I deleted and green tells me what I added.

Compare revisions

To view two separate revisions, tick the ‘Compare any two revisions’ box on the top-right.

Compare revisions in WordPress

When comparing revisions, the sliding scale has an extra pointer and on the left, you have details of the two revisions being compared.

I will move the left pointer to the first revision and compare it with the latest.

Comapring two revisions in WordPress

On the top left, I can see the details of the two revisions I am comparing. The revision on the left is from 20th April and the revision on the right is from 4 days ago.

How to restore to a previous revision

When you decide on the revision you want to restore your post too, untick the ‘Compare any two revisions’ box, then slide the pointer to the revision you want to restore, then restore.

For example, if I wanted to restore this post to the first revision. I untick the compare box, move the slider to the left, then select the ‘Restore’ link.

Restore a revision

After I select the restore link, I return to my post.

Should you change your mind, you can go into revisions anytime you want. Select the revision you want and select restore.

How to undo saved changes in WordPress video tutorial


Now you can undo saved changes in WordPress. A post revision is saved each time you publish, update, or save a draft.

You can access post revisions via the right sidebar when editing blog posts.

You can review your saved revisions or compare any two revisions.

To restore your post to a saved revision, move the scale pointer, then click on the ‘Restore’ link. You can view and restore revisions as many times as you like.

To view more WordPress tutorials like this, check out my WordPress tutorial post category. Alternatively, find more WordPress tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Before you go and check out WordPress revisions for your site, would you kindly spare one minute to leave me a comment? Did my post help you? Did you find my post easy to follow? Would you like me to add more detail?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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