How To Add Social Media To WordPress Without A Plugin

In this post, I show you how you can add social media links to WordPress without a plugin, step by step. A new WordPress block allows you to select social media icons to place in your blog post. You can add a link to your social media account.

Social media is an excellent tool to help you grow your audience. It gives you multiple channels to interact with your visitors.

Creating blog content takes time, but you can keep your audience engaged with daily posts on your social media channels.

I show how to add a social media link to your blog post content.

Let’s get started.

Step One – Create A Social Media Block

To create a block, click on one of the ‘+’ icons.

Create a new block in WordPress

Next, select the ‘Social Icons’ block. If you don’t see this block listed, type ‘Social’ into the search feature.

Social icon block

Now you have social icons available to insert into your blog post.

Social media links

Step Two – Enter The URL

Click on the specific icon and paste your URL into the box.

For example, I have a Facebook page. I will copy and paste my Facebook URL into the Facebook icon.

Copy and paste the URL

Once you have pasted your URL, select the ‘Arrow’ to activate the link.

I also have a Twitter page. I will add that, too.

Select the icon and paste the URL

To see the list of available icons, click on the ‘+’ icon.

Click on the + icon to see more options

There are another thirty to forty icons. Click on the icon you want to add to your post.

The social media icons that will appear on your post are the ones with an active URL.

I added an URL to the Facebook and Twitter icons. When I publish this post, those two icons appear.

Only icons with URLs will appear on your post

How To Remove A Social Icon Link

To remove a social icon link from your post, click on the icon you want to remove and delete the URL. You don’t have to click on apply. Icons without an URL will not show on your post.

I have removed the URL from my Twitter icon.

Delete the URL

After deleting the URL, I update the post. On my website, the icon has stopped showing.

The Twitter icon has stopped showing

How To Change The Order Of The Social Media Icons

To move an icon, click on it, and use the direction arrow to move the icon left or right.

Move right or left

Do this with each icon you want to move, then save your changes.

I moved my YouTube link to the first position and updated my blog post.

Updated social media icon in WordPress


That is how you add social media links to WordPress step by step.

To appeal to most of your audience, create social media channels where your visitors most like to hang out.

Do some research on what social media appeals most to your audience and set up an account.

With Twitter and Facebook, it is easy to post every day with a tip, quote, or something to keep your audience engaged.

I recommend keeping your social media icons lower down or even at the bottom of your post rather than at the top. After spending hours creating a fantastic blog post, you don’t want to send them away from it.

The latest WordPress update makes it easy to add links to your social accounts. Create a block, select your social media icon, and paste your URL. It takes just a few seconds.

Before you return to your blog to add social media links, would you kindly spare one minute to leave me a comment? Did my post help you? Would you like me to add more detail? I enjoy reading your feedback.

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