ShortPixel Image Optimizer For WordPress

ShortPixel Image Optimizer For WordPress

In my article, I talk about the WordPress ShortPixel image optimizer plugin.

Shortpixel image optimizer is a WordPress plugin, and once installed, Shortpixel works automatically to optimize your images.

Shortpixel is easy to install and works seamlessly with WordPress. The plugin is also compatible with other WordPress plugins.

Shortpixel has over 300,000 installations with an impressive 5 out of 5 user rating.


When you don’t optimize your images, your site is slow to load. It takes time for internet browsers to download large images.

Your visitors won’t wait for a slow site. You could lose traffic if you don’t use an image optimizer plugin on your site.

Google measures site loading speed with its Core Web Vitals metrics.

You can view your scores in your Google Search Console dashboard.

Sites that don’t pass page loading tests may lose search engine rankings to other faster sites.

I optimize images on my site and get good page speed scores.

Core web vitals

If your page speed scores are not good, optimizing images on your website is an excellent way to improve those scores.

Page speed scores

ShortPixel WordPress Image Optimizer

Shortpixel (*Paid Link) is an image optimizer plugin that improves website loading times by resizing and compressing images.

Optimized images are visually similar to the original images.

Shortpixel is an install-and-forget-about-it plugin because it works independently in the background.

Google encourages websites to convert images to new WebP and AVIF image formats.

Shortpixel converts your images to Google’s preferred format.

If your page speed results recommend you serve images in the new formats, Shortpixel does this for you.

New formats

Shortpixel offers 24/7 customer support to all customers.

With one account, you can have unlimited websites.

Free WordPress Image Optimizer

Shortpixel (*Paid Link) has a free option to test its image optimizer. The free option is the same quality as its paid options.

You do not have to upgrade to get better optimizing features.

Payment options

The free option is limited to one hundred images. Excellent for new websites or to test optimization quality.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, there are monthly plans and one-time credits.

I purchased one of the one-time credits. I bought the 30,000 images for $19.99.

30000 image package

Here is my account. In total, I have purchased 50,000 credits.



Websites that don’t optimize images have slow loading speeds. Visitors won’t wait too long for sites to load.

Optimizing images is essential. I recommend Shortpixel (*Paid Link).

Visit my How To Compress Images Without Losing Quality On WordPress article to learn how I use Shortpixel to optimize my images.

Shortpixel is an activate and leave it plugin. It works for you in the background.

Google recommends websites serve images in the new formats. Shortpixel does this for you.

Shortpixel offers many paid options to suit your business.

If you have a new website, create a free account and use the free 100 images a month option.

Once you exceed the 100 images limit, change to one of the paid plans.

I use Shortpixel because it is easy to use and works for me in the background.

One of the reasons I get excellent website loading speeds is that I use Shortpixel to optimize my website images.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.



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