How To Set A Homepage On Astra

In my post, I show you how to set up a Homepage on the Astra WordPress theme step by step.

Astra is a light and fast WordPress theme. It is highly customizable and is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes.


Let us begin.

Select the Homepage Settings tab from the customizer menu.

Homepage settings

Homepage Display Options

You have two options for your homepage. You can display your latest blog posts or choose a page you created.

Your Latest Posts

Every time you publish a new blog post, it displays on your homepage.

I have this option set on my website. My last post was my article about Customizing Widgets On Astra.

This post is now on my homepage.

Latest post on newblogr.com_

Should you select the Your Latest Posts option, your posts appear on the homepage automatically after publishing.

Your latest posts

A Static Page

The Static Page option allows you to assign a page as your homepage.

You also need to select a page for your blog posts.

When you choose the Static Page option, WordPress needs to know where to display blog posts after publishing.

Use the menu to assign a homepage and blog page.

You can choose from published pages. If you don’t see your page in the list, check you published your homepage as a page, not a post.


For your blog posts, publish a page called Blog. WordPress will start publishing your content to the Blog page.

Blog page

You don’t need to add content to this page. WordPress will start publishing your content to the Blog page.

Select Blog from the menu.

Posts page

Add New Page

Haven’t a Homepage or Blog page yet? Select the Add New Page link.

Create your pages and return to this setting to assign your pages.

After choosing your Homepage and Blog pages, go to the Menus option to set your navigation.

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Astra is one of the most downloaded themes on WordPress. It is fast and easy to customize.

The Astra WordPress theme has excellent customization options to help you create a beautiful website.

Widgets allow you to add extra functionality to your website. Visit my How To Customize Widgets On Astra article to learn more.

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I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.