How To Tell If A Link Is An Amazon Affiliate Link

In my post, I show you how to tell if a link is an Amazon affiliate link, step by step.

When you see an external link in a blog post, how do you know if it is an affiliate link?

Let’s start.

How To Tell If A Link Is An Amazon Affiliate Link

How Amazon Affiliates Generate Links

Let’s look at how an Amazon affiliate generates links.

Amazon has a link generator for affiliates. This generator is called the SiteStripe.

Amazon SiteStripe

Affiliates can generate text, images, and Text+image links.

There are two types of affiliate links, full and short.

Short link
Full link

The short link starts with amzn. The long link starts with amazon.

Visit my What Is The Amazon SiteStripe? post to learn more about the Amazon link generator.

Amazon Affiliate Links On YouTube

Amazon affiliates using YouTube usually paste the short link in the video description. These are affiliate links. A majority of content creators will say this in their videos.

YouTube links

Amazon Affiliate Links On Blog Posts

Amazon affiliate links on blog posts are usually text links pasted over blog content.

Here is a page from Wirecutter. The external link is underlined and in a different color.

Affiliate link on a blog post

Once clicked, another browser tab opens on the product page.

Product page

Amazon adds a tag to the URL to identify the affiliate. The tag ID tells you this is an affiliate link.

Tag ID

Here is the same product page with my Amazon affiliate tag.

Tag ID


Amazon affiliates use the Amazon SiteStripe to generate links. These links contain their unique ID.

Once you click an Amazon affiliate link, the affiliate ID is viewable in the URL as a tag.

Amazon uses tags to identify which affiliate sent them the traffic.

Amazon affiliates using YouTube to promote usually paste the Amazon short links in the video description. These links contain amzn, which identifies it as an affiliate link.

Blog posts usually have external text links to Amazon product pages. You have to click them to check if these links are affiliate links.

Once clicked, if you see a Tag in the URL, a tag identifies it as an affiliate link.

I hope you found my blog post informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.

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