How To Install The Ashe WordPress Theme

In my post, I show you how to install the Ashe theme on WordPress step by step.

Ashe is a light and fast WordPress theme. It is highly customizable.

Visit Ashe’s homepage (*Paid Link) to view demo websites. You can create an beautiful blogs from scratch.

Let’s start.

Install The Ashe Theme

You can install Ashe through the WordPress theme library or upload the installation files.

In my post, I show you both methods.

Install Ashe From The WordPress Theme Library

Hover your mouse over Appearances on your WordPress admin menu and select Themes.

Select themes

Select Add New.

Select add new

Type Ashe into the search box.

Ashe appears on the left. Click Install.

Search ans install the Ashe theme

Once installation is complete, select Activate to make Ashe live on your site.

If you want to customize your site before activating Ashe, click Live Preview.

Visit my How To Customize Ashe article to learn more about editing Ashe.

Theme installed confirmation

How To Upload Ashe Theme Installation Files

For Ashe Pro, go to (*Paid link.)

For Ashe free, go to On the homepage, select Download.

Ashe blog free version download

Select Download Ashe Free.

Download ashe free

After a few seconds, the file download is complete.

Download complete

Next, return to your WordPress admin page, hover your mouse over Appearance, and select Themes.

Select themes

On the themes page, select Add New.

Add new

Select Upload theme.

Upload theme

Next, select Choose File to locate the file on your computer.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file here.

Choose file
Select the Ashe theme file

To start, select Install Now.

Install now

You receive this message after installation is complete.

Return to the themes page.

Theme installed successfully

Now Ashe is installed. You can activate Ashe or select Live Preview to customize Ashe before making it live.

Ashe WordPress theme free version

You have now installed Ashe.

Use the free version to learn how to use this theme. Upgrade to Ashe Pro (*Paid Link) to access more customization options.

Ashe Pro Reviews

Unsure about upgrading to Ashe Pro (*Paid Link)? Check out these Ashe theme reviews.

How To Install The Ashe Theme Video Tutorial

How To Install The Ashe WordPress T...
How To Install The Ashe WordPress Theme


Ashe is fast and easy to customize. Its excellent customization options help you create a beautiful website.

Visit my How To Customize The Ashe WordPress Theme post for a complete customization tutorial.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.