How to restore deleted posts and pages in WordPress

How to restore deleted posts and pages in WordPress

If you have deleted one of your posts and then changed your mind, don’t worry, I will show you how to restore deleted posts and pages in WordPress. At the top of your posts or pages list is a ‘Trash’ link. After you click on that link you see a list of all your deleted posts. Select the post or page you want to restore and from the ‘Bulk action’ drop-down menu select restore and click on ‘Apply’, now your post or page is restored.

How to restore deleted pages and posts in WordPress video tutorial

Here is a beginner’s step by step guide. I am going to delete one of my posts and then restore it.

Here is my post

This is the post I am going to delete. It is a published blog post, I will ‘trash’ it and then go through the steps of restoring this post.

My published post

Move to trash

To delete this post I will click on the ‘Move to Trash’ link on the right-hand side of this editor.

Deleting a WordPress post

After you delete a post or page, you go to the ‘All Posts’ or ‘All Pages’ list. I deleted a post so I returned to the ‘All Posts’ list.

Like this.

How to restore a page or post straight after you deleted it

If you have just deleted a post or page and then thought to yourself, why did I do that?

Don’t worry, with just one click, you can restore it. Straight after you delete a post or page you come to your post list. At the top of this list, there is an option to undo what you just did.

Look at this screenshot, you can see the link near the top, click on this link and your deleted post is restored.

How to restore a deleted post or page straight after you deleted it

How to restore deleted posts and pages in WordPress

If you don’t use the ‘Undo’ option to restore a deleted post or page. We have another way to restore our deleted posts.

Staying on the blog post or pages list, we can see four links available. They are ‘All’, ‘Published’, ‘Trash’, and ‘Cornerstone content’.

We need to click on the ‘Trash’ link.

Like this.

Select the Trash link

Here are all your deleted posts. I deleted one post, that is why I only have one listed here.

To restore this post, I click the box next to the blog title and open the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop-down menu.

Like this.

In the drop-down menu, you have two options. The first is to ‘Restore’ your post and the other is to ‘Delete permanently’, it is important you select the ‘Restore’ option here not ‘Delete Permanently’. Otherwise, your post or page will go forever.

Select ‘Restore’ and then click on the ‘Apply’ link.

Like this.

How to restore deleted posts or pages in WordPress

After you click on ‘Apply’, you get a message that your post or page has been restored. The deleted post or page will return to the ‘All’ list.

Like this.

You page or post has been restored message

Click on the ‘All’ link and you will find your restored page or post there.

Like this.

Restoring deleted posts or pages in WordPress

That is how you restore deleted posts and pages in WordPress.


I have had a few days when I have written posts and haven’t been happy and deleted them. After a day or two and time to reflect, I went back and rewrote the posts. Having the ‘Restore’ option saved me lots of work.

To restore deleted posts you go to your post list and click on the ‘Trash’ link. Any post or page you have deleted will be here. Find the post you want to restore, tick the box, click on the drop-down menu, select ‘Restore’, and click on ‘Apply’.

When you click on the drop-down menu make sure you select ‘Restore’ because the other option is to ‘Delete permanently’. If you select that option by mistake, you will lose your post or page forever.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I recover a deleted WordPress page?

There are two ways to restore deleted WordPress pages. You have an ‘undo’ option after you confirm to delete it. The other way is to restore your page from the trash folder. I cover both methods in my post.

Can you undo changes in WordPress?

Yes, you can. Each time you update your post, the previous version is archived. To restore a previous version, go to the post you want to change and find ‘Revisions’ from the menu on the right. You will see how many archives versions you have of the post, select the version you require and your post will be restored to that version.

How do I find revision history in WordPress?

Each post and page you have in your WordPress admin has a ‘Revision’ option. This option tells you how many versions of the post have been archived. You can view each version, there is also a sliding bar at the top of the screen for you to check the version date and to see a comparison.


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