How to restore deleted posts and pages in WordPress
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How to restore deleted posts in WordPress

In my post, I show you step by step how to restore deleted posts in WordPress. When you delete a post or page, WordPress moves them to a separate folder.

When I first started blogging, I got frustrated with some of my posts and decided to delete them. After some reflection, I realized I should update the post rather than deleting it.

My guide shows you how easy it is to restore posts you have deleted, with a few clicks you can restore your posts to your WordPress blog.

Let’s get started.

How to restore a post immediately after deleting

If you have just deleted a post or and then thought to yourself, why did I do that? Don’t worry, with just one click, you can restore it.

After you delete a post you go to your post list in your WordPress admin. At the top of this list, there is an option to undo.

Undo a deleted post

Select ‘Undo’ to restore your deleted post.

How to restore deleted posts in WordPress

If you didn’t restore the post immediately after deleting, don’t worry, the deleted post was moved to a ‘Trash’ folder.

To access the ‘Trash’ folder, go to your post list. Above your post titles, there are four tabs, one of them is ‘Trash’.

Trash folder in WordPress

Select the ‘Trash’ tab, to restore a post, click in the box to the left of the post and open the drop-down menu. Like this.

Restore a deleted post in WordPress

In the drop-down menu, you have two options. The first is to ‘Restore’ your post and the other is to ‘Delete permanently’. Select ‘Restore’ not ‘Delete Permanently’, otherwise, your post will go forever.

After selecting ‘Restore’, click on the ‘Apply’ link.

Select restore then apply

After you click on ‘Apply’, you get a message to confirm your post has been restored.

Restored post confirmation

Click on the ‘All’ link to see your restored post

How to restore deleted posts in WordPress video tutorial


If you delete a post and then change your mind, use the ‘Undo’ option. If you have left it for a while before deciding you want to restore your post. Open the ‘Trash’ folder and restore your post from there.

If you have deleted your posts from the ‘Trash’ folder, then there is no way to restore them in WordPress.

Before you start to restore your deleted, would you kindly leave me a comment? Did I help you with my post? Is there something on WordPress you need help with? I look forward to reading your feedback.

If you are new to WordPress, check out my other tutorials at, I also have a YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions

How do I recover a deleted WordPress page?

There are two ways to restore deleted WordPress pages. You have an ‘Undo’ option after you confirm the deletion. The other way is to restore your page from the trash folder.

Can you undo changes in WordPress?

Yes, you can. Each time you update your post, the previous version is archived. To restore a previous version, go to the post you want to change and find ‘Revisions’ from the menu on the right.

How do I find revision history in WordPress?

Each post in your WordPress admin has a ‘Revision’ option on the right-hand side.

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