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How do I remove the published date on WordPress posts?


How do I remove the published date on WordPress posts? You have some old posts, but they are still very relevant and helpful. Now you want to know how to hide the published date. Follow my easy guide and you will be done in less than one minute. No plugins are required and you do not have to insert any code. You can remove the date from your posts by using the settings option in your WordPress dashboard.

Let’s remove those dates.

Example of a blog post with the date

This is a screenshot of a blog post with the publish date on display. We are going to change the settings so that this date will not be displayed.

How to remove dates from your WordPress blog posts

Sign in to WordPress Admin

To make the changes, sign in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Look for ‘settings’ in the menu on the left.

Hover your mouse over ‘settings’ and click on ‘General’.

Like this.

How to change settings in WordPress to remove dates from WordPress blogs

General settings page

Once you have clicked on ‘Settings’ you will come to this ‘General settings’ page.

General settings page in WordPress admin

To remove the dates from our blog posts we need to scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Like this.

How to change the date settings in WordPress admin

Select custom

In this website the date setting is set to display month, date and year. To remove this, all I have to do is tick ‘Custom’ and delete the data in the box so that it is blank.

Like this.

How to remove the date from your WordPress posts

Save your changes

Once you have made your changes. Click on the blue ‘Save Changes’ link at the bottom of the page.

No more dates on your blog posts after you save changes..

Has the date gone?

I am going to check my example blog post. To see if I have successfully removed the date.

Eample blog post with the date removed.

Yes, it has gone. I just refreshed the page and now, no more dates.

Video Tutorial

Here is a video from Resultspress, he gives a video tutorial on how to remove dates from WordPress.


It is so easy to remove the date from your blog posts in WordPress.

You do not need to use any bloated plugin or need to insert any code.

This task takes less than one minute.

There are websites that state removing dates can only be done with a plugin. They are wrong.

Follow my steps above and you won’t believe how easy it is to do.

If you are looking to change your WordPress theme without losing content. Be sure to check out my ‘Can I change WordPress themes without losing content?‘ post.


Have you been using a plugin to remove the dates from your posts?

How do you remove the dates from your posts?

Why do you want to remove the dates from your posts?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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