How To Remove Dates From WordPress Posts

How To Remove The Date From WordPress Posts

In my post, I show you how to remove the date from your WordPress posts.

When you publish a post, WordPress displays the published date.

You can change the setting to remove the published date.

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Remove The Date From WordPress Posts

Step One – Select General

Hover your mouse over Settings and select General.

Select General from Settings

Step Two – Select Custom

On the General Settings page, scroll to Date Format and select the Custom option.

Date format

To the right of Custom, delete all text in the white box.


Step Three – Save Changes

Finally, Save Changes.

Save changes

Your published blog posts don’t display a published date.

How To Remove Dates From WordPress Posts Video Tutorial


WordPress shows the published date of your WordPress blog posts.

When you want to remove the published date from your posts, change the date format settings.

Remove text from the Custom data box and save changes.

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I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.



8 responses to “How To Remove The Date From WordPress Posts”

  1. Edie avatar

    Fast and easy and fixed the problem. Thanks so much!

    1. newblogr avatar

      Thank you for your kind comment.

  2. L. B. avatar
    L. B.

    Just an FYI. It’s not “Appearance” you want to hover over, it’s “Settings.”
    It lost me with the instruction at the beginning, but your red arrows afterwards solved the mystery. Thanks for adding the visuals.

    1. newblogr avatar

      Thank you for the heads up. I can’t believe I made that mistake. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

  3. Alex avatar

    This worked. Thanks! However, now I’m left with

    | by

    How can I get rid of the | ??

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, Alex. Thank you for your comment. Can you send me a screenshot of where you are seeing this?

  4. Evelyn Brooks avatar

    I use post pages to advertise land for sale. I don’t necessarily want new comers to know how long that vacant lot has been on the market but only that it is available to purchase currently. I do still have a problem though similar to the one above. I still have the words “published by admin on” at the top of the posts pages. I will try to figure that one out now. Thanks for the help!!

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, Evelyn. Thank you for your comment. Some themes have options to disable details shown on blog posts. Check out the ‘Blog Post” settings on your customizer. If you don’t see anything, look at the documentation for your theme and see if there is something in that document to help you.

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