How to remove the date from your WordPress blog posts

In my post, I show you step by step how to remove dates from WordPress posts. By default, WordPress displays published date on all your posts. With only a few clicks you can change this setting.

Let’s remove those dates.

Example of a date on a WordPress post

Here is an example of a WordPress blog post showing the published date. By the end of this post, this date will stop showing.

How to remove dates from your WordPress blog posts

Sign in to WordPress Admin

First, sign in to WordPress admin.

WordPress admin login page

From the menu on the left, hover your mouse over ‘Settings’ and select ‘General’.

Select general from settings

General settings

On the ‘General’ settings page, scroll down to ‘Date Format’.

Date format

From the options in ‘Date Format’, select ‘Custom’ and remove the text from the box to the right.

Select custom, remove text, and save changes

Once you have made your changes. Click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page. Now dates are removed from published posts on WordPress.

Has the date gone?

Once you have saved your changes, go to a post on your website, the dates have been removed.

Here is my example post, once I refreshed the page, no more published date.

Published date has been removed

How to remove dates from WordPress posts video tutorial

How to remove the date from your WordPress blog posts
Watch this video on YouTube.


Now you can remove dates from WordPress posts on your website. You do not need to use a plugin or code, just change the date format settings on your WordPress admin.

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For more video tutorials on WordPress, please visit my YouTube channel.

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