How to monitor uptime of your website

In my post, I show you how to monitor website uptime for your blog using Uptime Robot. If you have more than one site, don’t worry, you can add up to fifty sites.

Why do you need to use Uptime Robot? Unless you are monitoring your site 24/7, you won’t know if your site is live on the internet or not. Uptime Robot sends requests to your site multiple times a day, if it receives a reply, then your site is live. If it receives an error, you get notified that your site is not live on the internet.

My easy to follow guide shows you how to set up an uptime monitor for your website.

Let’s get started.

Sign up for a free Uptime Robot account

This is Uptime Robot’s homepage. Their free option allows you to have up to 50 monitors with uptime checks as often as every five minutes, totally free!

Uptime robot homepage. Free tool to monitor website uptime and downtime.

First, click on the ‘Sign Up’ link on the top-right of the homepage. Then you come to this page.

Uptime Robot sign up page

Enter your name, email address, and password. Then, tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and select ‘Sign up’. After sign up, you get a confirmation message.

Uptime robot account sign up confirmation. Free tool to monitor website uptime and downtime.

Before you can use Uptime Robot, you need to confirm your email address.

Once you have confirmed your email address, go back to Uptime Robot’s homepage and sign in.

After you sign in for the first time, your dashboard will look like this.

Uptime robot free account dashboard


How to set up uptime monitoring for your website

First, click on the green ‘Add New Monitor’ link on the top-left of the page. Then you come to this page.

How to set up a new monitor on Uptime robot

From the monitor type drop-down box, select ‘HTTP(s)’.

Uptime robot monitor type

Once you select HTTP(s), you are requested to complete more details about your site.

New monitor set up in Uptime robot

The second box asks you for a ‘Friendly Name’. A name to help you identify this site.

The next box is for the URL of your website. You do not need to add an ‘S’ to the end of HTTP.

The last box asks you to set the frequency of checks. With a free account, the minimum monitoring interval you can set is five minutes. If you think that is too often, move the green bar to the right.

In my example, I have set the monitor for this website to check every 60 minutes.

New monitor setup configuration in Uptime robot

After you have finished, scroll to the bottom of the page. Above the ‘Create monitor’ link, you can see the email address you used to create your free account. Uptime robot needs an email address to send you notifications if your website is down.

Confirm create monitor in Uptime robot

If you are happy to use this email address to receive notifications, tick the box.

Confirm email address for notifications in Uptime robot

Lastly, click on the blue ‘Create Monitor’ link.

You have created your website uptime monitor

After set up, you receive a message that your monitor was created successfully.

Monitor created successfully message

Uptime Robot dashboard

This is your account dashboard.

Uptime robot dashboard

On the left, are the sites you are monitoring. On the right, are the current statistics of your monitors.

Underneath the quick stat display, you have a timer for your monitors. This timer lets you know how long your site has been live on the internet since the last error.

Uptime robot free account dashboard. Free tool to monitor website uptime and downtime

From my screenshot, you can see I started this monitor 7 minutes ago and all is good with my website.

I have set this monitor to check my website every 60 minutes. If there are no errors, the timer will continue running. If there is a problem, the monitor turns red and sends a notification.

How to set up a website uptime monitor video tutorial

Frequently asked questions

How do you check website uptime?

Use Uptime Robot. It is a free tool to monitor website uptime

What is Uptime Robot?

Uptime robot is a website uptime monitoring service. If your site is down, they will send you a notification.

What is a good Uptime?

You want uptime to be as close to 100% as possible. 100% uptime means your website will always be accessible on the website.

What is an uptime guarantee?

Hosting companies will promote their hosting packages with uptime guarantees. Uptime means when a website is accessible on the internet. As a website owner, you want your site to be accessible to your visitors 24/7.


With my step by step tutorial, you can now monitor website uptime for your blog. No more searching on the internet for the best tool.

I use Uptime Robot to monitor my sites, it is an excellent monitoring service. Set up takes a few minutes and is completely free. If Uptime Robot finds your website down, you get notified. You receive another notification from Uptime robot when your site is live again.

Before you leave to set up your account, spare a minute to let me know if I helped you with my post. I love getting feedback, I want to write posts that help people. Therefore, I would appreciate a comment from you.

I look forward to reading them.

How about a free tool to monitor your website visitors? Check out my ‘How do I know how many visitors visit my website?‘ post. I also have a YouTube channel with lots of tutorials.

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