How to find your nameservers in Cpanel

When you start a blog, you have a domain name and hosting. For your website to show on the web, the web needs to know where your website files are stored so they can access them. The signposts for your site are called ‘nameservers’. Each hosting company will have its nameservers, you find these nameservers and put them into your domain name account. In this post, I show you where to find the nameservers in your Cpanel of Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, and WebHost.

I always buy my domain name and hosting separately, after I buy my hosting, I find the hosting companies nameservers and update my nameservers.

Let’s get started.

Bluehost nameservers

This is the sign-in page to Bluehost’s Cpanel.

Bluehost cpanel login page

After you sign in to your Bluehost hosting Cpanel, you come to this page.

Bluehost Cpanel

From here, look for and select ‘Domains’ on the left- hand side menu.

On the next page, are your sites. I have one site, to find the nameservers, select ‘Manage’ next to your website.

My domains in Bluehost

Here are the nameservers. If you have purchased Bluehost hosting, copy these nameservers and update the nameservers on your domain account.

Bluehost nameservers

Hostgator nameservers

This is the sign-in page of Hostgator’s Cpanel.

Hostgator's Cpanel login page

After you sign-in, you come to your Cpanel dashboard.

Hostgator Cpanel dashboard

In Hostgator, your nameservers are easy to find. On the right-hand side, scroll down until you find the ‘General Information’ section. Hostgator’s nameservers are in this section.

Hostgator's nameservers

Hostinger nameservers

This is the sign-in page of Hostinger’s Cpanel.

Hostinger's sign-in page

On the next page, a list of sites. I have one site with Hostinger. On the right-hand side, click on the purple ‘Manage’ link.

Hostinger welcome page

After you select ‘Manage’ ou come to your Cpanel dashboard. From here, we are looking for the ‘Accounts’ section. In that section, search for the ‘Details’ icon. Click on ‘Details’.

Hostinger's Cpanel dashboard

This is where you will find your Hostinger nameservers.

Hostinger nameservers

WebHostFace nameservers

This is WebHostFace’s Cpanel login page.

Webhostface login Cpanel page

Once you sign in, you come to your Cpanel dashboard. From here, click on your username on the top-right. In the drop-down menu, select ‘View Billing Information’.

Select view billing information from the drop-down menu

After a few seconds, you get redirected to your client area. It is here you can find the nameservers. Scroll down the page and you can find the nameservers on the left.

WebHostFace's nameservers


As a blogger, you will change your hosting company occasionally. It could be because of price, service, downtime, or a number of reasons. The important thing is to keep your site live.

If you do decide to change hosting companies, make sure you change before your existing package expires. Find a new hosting company, set up your site with the new company and then change your nameservers. This way, your site will always be live on the web.

As you can see from the hosting companies I listed above, they all have different places for their nameservers. Some are easy to find, others are a little more difficult.

I use all the above companies for my websites and are happy to recommend them all. If you are starting your blog or are ready to renew, click on the link of each hosting company to check out their latest hosting package deals.

For Hostgator, click here. Bluehost, click here. WebHostFace, click here.

For a tutorial on changing your nameservers, check out my ‘How to change my nameservers‘ post.


Are you having trouble finding your host company’s nameservers?

How often do you change hosting companies?

What hosting company do you recommend?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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