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I have a fantastic free tool to show you today. You can use this tool to find backlinks to a specific page on a website. You can see where the backlink comes from and what text on that website includes the link.

If you are looking to get backlinks for your site, then this is a great tool to use. When you find websites giving backlinks to sites with content similar to yours, then they will probably consider linking to you if have excellent informative content.

Let’s get started.

When you are ready to find backlinks, head over to Ubersuggest. This is the homepage.

Ubersuggest homepage

I love this tool. I use it to spy on my competitors and to do keyword research. To find out how I do that, check out my ‘What keywords are my competitors ranking for?‘ post.

To find backlinks to a website, paste or type the URL of a website in the search box. I will use as an example. The default country is the United States, you can change this by clicking on the drop-down menu. Finally, select ‘Search’.

Enter the website URL

On the next page, you get a summary of the data on the website. The total number of keywords this website ranks for, average monthly organic traffic, domain score, and backlink count.

Website overview in Ubersuggest

WPbeginner has a lot of backlinks. Let’s look at what pages get what backlinks. To do that scroll down the page until you find ‘Top SEO pages’. In that section, click on the ‘View the pages that drive traffic to this domain’ link.

Top SEO pages in Ubersuggest

Now we a list of all the posts and pages on We can see the approximate traffic each post is getting. If we want to check the backlinks to a specific page, we click on the ‘View all’ link under the ‘backlink’ header.

For example, the ‘How to Start a WordPress Blog – Easy Guide – Create a Blog (2018)’ gets over 47,000 visitors a month. I want to check the backlinks to this post.

Here they are.

Backlinks to a specific page on

On the left, we can see the URL of the website that has the link. After that, we can see the ‘Domain score’ of the website and ‘Page score’ of the URL. Then we see the ‘Link type’ and the text with the link. Finally, we can see the dates when the link was first found and when it was seen last.

If you are looking to build links for your site, this would be a great place to start looking for websites that might be interested in linking to you.

If you have excellent content that matches or is better than the website you are checking for backlinks, try building a relationship with them. Sending a message out of the blue asking for a link will probably get deleted. They have no idea who you are, why would they help you?

Watch this video on YouTube.


Many studies have shown that websites that rank on page one of Google have backlinks and outrank sites that don’t.

Asking for links from website owners is not easy. They do not know you so have no reason to offer you any favors. You need to try and build a relationship with them.

If you are going to be contacting website owners requesting links, find websites that have links to sites similar to yours. Then find content on their website where you can leave comments. Your comment should show you have knowledge of the subject and also offer extra information or tips that would benefit the reader.

After you have had contact with the site owner in the comments, it is time to send a polite email to them, explaining why you have perfect content that their readers would enjoy reading.

I love Ubersuggest, it gives some much free data that is very useful for bloggers. As with all keyword tools, the numbers you get are not accurate, they are best guesses on the data they have.

Google likes sites with good quality backlinks, but remember, they have a strict policy about backlinks. Paying for a backlink is not a ‘natural link’, and goes against their policy. If you buy bulk links from a website to try and boost your ranking, you will probably get a penalty from Google and your site will disappear.

Write excellent content and be patient. Sites will start linking to you. There are no short cuts in SEO, you have to be in it for the long haul.

Frequently asked questions

How do I check backlinks?

If you want to know what sites are linking to your blog, you can find that information in your Google search console under ‘Links’ in the main menu. If you want to check backlinks to your competitors, use Ubersuggest, it is a free tool. Follow my step by step guide in my post.

How do I find inbound links?

Inbound links to your website are listed in your Google search console. Look for ‘Links’ in the main menu.

How many backlinks does a website have?

Run the website URL through Ubersuggest, the total number of backlinks for that site is listed on the top right of the summary page.


What tool do you use to find backlinks?

How often do you write to website owners asking for links?

Do you find it hard finding links for your site?

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