How To Find Backlinks To A Website

In my post, I show you how to use a tool to find backlinks to a website, step by step.

Backlinks are one of many factors used by Google to rank websites. Searching for websites linking to your competitors is an excellent way to analyze the competition for keyword phrases you want to target.

First, go to and enter a website URL. Scroll to ‘SEO top pages.’ Next, select a blog post on the report and click on the ‘Backlink’ tab. The report lists backlinks to that page.

Let’s do that step by step.

Step One – Go To is a paid tool but offers a free version with daily search limits.

In addition to finding backlinks, you can use Ubersuggest to search for competitor keywords. Check out my ‘What keywords are my competitors ranking for?‘ post to learn more.

Step Two – Enter The Website URL

On the homepage, enter the website URL into the search box. Next, select the country zone. Finally, click on search.

Enter the website URL

Once the search is complete, you see an overview of the website’s data. On this website, there are nearly 340,000 backlinks.

Traffic overview

Step Three – Scroll Down To ‘Top SEO Pages.’

Below the overview, data for this site is in sections. For backlinks, scroll down to ‘Top SEO pages’ and click on the ‘View the pages that drive traffic to this domain’ link.

Top SEO pages

Now you have a list of the best-performing pages for this website.

Top pages driving traffic

I am using the free version, so I can only see the best top ten pages. For more data, you need to purchase a paid plan.

Step Four – Find Backlinks To Specific Pages.

Select ‘View all’ to view backlinks to that page.

View backlinks

Next is a list of external links to that blog post.

Backlink report

On the left are the blog post and domain.

Source page title

The domain score, page score, and link type data are in the middle.

Domain score, page score, and link type.

The domain score is from 0 to 100. The page score measures the authoritativeness of the blog post from 0 to 100. The link type specifies how the linking website links to this post. ‘Text’ indicates that the link is from text content.

Finally, on the right of the report is ‘Anchor text’. Anchor text is the blog content with the link. ‘First seen’ and ‘Last seen’ are when the external links were found and checked.

Anchor text, first seen, and last seen

Here is a tool to find backlinks to a specific page or blog post. To get a complete list of backlinks to all pages and posts, you need to upgrade to a paid version of Ubersuggest.

How To Find Backlinks To A Specific Page Video Tutorial

How to find backlinks of a website ...
How to find backlinks of a website post using a free tool


Many studies have shown that websites with backlinks rank better on Google. Ubersuggest is a tool to help you research websites linking to your competitors.

It is essential to understand the competition for keyword phrases. If your competitors have high-quality backlinks to their posts for the keyword you are targeting, that makes it difficult for you to beat them.

If you want to use the backlink report to reach out to ask for external links for your site, please be aware that Google doesn’t like that. If Google determines that you have paid for a link or links to your site, they will penalize your site.

Websites with Google penalties don’t rank.

The best strategy is to write excellent content and be patient. Sites will start linking to you.

You can use your Google Search Console to check what websites link to yours.

Before you head over to Ubersuggest to start researching backlinks, do you have one minute to leave a comment? I appreciate all feedback.

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