How do you embed YouTube videos in WordPress

In my post, I show you how easy it is to embed a YouTube video into your WordPress blog posts. WordPress makes it simple for you to add videos to your content.

I remember when I started my blog, I wanted to add YouTube videos to my posts but was not sure how to do it or if I could use other people’s videos. The embed process is simple and as long as the YouTube video you want to use has a share option, you can use that video.

Why should you embed YouTube videos into your posts? The reason is that some visitors to your website enjoy reading text, others prefer watching videos. If you have text and video in your content, your audience will be better engaged.

There are two ways to embed a video, I will show you both methods.

Let’s get started.

Method one – Using the YouTube video URL

Step one – Find a YouTube video

Use the search feature on YouTube to find the video ideal for your blog post.

Select your video from YouTube

Step two – Highlight and copy the video URL

Click on the URL of the video to highlight, then right-click your mouse, and select ‘Copy’.

Copy the URL of your video

Step three – Start a new block on your post

Return to your blog post and open a new ‘Paragraph’ block.

Open a paragraph block in your WordPress editor

Step four – Paste your YouTube video URL into your post

In the new block, paste the YouTube video URL. After pasting the URL, the WordPress editor detects that it is a YouTube video and will display the video immediately.

Like this.

How to embed a YouTube video into your post using the URL

Using the URL of the YouTube video is the fastest and easiest way to embed a YouTube video into your blog post.

When you publish your post, your visitors can watch the video in your post, they don’t have to leave your site to watch the video on YouTube.

Method two – Embed the YouTube video into your post using HTML code

Step one – Click on the ‘Share’ link

Once you have selected a video you want to use on YouTube, click on the ‘Share’ link under the video.

How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress

Step two – Select ‘Embed’

After you click on ‘Share, this popup appears, click on ‘Embed’.

Step three – Highlight and copy the HTML code

The next window has the HTML code you need to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress blog.

Embed YouTube video code

To get the HTML code, click on ‘Copy’ on the bottom right.

Step four – Open a ‘custom HTML’ block in your blog post

Return to your blog post and create a new block. The block you need is ‘Custom HTML’. To create a new block in the new WordPress editor, click on the ‘+’ symbol on the top left of the page.

Create a new block in WordPress

Once you click on the ‘+’ you will get this popup.

How to create a new block in WordPress block editor

If you do not see ‘Custom HTML’ in the popup, type ‘HTML’ into the search box.

Select ‘Custom HTML’.

How to embed YouTube videos in WordPress

Now you have a block to paste your HTML code.

Step five – Paste your HTML code into the block

Next, paste the HTML code into the box. Like this.

To make sure your code is working, click on ‘Preview’. Like this.

How to preview embedded YouTube videos in WordPress

When I use a video from YouTube, I always add a link to the owner of the video. For example, for the Osprey video above, I would type something like this. ‘Here is a video from Osprey highlighting the great features of the Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack.’

Embed YouTube videos in WordPress video tutorial

YouTube tutorials for embedding videos in the WordPress classic editor

If you are using the WordPress classic editor, here are two video tutorials.

The first video is from WPBeginner. They have a short video tutorial on how to embed YouTube videos

The second video is from WP Smackdown. Their video is more detailed and covers three methods of embedding YouTube videos in WordPress.


I have shown you two ways to embed a YouTube video on WordPress. The easiest method is to find your video then copy and paste the URL into your post.

Adding videos and images to your blog posts helps keep your visitors engaged, important for the growth of your website. If Google detects that visitors spend time on your website, it will reward you will a higher ranking.

To find out how to track your rankings in Google and Bing. Check out my ‘How to check what keywords your website ranks for in Google and Bing‘ post. I also have a YouTube channel with WordPress tutorials.

Before you embed a YouTube video into your post, I would appreciate it if you could spare a minute to leave me a comment about what you thought about my post. Did I help you? Would you like me to add more information? I look forward to reading your feedback.

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