How do you embed YouTube videos in WordPress

Embed a YouTube video in WordPress – How-to guide

There are two ways to embed a YouTube video into your blog posts. The first method, you find the YouTube video you want to use, copy the URL, then paste that URL into your blog post. The second method, find your YouTube video. Click on the ‘Share’ link under the video, select the ‘Embed’ icon. Copy the HTML code, go to your blog post, open a ‘Custom HTML’ block, and paste your HTML code into that box.

Let’s do that step by step. I use the new WordPress editor so my tutorial will be for this new version.

Method one – Use the YouTube URL

Step one – Find a YouTube video

Use the search feature on YouTube to find the video ideal for your blog post.

Select your video from YouTube

Step two – Highlight and copy the video URL

Click on the URL of the video to highlight the full URL, then right-click your mouse, and select ‘Copy’.

Copy the URL of your video

Step three – Start a new block on your post

Return to your blog post and open a new ‘Paragraph’ block.

Open a paragraph block in your WordPress editor

Step four – Paste your video URL

In the new block, paste the YouTube video URL. After pasting the URL, the WordPress editor detects that it is a YouTube video and will display the video immediately.

Like this.

How to embed a YouTube video into your post using the URL

Using the URL of the YouTube video you want to use in your post is the fastest and easiest way to embed a YouTube video into your blog post.

If you are using someone else’s YouTube video, please put a link into your post back to the video publisher.

It is better to produce your own videos and use them, it helps boost your brand. If you are not at that stage yet, then using videos from YouTube is fine.

Method two – Embed the YouTube video with HTML code

Step one – Click on the ‘Share’ link

Once you have the video that you need. The next thing you need to do is find ‘Share’ under the video.

How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress

You will find ‘Share’ just above the red subscribe link. Click on ‘Share’. Once you have clicked on ‘Share’ you will then see this popup box.

Step two – Select ‘Embed’

In this popup box, you can see the first option is ‘Embed’. Click on ‘Embed’.

Step three – Highlight and copy the HTML code

This is the HTML code you need to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress blog.

Embed YouTube video code

Don’t worry about using other people’s videos on your blog. If you are able to get this code from their video then they are happy for you to use it.

To get the HTML code all you need to do is click on the word ‘copy’ which is on the bottom right of the popup.

Step four – Open a ‘custom HTML’ block in your blog post

Return to your blog post and create a new block. The block we need for HTML is called ‘Custom HTML’.

To create a new block in the new WordPress editor you click on the ‘+’ symbol on the top left of the page.

Create a new block in WordPress

Once you click on the ‘+’ you will get this popup box.

How to create a new block in WordPress block editor

The block that you use the most will fill this popup window. The block that you need is called ‘Custom HTML’. If you do not see that in the popup then type ‘HTML’ into the search box at the top of the popup.

Once you see ‘Custom HTML’, click on it. Then you will have this block appear in your blog post.

How to embed YouTube videos in WordPress

Now you have the box where you need to put the code from the YouTube video.

Step five – Paste your HTML code

Next, paste the HTML code into the box that says ‘write HTML…’

Like this.

To make sure your code is working, click on the word ‘Preview’ which is on the top of the box next to the ‘HTML’

Like this.

How to preview embedded YouTube videos in WordPress

Whenever I use a video from YouTube I always link to the owner of the video. For example, for the Osprey video above I would type something like this. “Here is a video from Osprey highlighting the great features of the Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack.” As you can see I added a link to the Osprey video.

Embed YouTube videos in WordPress video tutorial

How to find YouTube videos for your blog

You have your content, adding a YouTube video will help keep your visitors engaged. Go to YouTube and use the search feature to look for the video you want to use.

As an example, let’s say you have just written a post about an Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack and you want to find a video to help promote the features of this backpack.

First thing I would do is check to see if the manufacturer has a video. If anyone wants to promote Osprey backpacks it must be Osprey, right?

I typed Osprey backpacks into YouTube search and here are the results I got.

Search for videos to embed on YouTube

I was hoping Osprey would have their own channel and they do. It is the third result. I can see that they have 366 videos on their channel. Let’s have a look at their YouTube channel homepage.

How to embed YouTube videos in WordPress

Rather than searching through all those videos to find what you need. You can use the search feature.

I said I was looking for a video showing the features of an Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack. Let’s put that in the search box and see if they have something I can use.

finding a YouTube video for your blog

From the search results, I can see Osprey have a video introducing their Farpoint range. More interesting for me though is the second video. It is a product tour of the Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack.

Watch the video first

To make sure you are happy with the video click on the link and watch it through. I have just watched the video and it is perfect for giving an in-depth overview of the backpack.

If you are promoting products on your website, check to see if the manufacturer has a YouTube channel. Companies spend millions promoting their products, therefore, their videos will be professionally produced.

The best videos are videos you produce yourself. It is perfectly fine to record yourself with your mobile phone and upload that to YouTube. People like to see genuine content.

YouTube tutorials for embedding videos in the old WordPress editor

If you don’t like the new WordPress editor and have opted to stay with the classic editor. Here are two video tutorials on how to embed YouTube videos in WordPress.

The first video is from WPBeginner. They have a short video tutorial on how to embed YouTube videos

The second video is from WP Smackdown. Their video is more detailed and covers three methods of embedding YouTube videos in WordPress.


Many people worry that using other people’s YouTube videos on your post will get you into trouble. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Video owners want their videos to be seen by as many people as possible. That is why they have the share option on their videos. If they did not want people to use their videos, they would not have the share option available.

If you are a blogger then using videos in your blog is important. It helps keep your visitors engaged.

Many types of people will visit your site. Those that like to read, those that like to watch videos, those that like images, and those that like a mixture.

If you can produce blog posts that offer something for everyone then you have a great opportunity to keep visitors on your site for longer. Google loves that.

If you want to track your rankings in Google and Bing. Check out my ‘How to check what keywords your website ranks for in Google and Bing‘ post.

Frequently asked questions

Can you embed videos in WordPress?

Yes, you can. I use the new Gutenberg version of WordPress. This version allows you to build your site using blocks. The blocks allow you to design and place things within your website as you like.

One of these blocks allows you to embed videos into your WordPress blog. Or you can just paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to use straight into your post.

Follow my step by step guide above and you will see how easy it is to embed videos.

Can I embed YouTube videos on my website?

Yes, you can. A lot of people worry that you are not allowed to use YouTube videos made by other people on your website.

If the YouTube video that you want to use has a share button. Then that means that the owner is fine with you using it on your website.

YouTube video owners want their videos to be seen by as many people as possible. They are happy that you want to use their video.

I would always recommend that you link back to the owner of the video before or after you embed the video.

What does it mean to embed a YouTube video?

Embed means that you can take a video that is available on YouTube and have it play in your blog posts. Your visitors can enjoy watching YouTube videos in your posts without having to go to

To embed a video from YouTube you need a little code or the URL of the video. In my post above, I have a step by step guide with illustrations on how to embed YouTube videos in WordPress.

Where do you embed YouTube videos?

When you are creating your blog content it is up to you where you embed your YouTube video into your content.

I love using the new block editor in WordPress. It allows you to build your site with blocks. These blocks can be moved up and down as you want them.

You use the block designed for embedding YouTube videos into your post.

If later you want to move the video up to a new position within your post. Then you just click the up arrow on the left of your video. It is as easy at that.

How can I upload a video to WordPress?

In the new WordPress there a block for everything.

If you want to upload a video to your WordPress blog post then you click on the ‘+’ symbol on the top left of your WordPress editor to start a new block.

Type ‘video’ into the search box and you will see an option for video. Click on ‘video’ and you will create a block for uploading videos.

Is there a WordPress embed YouTube video plugin?

There probably is. Why would you need one when you have the options to embed videos in the WordPress editor?

Try to use as few plugins as you can. Some plugins slow down your website.

Use plugins that you need for your blog. If you find you don’t need a plugin anymore, delete it rather than just deactivating it.


Do you embed YouTube videos in your blog posts?

Do you use other people’s video or do you make your own?

Which method do you prefer to embed YouTube videos on WordPress?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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