How to delete a WordPress theme completely

Should I delete unused WordPress themes?

You have been testing out different WordPress themes and now you want to know, how to delete a WordPress theme? I show you how you step by step how to delete unwanted themes. Unused themes take up valuable space on your server.

To delete unwanted themes you go into ‘themes’ in ‘appearance’ on your WordPress admin. Once in themes, you click on the theme you want to delete. Once the theme window opens you will see the word delete in red in the bottom right corner. Click on that and the theme will be deleted completely.

Let’s delete those unused themes.

Deleting a WordPress theme in WordPress admin

This method is the easiest of the methods I am going to show you.

First, you need to log in to your WordPress admin. Your login page will look like this.

WordPress log in page

After you log in to your WordPress admin. You need to look for ‘Appearance’ on the left-hand side menu.

Hover your mouse over the word ‘Appearance’ and a small mini menu will appear. Like this.

How to find themes in your WordPress admin

Click on ‘Themes’. You will go to this page.

How to delete a WordPress theme completely

Your current theme will be on the top left.

If you know there are themes you are not going to use, then I suggest you delete them to save space on your hosting account.

I am going to delete the theme called ‘Business path’. If you hover your mouse over the theme you want to complete you will see this.

deleting a theme completely

A block with the words ‘Theme Details’ will appear. Click on that.

How to delete a WordPress theme completely in WordPress admin

Now you have the details of that theme. This is where you can delete this theme from WordPress completely.

In the bottom right of this screen, you can see the word ‘Delete’ in red. Click on that.

Once you click on delete, you will get a small popup asking you to confirm. Like this.

How to delete a WordPress theme

If you are sure you want to delete this theme, then click on ‘OK’ and the theme will be deleted completely from WordPress.

After you click ‘OK’ and the theme has been deleted you will go back to your theme dashboard.

Available themes in your WordPress admin

You can see from my list of themes that the theme ‘Business Path’ has been deleted and is no longer available.

If you want to delete more themes you just repeat the same process.

How to delete a theme in WordPress video tutorial

Deleting a WordPress theme in Cpanel

When you buy hosting for your website you will receive your login details for your Cpanel dashboard.

The Cpanel dashboard gives you access to all your website files and databases.

Cpanel is good if you want to delete a number of themes at the same time rather than go into each one.

First, log in to your Cpanel dashboard.

The login page for Bluehost looks like this.

Some other hosting companies have a login page similar to this.

I will log in to my Bluehost Cpanel dashboard. Once I enter my login details, I come to this page.

File manager

In your Cpanel, you are looking for ‘File Manager’. In Bluehost, I have a link to my file manager in the ‘Helpful Links’ section on the bottom.

Once I click on file manager, I come to this page.

Bluehost Cpanel dashboard

Public HTML

From here you are looking for ‘Public_HTML’. This is where all the files for your website are kept. You can click on ‘Public_HTML’ on the left or in the center.

Once I click on ‘Public_HTML’. I come to this.

Content folder in Cpanel

Wp content

Your WordPress themes are found in the ‘wp-content’ folder. After you click on that folder you come to this.

Themes folder in Cpanel


Now we have found our themes. Once you click on the ‘Themes’ folder you will see a list of your installed themes. Like this.

List of installed themes in your Cpanel

I am going to delete the theme ‘Business-way’. If you have a number of themes that you want to delete at the same time. Then deleting themes from your Cpanel is easy and quick.

Just be sure you do not delete your ‘Active’ theme. You do not want to destroy your site.

To delete a theme, click once on the theme you wish to delete and then click on ‘delete’ along the top of the screen.

Like this.

How to delete a WordPress theme completely in Cpanel

Once you click on delete, you will be asked to confirm the deletion.

How to confirm delete of a theme in your Cpanel

Click on ‘confirm’ and the theme will be deleted.

Let’s check back on my WordPress admin and see if ‘Business-way’ has gone from my list.

Yes, it has been deleted completely.

Deleting a WordPress theme using FTP

I use Filezilla as my FTP, so my walkthrough will be on Filezilla. I have never used any other service, therefore I can’t say if they are similar or not.

Before you can use Filezilla to delete files, you need to authorize access to your site.

If you have never used Filezilla before and would like to know how to set it up to use on your website, drop me a comment and I will do a tutorial for you.

After you launch Filezilla, you get this.

Using Filezilla to delete a WordPress theme completely

The windows on the left are from your PC. The windows on the right are from your hosting account.

The first thing to do is connect Filezilla to the site you wish to delete themes from.

Site Manager

To start, you click on ‘File’ on the top left. From the drop-down menu you select ‘Site Manager’.

How to access your theme files in WordPress using Filezilla


Once you click on ‘Site Manager’ you will see a list of your sites. Find the site you want to delete a theme from and then click on ‘Connect’.

How to connect to a site using Filezilla

Once you click on ‘Connect’ all the files from your website will appear in the right-hand side window.

Like this.

How to delete a WordPress theme completely in Cpanel

From here it is the same as deleting files using your Cpanel.

Public HTML

In the window on the right, you double click ‘public_html’.

How to find your theme using Filezilla


From here you double click on ‘wp-content’.

Deleting a WordPress theme completely using Filezilla


Now we can see our themes folder. Double click on that to get a list of your installed themes.

How to delete theme files using Filezilla

I am going to delete the theme called ‘Maisha-lite’. To do that I right-click on the theme to get a popup box. From the popup box, I select ‘delete’.

Like this.

Deleting a theme using Filezilla

After you click on ‘delete’, you will be asked to confirm.

Confirm deletion in Filezilla

If you are sure then click on ‘yes’. Just make sure it is not your active theme before you delete.

Filezilla will delete file by file so if the theme has a lot of files, it will take a little while.

The fastest method to delete themes is in your Cpanel.

Let’s go back to my WordPress admin to make sure the Maisha-lite theme has gone.

Installed themes in WordPress admin

Yes, it has been deleted. I am left with my active theme and the default theme.


I have shown you three different methods on how to delete a WordPress theme completely.

If you are looking to delete a single them then you can easily do this in your WordPress admin.

If you are looking to delete multiple themes then Cpanel is the fastest method.

Using an FTP like Filezilla is not the best way to delete any files from your website. It is very slow.

An FTP is more useful in uploading and downloading files directly to your PC.

If you are new to WordPress. One very important thing to remember is to have a backup of your site. Should anything go wrong and your site gets deleted. Then you have copies of your site and can restore your site with ease.

To learn how to do this. Check out my ‘How do I backup my WordPress site for free?‘ post.

If you are looking for a premium theme for your blog. I would recommend checking out themes on Envato. Envato has premium themes that are currently on sale. (This an affiliate link.)


What method do you use to delete themes from WordPress?

How many themes do you have installed now? Do you use them?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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