How To Find Keywords Your Site Is Ranking For On Google

After you publish a post, how do you know where it ranks on Google or Bing? Both Google and Bing have free tools available for website owners to track keyword positions.

In my post, I show you how to use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster to find keywords your site is ranking for, step by step.

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster are free tools, but you must open an account before gaining access to ranking data.

Let’s begin.

How To Use Google Search Console To Find Keywords Your Site Is Ranking For

Step One – Sign Up For An Account And Verify Ownership Of Your Site

Google Search Console is a free tool available to website owners. Use your Google account to get your free account.

To verify ownership of your website on Google Search Console, click on the ‘Add Property’ link.

Add Property

Enter the domain of your website.

Enter domain

After you enter your domain, Google asks you to verify domain ownership.

Verify domain ownership

Copy the TXT record and paste it into the DNS configuration of your domain name.

For example, if you purchased your domain name from Go to your account and select the ‘Manage’ link.

Manage link

Select the ‘Advanced DNS’ tab.

Advanced DNS

Select the ‘Add New Record’ link.

Add new record

Select ‘TXT Record’ from the menu.

TXT record

The ‘Host’ space is your domain name. The ‘Value’ space is the code you copied from Google. Finally, select the green tick to confirm.

After adding your TXT record, return to Google Search Console to verify.


Once your website is verified, Google starts collating data for your site. I recommend you give Google at least three months.

Step Two – Open The Performance Report

After you have some data for your website, it is time to open the performance report on your Google Search Console.

After you sign in to your Google Search Console account, you have a data overview for your website. Click on the ‘Open Report’ link on the right.

Google search console dashboard

On the next page is performance data for the last three months. Three months is the default setting, but you can change this.

Performance report in Google search console

To change the date range, click on the ‘Date’ tab at the top of the screen. Make your selection and then select ‘Apply’.

Date range opoup in Google search console

After selecting ‘Apply’, the data updates.

Google search console performance report

Step Three – View Average Ranking Position

On the performance overview, click on the ‘Average Position’ block. The average keyword position for all keywords on this website is 57.9.

Check your keyword ranking in Google search console

Next, scroll down to view the data. The average keyword position is on the right.

How to check what keywords your website ranks for on Google

On the left are ranking keywords for your website. The average position for that keyword phrase is on the right.

The latest update for Google Search Console does not include volume, cost-per-click, or competition data.

Step Four – Check Keyword Position Accuracy

The position data is an average. Keywords with lots of impressions and clicks will be more accurate.

To verify your site is ranking for this keyword, you need to do a Google search.

I recommend searching on incognito browsers you don’t usually use and don’t sign in to your Google account.

Copy the ranking keyword and paste it into Google search.

For example, in the report above, the keyword phrase ‘Best action camera under $150’ has an average position of 7.5.

I expect this position to be accurate because this phrase has over 400 impressions and 37 clicks.

Google search results for keyword ranking

After entering this keyword phrase, this website is not in the top five positions.

After scrolling down for positions 6 to 10, I can see this website at position 8.

How to check keyword ranking in Google search console

How To Sort Position Data

To sort the position data, click on the ‘Position’ tab.

How to toggle first position keywords

The report above has many keyword phrases with an average position of 1. This data won’t be accurate because there are no impressions or clicks.

I recommend you sort your data by clicks or impressions to get better data.

How To Use Bing Webmaster Tools To Find Keywords Your Site Is Ranking For

Bing Webmaster Tool is similar to the Google search console. Bing Webmaster allows you to monitor keyword ranking positions on Bing search.

To access the Bing Webmaster Tool, you have to open an account and verify ownership of your website.

Once verified, Bing starts collecting data for your website.

Bing Webmaster dashboard

If you have multiple websites, click on the link of the site you want to check.

How to check what keywords your website ranks for on Bing search

The dashboard gives a summary of your site’s activity. Scroll down the page and click on ‘See all’ under ‘Search Keywords’.

Search keywords in Bing webmaster tool

The default setting is the most appearances in search appear first.

How to check what keywords your website ranks for on Google and Bing search

The keyword phrase ‘the best luggage scale’ appeared in Bing search results 28 times.

Check Average Search Position

To check the average position accuracy, type the keyword search phrase into Bing search.

For example, the keyword search phrase ‘do Rfid wallets work’ has an average search appearance position of 5.8.

To check the accuracy, I type this phrase into Bing.

After entering this keyphrase, this website does not rank in the top four positions.

How to check what keywords your website ranks for on Google and Bing search

After scrolling down the page, this website appears in position 6.

How to check what keywords your website ranks for on Google and Bing search

How To Check Keyword Ranking Positions Video Tutorial

How to check keyword ranking positi...
How to check keyword ranking positions in Google and Bing for your website - Beginner's guide

What about the paid tools?

Two free versions of ‘paid’ tools that I use often are SEMrush and Spyserp.


SEMrush has an option to sign up for a free account. Free accounts gain limited access to its tools.

To check ranking keywords for your website, sign in to your SEMrush account and type your site address into the search feature at the top of the page.

SEMrush dashboard

The top of the report gives an overview of your website’s data.

SEMrush website summary page

Scroll down the page to find the top organic keywords for your site.

Keyword ranking report in SEMrush

Click on the ‘View Full Report’ link to see more data.

Organic search results in SEMrush

A free account only shows you the first ten keywords. To view more, you must upgrade your account.

Here is a link for SEMrush (*paid link) to sign up for a free account.


Spyserp has a free account option. With a free account, you can check keyword rankings for your site on Google and Bing search for five keyword phrases.

Keyword ranking report in Spyserp

Go to Spyserp (*Paid) to sign up for a free account. You can upgrade at any time to increase limits.

How To Use Spyserp To Check Keyword Ranking Video Tutorial

Free keyword rank checking tool

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google?

There are many different factors to rank on Google. Income school conducted a study about ranking in Google. They put the average time to rank for a keyword on a brand new site at about 35 weeks.

How To Get Google To Track Your Site?

The best way to get Google to track your site is by signing up for a Google Search Console and Google Analytics account.

Google Search Console allows you to submit a sitemap for your site. You can also submit post and page URLs to get them indexed faster.

Check out my ‘How to create a sitemap‘ post. In my post, I show you how to create a sitemap and submit your sitemap to Google and Bing.

Google Analytics gives you excellent data about your site. Check out my post at ‘Where to put Google analytics code in WordPress‘. My guide shows you how to add Google Analytics to your website.


Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters are excellent tools to check keyword rankings. For better accuracy, they need lots of data. I recommend creating a Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster account when you launch your blog.

After about six months of publishing content, view your performance reports to check what keyword phrases your blog posts show on Google and Bing. Use this data to improve your blog posts.

Use Google Analytics to view your most popular posts over the last 30-days and then use Google Search Console to view keyword phrases generating clicks to those posts.

Google is slow to rank content for new websites. I recommend publishing many blog posts for your first year. It gives Google time to analyse and index your blog content.

How do you track your keywords? Do you use free or paid tools? Let me know in the comments.