Add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress

In my post, I show you how to add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress blog posts, step by step.

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is an excellent way to monetise your blog. Amazon is a famous and trusted brand name. They also do an excellent job of selling. Get your visitors to Amazon through your links, and you can start earning a commission.

To add Amazon affiliate text links in WordPress.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon affiliate account.
  2. Go to and select a product or products to promote.
  3. Click on ‘Text’ in the Amazon Site Stripe.
  4. Copy the generated text link.
  5. Highlight the text in your blog post you want to be a clickable link.
  6. Add your generated text link from Amazon.
  7. Publish your blog post.

Let’s add an affiliate link to your WordPress blog post, step by step.

Step one – Sign in to your Amazon affiliate account.

Affiliate links are only available to Amazon affiliates, so you must be signed in to your account before searching for products to promote.

Enter your details and sign in.

Log in to your Amazon affiliate account

Step two – Look for a product or products page you want to promote

Go to and search for items you want to promote.

You can get an affiliate link to a single product.

Single product

You can also link to a page with multiple products, like a bestseller page.

Best sellers

Once you have decided on an item. It is time to get your unique Amazon Affiliate link.

Step three – Use the Amazon Site Stripe to get affiliate links.

The Amazon Site Stripe appears at the top of your screen when signed in to your affiliate account.


How to get a text link

You can get text links to single product pages and multi-product pages.

For a single product, click on ‘Text’ on the SiteStripe. Copy the highlighted URL in the box. This link has your unique affiliate code. When your visitor clicks on this link, they come to this product page.

Text link for a single product

For multi-product pages, the process is the same. Click on ‘Text’ on the SiteStripe, and copy the highlighted URL.

Multi-product page

How to get an image link

You can only get image links from single product pages.

On the product page, select ‘Image’ on the SiteStripe, choose image size, then copy the highlighted HTML code in the box.

Image link

Step four – Add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress posts.

How to add text links to your blog post

Once you copy the affiliate link URL from the Amazon SiteStripe, return to your blog post. Highlight the text where you want to add your link.

Highlight text

Right-click on your mouse and select ‘Paste’.

Select paste

I recommend you opt to have the link open in a new tab. To ensure your visitor still has your website page available.

The text on your post changes colour to show it is now a clickable link. When your visitor clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

Clickable link

Once you copy the highlighted HTML code from the Amazon SiteStripe, return to your blog post. Create a new WordPress block, select ‘Custom HTML’.

Custom HTML

In the ‘custom HTML’ block, paste the HTML code you copied from the Amazon SiteStripe.

Paste HTML code

Click ‘Preview’ to view the image.


When your visitor clicks on this image and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

How to move the image

The image default position is to the left. Should you want it to be in the center or on the right, you must convert the block.

To convert, click on the three dots and select ‘Convert to blocks’.

Convert to blocks

Next, remove the extra block.

Warning block

Click on the Amazon image. Select the alignment icon to move.

Change alignment

How to add alternative text to Amazon images

First, click on the image. On the toolbar, select the three dots. Select ‘Convert to blocks from the menu.

Convert to blocks

On the right of the editor, add your alternative text.

Alt text

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links In WordPress video tutorial


Once you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you can promote Amazon products on your website to earn a commission.

Use the Amazon SiteStripe to get text and image links for your blog posts. Find the product on and then click on ‘Text’ or ‘Image’. When your visitor clicks on these links to go to Amazon and makes a purchase, you get commission on everything in their basket. Not just the item you are promoting.

For a complete tutorial on how to join the Amazon affiliate program, check out my ‘How to sign up to the Amazon associates program‘ post.

To learn about how you get paid by Amazon. Check out my ‘How to withdraw money from your Amazon associate account‘ post.

As an Amazon affiliate program member, you must have a disclosure on your website. Find out more on my ‘Where to put the Amazon affiliate disclosure on your WordPress website‘ post.

Do you have any questions about adding Amazon links to WordPress? Please leave any questions or comments in the box below.

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