In my post, I show you step by step how to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress. As an Amazon affiliate, you have access to text links and image links to earn a commission.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to insert Amazon affiliate links into your blog posts so you can start earning money.

Let’s start adding Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress site.

Log in to your Amazon Affiliate account

To get access to affiliate links on Amazon, you have to be signed in to your account.

Log in to your Amazon affiliate account

Once you are signed in, go to Amazon and start looking for products you want to promote on your blog.

As an affiliate, you will see the Amazon Site Stripe along the top of your screen. It is from here that you can get links and images for your blog, any links and images generated from the site stripe will have your unique affiliate code.

How to use the Amazon Site Stripe to get links and images

This is the Amazon Site Stripe.

The Amazon Site Stripe

Select the product you want to promote

If you want to send your visitors to a page on Amazon with multiple products, you can only get text links. To get access to text links and images, select a single product page.

This multiple product page has a text link option.

Text link option

Single product pages have text links and images available.

Single product page links and image options

To get a text link from Amazon, click on the ‘Text’ link to get this popup.

Generate a text link

The link is the URL to this single product page, included in this link is your unique affiliate code. Highlight and copy this code, then go to your WordPress blog post.

This text link is a destination URL, so you have to create a link within your blog post. To do that, highlight the text in your blog you want to be a link and paste the code from Amazon over that text.

Highlight the text on your blog post.

Highlight the text on your blog

Then paste the text link code from Amazon over the text, it will turn into a text link.

Paste your affiliate text link

The text is now a link, the link destination is shown in the popup. Also, you can set the link to open in a new tab when your visitor clicks on the link.

I recommend you set this to open in a new tab, so that your visitor always has your site on their browser. If the link opens in the same tab, your visitor might not find your site again.

Here is the text link on a blog post.

An Amazon affiliate text link on a blog post

When your visitor clicks on this link, Amazon knows where the visitor came from. If the visitor purchases anything on Amazon with 24 hours, you get a commission on everything in their basket.

To get an image link from the Amazon Site Stripe, click on ‘Image’.

Click on the image link

Before you get your code, select the size of the image you require. Once you select your size, copy the HTML code in the box. Then return to your blog post.

Image code is different to text code. Text code is a URL link, image code is HTML used to generate a product image on your blog post.

On your blog post, create a new block. From the popup, select ‘Custom HTML’.

Create a custom HTML block

This is the ‘Custom HTML’ block. Paste the code you got from Amazon into the box.

Paste the HTMl code from Amazon into the box

Select the ‘Preview’ link on the toolbar to view your image.

Preview the image

To change the position of the image, first, click on the three dots on the toolbar. In the popup menu, select ‘Convert to blocks’.

Convert to blocks

Now the toolbar gives you the option to move the position of the image.

Options to move the position of the image

Here is the image on the right.

Image on the right

Here the image on my blog post. If a visitor clicks on this image, Amazon knows what website sent the visitor to them.

Product image link

How to get a text with image link from Amazon and add to WordPress

To get a text with image link from Amazon, click on the ‘Text+Image’ link.

Click on text+image

In the popup, you have two extra options. You can have the link open in a new tab and you can have a border around the link on your post. After you have made your selection, copy the highlighted text and return to your blog post.

The code from Amazon is HTML code, therefore you need to create a ‘Custom HTML’ block on your post.

Create a custom HTML block

In the block, paste the HTML code from Amazon.

Paste your code into the block

To preview your text with image link, click on ‘Preview’. The price on this link updates automatically.

Click on preview

Here is the ‘Text+Image’ link on my blog post.

Adding text and image links to WordPress

How to get links and images from Amazon video tutorial

How to use the Amazon Site Stripe
Watch this video on YouTube.


The Amazon Site Stripe makes it easy to add links and images to your blog posts. The text link is a URL so it can be pasted over text on your post. The image and text+image links are HTML code so you need to create a ‘Custom HTML’ block for that code.

In my experience of using the Amazon Site Stripe, it is the text links that generate the most clicks. It is important to sell the product before you send your visitor to Amazon, then they will be more likely to buy.

Before you head over to Amazon to look for products to promote, would you kindly spare a minute to leave me a comment? Did my post help you? Do you have any questions? I look forward to reading your comments.

If you haven’t joined the Amazon affiliate program yet. You can join the Amazon affiliate program here. If you would like a walkthrough of how to join the Amazon affiliate program. I have a post on how to join the Amazon affiliate program.

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