Add Your Website To Bing

How To Add Your Website To Bing

In my article, I show you how to add your website to Bing step by step.

You can submit your website to Bing using a free Bing Webmaster Tool Account.

Once you submit your website to Bing, a robot visits your site to index content.

Let’s begin.

Add Your Website To Bing

Step One – Create A Free Bing Webmaster Tool Account

Go to and click Get Started.

Get started

Step Two – Add Your Website URL

Bing has two options to add a website.

You can import your website data from Google Search Console or add your website’s URL.

To add your website manually, paste your website URL on the right.

Importing your data from Google Search Console adds your site to Bing.

Add website

Step Three – Verify Ownership Of Your Website

When you add your site manually to Bing Webmaster Tool, you must verify ownership of your website.

Bing offers four options to verify ownership of your site.

DNS auto verification, upload an XML file, add an HTML meta tag, and add CNAME record to DNS.

Verify ownership

Once verified, your website is on Bing.

Submit URL To Bing

You can submit a URL to Bing when you publish a new blog post.

Go to your Bing Webmaster Tool account and click URL Submission.

URL submission

Click Submit URL.

Submit URL

Paste your URL and click Submit.

Submit URL

Your post URL is submitted.

Submitted URL list

Submit Sitemap To Bing

On your Bing Webmaster Tool Account, select Sitemaps.

Select sitemaps from the menu

Next, select Submit Sitemap.

Submit sitemap link

In the popup, paste your sitemap URL and select Submit.

Paste your sitemap URL and select submit

You can see when you submitted your sitemap, the last time Bing crawled the sitemap, the sitemap status, and how many URLs Bing discovered.

Sitemap details

How To Check Bing Has Indexed Your Website

Go to and type Site:(website URL).

When Bing indexes your website, it appears in the search results.

Indexed website

In my experience, Bing indexes websites and new posts within a day.

How To Submit A Sitemap To Bing Video Tutorial


Google is the market leader in search engines, but Bing also has many daily searches.

Create a free Bing Webmaster Tool account after you launch your website.

You can add a website, submit URLs, and submit sitemaps.

Visit my How To Create A WordPress Sitemap article to learn how to get your site’s sitemap.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.





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