WordPress Admin Login URL – How To Find And Log In Tutorial

In my post, I show you how to log in to your WordPress admin step by step.

After WordPress installation is complete, you get links to two URLs. One URL takes you to the homepage of your WordPress blog. The second URL takes you to your WordPress admin dashboard.

It is easy to miss these links. I help you get to your WordPress admin to start building your website.

Let’s begin.

How To Find Your WordPress Admin Login URL After WordPress Installation

After the WordPress software installation is complete, you receive this message.

The first link is to the homepage of your new blog. The second link is to your WordPress admin.

I recommend you open both links and bookmark them. You will spend a lot of time in WordPress admin building your website.


You also receive an email with your website and WordPress admin URLs. Save the email to a folder. It has essential information regarding your site.

The administration link takes you to your WordPress admin login page. Enter your username and password.

WordPress login page

Log in to start building your WordPress blog.

WordPress dashboard

What Is The WordPress Admin Login URL?

The WordPress admin URL is your website address with /wp-admin or /wp-login added to the end.

For example, my tutorial website address is https://example.newblogr.com.

Homepage address

The admin URL for this site is https://example.newblogr.com/wp-admin. I can also use https://example.newblogr.com/wp-login.

Admin page

Press enter to go to your WordPress admin login page.

WordPress login page

Enter your username and password to access your WordPress admin.

How To Access WordPress Admin From Cpanel

Go to Software on your Cpanel dashboard, and select the Apps Installer icon.

Search for Softaculous

Next, select the WordPress icon.


On the next page is a list of your current installations of WordPress. Under Admin, select the site you want to edit.

Website list

You go directly to your WordPress admin.

WordPress admin dashboard

How To Access WordPress Admin From Bluehost’s Cpanel

Once you sign in to your Bluehost hosting Cpanel, there is a link to your WordPress admin on the front page.

Login to your WordPress site via Bluehost

How To Login To Your WordPress Admin Dashboard URL Tutorial


After WordPress installation is complete, you get links to your WordPress Admin URL and website homepage URL. I recommend you bookmark these immediately. From now, you will be editing and adding content to your website.

Should you miss the links after installation. Go to your website homepage URL and type /wp-admin after your URL. For example, my tutorial website URL is example.newblogr.com. To go to WordPress admin for this site, I type example.newblogr.com/wp-admin.

You can also go to your WordPress Admin URL from your hosting Cpanel. On your Cpanel dashboard, go to the ‘Software’ section and click on the ‘App installer’ icon. You could also have a direct link to a WordPress installer.

Once you select the installer icon, you see a list of current WordPress installations. Choose the ‘Admin’ icon for your website.

How do you install WordPress.org software on your site? What hosting company do you use? What WordPress tutorial would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments.

If you would like more WordPress tutorials, check out my YouTube channel or use the search feature on my website.

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