How do I login to my WordPress site?

You have installed WordPress and want to login to your WordPress site to start creating your fantastic blog.

In my post, I show you step by step how to login to your site. If you are new to WordPress it is easy to miss the details you need to log in, don’t worry, my beginner’s guide shows you what you need to do.

Your WordPress site login details

After you install WordPress from your hosting Cpanel, your website URL and WordPress URL are displayed. On my hosting Cpanel, after installation is complete, I get this message.

WordPress login page URL

I have two links, I recommend opening both links and bookmarking them in your browser. You will visit your WordPress admin often, having a link on your bookmarks toolbar will save you time.

You will also receive an email with your website and WordPress admin URLs, just in case you missed the above page. Save the email to a folder, it has important information regarding your site.

Your website URL will look like this.

Website URL

This is the WordPress admin login page.

WordPress admin login page

To access your WordPress admin, enter the login details you set during set up. After you log in, you arrive at your admin dashboard.

WordPress admin dashboard


Your WordPress login page URL

If you did not bookmark your WordPress admin URL after installation, you can do this to go to your WordPress login page.

First, go to your website URL. This my tutorial website.

How to log in to your WordPress site

My website URL is ‘’. After ‘.com’ type ‘/wp-admin’.

My website URL is now ‘’.

Add /wp-admin to your site URL

Once I press enter, I come to my WordPress admin login page.

WordPress admin login page

On some WordPress installations. You need to add ‘/wp-login/’ or ‘/wp-login.php/’ to the end of your website address.

If you have tried all three options and still can’t find your WordPress site login. I suggest you contact your host company support via your Cpanel

Access your WordPress site via your host Cpanel

If you installed WordPress via your hosting Cpanel, you can log in to your WordPress site from your Cpanel. I have hosting with Bluehost and Webhostface, I will show you how to access your WordPress admin via their Cpanels.

Accessing WordPress admin via Bluehost’s Cpanel

Once you sign in to your Bluehost hosting Cpanel, there is a link to your WordPress admin on the front page.

Login to your WordPress site via Bluehost

Accessing WordPress admin via Webhostface’s Cpanel

If you used the Softaculous software to install WordPress, you can use that to access your admin. To start, search for ‘Softaculous’ on your dashboard, it is under ‘Software’.

Search for Softaculous

Click on the icon, then you come to this page.


From the above screenshot, you can see that I have installed WordPress three times. Next, click on the WordPress icon.

All WordPress installations are listed at the bottom of the next screen.

Website list

To login to WordPress from here, click on the ‘Man’ icon to the right of the site you want to edit.

WordPress admin dashboard

How to login to WordPress video tutorial

Here is a video tutorial from Flothemes. He gives a quick tutorial on how to login to your WordPress site.

How to Log In to WordPress
Watch this video on YouTube.


Now you know how to login to your WordPress website. My tutorial shows you how to use the details you get after installing WordPress and via your Cpanel.

If you have any questions about my post, please leave them in the comments box below. I check for comments every day.

I recommend you bookmark your site and WordPress admin login URLs, it makes it easier to navigate to them. If you have a new WordPress website, you will login to your site frequently.

Before you go to login to your WordPress blog, may I ask a favor? Would you be so kind as to leave me a comment, let me know if my post helped you. I love reading feedback and look forward to reading yours.

I have other WordPress tutorials on my blog, check them out out ‘WordPress Tutorials‘.

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