How to turn off comments on WordPress

My beginner’s guide shows you step by step how to turn off comments on WordPress, step by step You can disable comments for all your posts or individual posts.

Let’s get started.

How to turn off comments for future posts

Step one – Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu

To start, select ‘Settings’ from the WordPress admin menu, in the popup, select ‘Discussion.’

Select settings and then discussion

Step two – Uncheck ‘Allow people to submit comments to new blogs.’

In the discussion settings, uncheck the ‘Allow people to submit comments on new posts’ box.

Uncheck the allow people to submit comments on new blog posts

Unticking this option means that on all future posts you publish, the comments are disabled.

Step three – Save changes

To update your changes, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Save changes.’

Save changes

How to turn off comments for individual blog posts

Step one – Select the post you want to turn off comments.

From your WordPress admin, select ‘Posts.’

Select posts from the menu

Next, from the list of your blog posts, select ‘Edit’ under the title you want to turn off comments.

Select edit

Step two – Select ‘Discussion’ from the sidebar.

On the right-hand side of the editor is a sidebar. In the sidebar, select the ‘Discussion’ tab.

Select discussion from the sidebar

Step three – Uncheck ‘Allow Comments.’

Under the ‘Discussion’ tab, uncheck ‘Allow Comments.’

Uncheck allow comments

Step four – Publish changes.

Finally, scroll to the top of the editor and select ‘Update.’

Select update

Once the update is complete, a confirmation message appears in the bottom left. Click on ‘View Post’ to see your updated content.

Post updated confirmation

Comments have been disabled for this blog post.

Comments are disabled

How to turn off comments for multiple published blog posts

Step one – Select ‘Posts’ from the WordPress admin menu.

First, click on ‘Posts’ in the menu on the WordPress admin menu.

Select posts from the menu

Step two – Select the posts you want to turn off comments.

From the list of published blog posts, tick the box next to the title of the posts you want to turn off comments.

Select posts from your list

Step three – Select ‘Edit’ from the drop-down menu.

At the top of your blog post list is a ‘Bulk actions’ drop-down menu. Click on that and select ‘Edit’ then ‘Apply.’

Select edit and then apply

Step four – Change the comment setting.

Next, open the ‘Comments’ drop-down menu, and select ‘Do not allow.’ Click on ‘Update’ to save your changes.

Select do not allow and then update

Once your updates are complete, you get a confirmation message on the top left of the editor.

Update confirmation message

Now all comments are disabled for the posts on the selected list.

Video tutorial on how to turn off comments on WordPress


Now you can turn off comments on WordPress. You can change options from ‘Settings’ on WordPress admin, on individual blog posts, or using the ‘Bulk Actions’ menu on your blog post list.

I recommend having comments turned on for your website, especially if it is new. You want to build a relationship with your visitors. Engage with your readers, reply to comments. If your visitors trust you, then later when you want to promote an offer, they are more likely to purchase from you.

If you have a problem with spam comments, then I recommend the ‘Askimet’ WordPress plugin. Askimet does an excellent job of filtering spam comments for you. Spam comments are archived for you to review.

You can install the Askimet plugin from the WordPress plugin library in your WordPress admin or from

Before you return to your blog to turn off comments, would you kindly spare one minute to leave a comment? Did my article help you? Would you like me to help you with something else? I appreciate all feedback.

If you would like more tutorials on using WordPress, please go to my WordPress category. I also have a YouTube channel with WordPress tutorials.

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