How do I create a drop-down menu in WordPress?
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How do I create a drop-down menu in WordPress?

Menus are important for your visitors to navigate around your website. I show you step by step how to create a drop-down menu in WordPress. Menus take a few minutes to set up, the menu order can be changed at any time. I also show you how to assign categories to your posts so that your menus are easier to organize.

Let’s get started

Assign categories to your posts

Each time you write a new post for your blog, assign the post to a category.

Here is a screenshot of an example blog post, I haven’t hit publish yet, I need to assign a category. To do that, open the categories drop-down menu on the right.

Like this.

Assigning your post to a category

In my category list, I have ‘Uncategorised’. Don’t assign your posts to this, it is bad for your SEO. I am going to create a new category, ‘WordPress’, I do that by clicking on the blue ‘Add New Category’ link. In the box that appears, I type ‘WordPress’ and then click on ‘Add New Category’.

Like this.

How to create a new category for your post in WordPress

First, you type in your category into the box (1). Second, if this is a subcategory of another category you have set up already, then use the drop-down to select the parent category (2). Third, select ‘Add New Category’ (3).

Once you publish your post it is time to add it to your menu.

Create a new menu

To create our menu, we need to go into ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Menus’ on the WordPress menu.

Like this.

How to find your menu option in WordPress

Once we select ‘Menu’ we come to this page.

Menus in WordPress

First, we need to create a new menu. We do that by typing a title for our new menu in the ‘Menu Name’ box and then selecting the blue ‘Create Menu’ link. I am going to call my new menu ‘Main’.

Once you select ‘Create Menu’, you come to the ‘Menu Structure’ page.

Menu structure

Now we can build our menu. To start, I would recommend having a home page tab. To get that you click on the ‘Custom Links’ drop-down menu on the left, paste or type your site URL, and type ‘Home’.

Like this.

Creating a homepage tab

When you are finished, select the ‘Add to Menu’ link.

Home page tab in your menu

After we have created our ‘Home page’ tab, it is time to add categories. To add those, click on the ‘Categories’ drop-down menu on the left. Tick the box next to the categories you want to add.

Like this.

Adding categories to your menu.

Once you have ticked the categories you wish to add, click on the ‘Add to Menu’ link.

How to add categories to your WordPress menu

Great, now we have our home page and categories set up. Next, we want to add our posts. To start, click on the ‘Posts’ drop-down menu on the left, tick next to the posts you want to add to your menu and click on the ‘Add to Menu’ link.

adding posts to your WordPress menu

Creating a drop-down menu

We have our menu but we are not quite finished yet. You can see from the screenshot above that all the boxes are titled, we have ‘Custom link, ‘Category’, and ‘Post’. These boxes can be moved up and down, so if you want to change the order, you can do that.

To create a drop-down menu we take our post boxes and move them under the relevant category box. Also, move the box slightly to the right. This will make the post appear as a drop-down menu.

Like this.

How to create a drop-down menu in WordPress

You can see that the post boxes are marked as ‘Sub item’ this means that they will show as a drop-down menu under that menu tab.

When you are finished, click on the blue ‘Save Menu’ link. Let’s take a look at our new menu.

Menus in WordPress

Let’s hover over our WordPress tab to see our drop-down menu.

Drop-down menu in WordPress

There is our drop-down menu. You can change the order the posts are displayed by going into your menu page and moving the post boxes up or down. The same for your categories.

That is how you create a drop-down menu in WordPress.

How to create a drop-down menu video tutorial


WordPress can look and feel complicated when you first start using it. But once you get through that learning curve, it is a fantastic tool for building your website.

I have shown you how to create your drop-down menus. I would suggest not having too many menu tabs running along the top of your website, try to keep things simple.

When Google helps you find searchers, it will direct them to posts within your blog that meet that searchers need, not your home page. Therefore it is important that when a visitor lands on a blog post and they want to have a look around they have a list of categories and a link to your home page visible.

If you are starting to use WordPress and are struggling to find some functions, check out my WordPress category, I post helpful tutorials every week.

I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials. I would love it if you would check out my YouTube channel and subscribe.


How long have you been blogging?

Do you like using WordPress to build your website?

If you have any questions, leave me a comment, I reply to everyone.

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  • Toni Rainbows

    Thank you so much for a very thorough and concise tutorial! I found this really easy to follow – I’ve tried to figure out menus for a few days and I thought I was doing the right thing with categories. I have no idea what I was doing wrong but I was able to make a menu with drop down options, and make my blogs appear in those options! You made me feel like a pro – thank you!


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