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Does Grammarly work with WordPress? Yes, it does.

Does Grammarly work with WordPress? Yes, it does. Grammarly is a writing assistant running in your browser, it highlights errors in your content. It also offers a correction that you only need to click on to change. I use Firefox and have Grammarly when I blog. Grammarly has a free and paid version.

Let’s get started with Grammarly.

Installing Grammarly on Firefox

Here is Grammarly’s homepage.

Grammarly homepage

Grammarly knows what browser you are using and will have a link in green for you to get started.

You can use Grammarly on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

I opened the above page on Edge so the green ‘Add to Edge’ link says Edge. If you begin this in one of the other browsers, the link will change to match the name of your browser.

I am going to install Grammarly on my Firefox browser. I clicked on the green ‘Add to Firefox it’s free’ link

Now Firefox is asking me about Grammarly.

Firefox wants to know if you are sure about this plugin. To continue, select ‘Allow’.

Firefox checks what this plugin wants access to and will again ask if you are OK.

How to install the Grammarly addon in Firefox

To continue, select’ Add’.

Finally, Firefox confirms the addon had been installed and how you can access the plugin in the future. Click on ‘Okay, got it.’

After installing has finished you can see the Grammarly icon in your browser toolbar. You can’t use the tool until you have opened an account with Grammarly.

Grammarly in your Firefox browser

Create a free account with Grammarly

How to check my gammar online with Grammarly

You can enter your email address or use Facebook or your Google account to create a free Grammarly account.

I am going to use my Google account details to open my account. When you finish entering your details you come to your account dashboard.

Grammarly account dashboard

With Grammarly, you can use the tool as a writing assistant in your browser, or you can upload documents to your free account for Grammarly to check.

To upload documents to Grammarly. Select ‘New’ and then on the blank screen paste your document or upload it.

How to use Grammarly as a writing assistant in your blog

Before you start typing check to see if Grammarly is active in your browser yet. To check, click on the Grammarly icon in your browser.

Like this.

How to check my grammar online with Grammarly

I can see my plugin is active but is not working for me yet because I need to log in.

I logged in to my account then went back to my blog and found this message.

Using Grammarly to check your grammar and spelling

To start using Grammarly as a writing assistant select ‘Yes, Start Writing’.

Using Grammarly as a writing assistant

When you write your block posts you will see the Grammarly icon or a green dot on the right-hand side of the block you are typing into. It will stay green if your spelling and grammar are fine.

Like this.

How can I check my grammar online?

If you make any spelling or grammatical errors then the green icon will turn red. Indicating that you need to review your text to correct errors. The error will be highlighted in red and you will have a correction option available. If you are happy with the correction, click on it and your text will change.

If you see there is an error highlighted by Grammarly but see no correction option. Click on the ‘See more in Grammarly’ option. A new screen will pop up with your text and the error within that text.

This is a sample text to show you how Grammarly highlights your errors.

How to use Grammarly to check for spelling and gramatical errors

To use the ‘See more in Grammarly’ option just hover your mouse over one of your errors and you will see a popup. In that popup, you will see the option.

Like this.

Using to Grammarly as a free writing assistant

Once you select ‘See more in Grammarly’ the text within that block will show in another window.

Like this.

Using Grammarly as a writing assistant

You can see all the errors and offered corrections on the right-hand side. To apply the correction hover your mouse over the list on the right and click.

To correct errors within your post. Hover your mouse over any highlighted errors and click on the offered correction.

When you open the ‘See more in Grammarly’ option. In that new window on the bottom right, you can see more errors. These ‘yellow’ errors will be highlighted if you upgrade to the paid version of Grammarly.


I always proofread my posts before I post them but having a helping hand to check my spelling and grammatical errors save me time.

The easy installation is a bonus. Grammarly sits there in my browser ready for action every time I start to write something.

The free version is a little limited. At some point, I will upgrade.

If you want to look professional then your posts need to show that with fantastic content and excellent grammar.

If you are a part-time blogger and have little time to write posts. Then Grammarly is a great fit for you. It helps you save time when you are proofreading your content before publishing.

I have been using Grammarly for a while now and really like the ease of use. If you are ready to try Grammarly for free, head over to Grammarly’s homepage.

On this page, there are affiliate links. That means I get a commission if you buy through these links at no extra cost to you.

Don’t forget to submit your new or updated posts to Google after you have published them. To find out how to do this, check out my ‘How do I create a sitemap in WordPress?‘ post.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a spell check in WordPress?

I have found the best tool for spell checking when using WordPress is Grammarly. You install it into your browser and it will highlight your spelling errors as you type.

How does the Grammarly app work?

You install Grammarly as an add on in your browser. As long as you have signed up for an account, Grammarly will check your spelling and other things as you type.

What programs does Grammarly work with?

Grammarly works on nearly every site on the web. If you have a problem you can copy and paste the document into Grammarly and it will highlight the errors.

Is Grammarly free?

Grammarly has a free and paid version.


Do you use a writing assistant?

Do you use Grammarly with WordPress?

What do you think of Grammarly?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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