How To Use Grammarly In WordPress

How To Use Grammarly In WordPress

In my post, I show you how to use Grammarly in WordPress.

Grammarly is a writer’s assistant tool to check grammar and spelling errors in your blog content.

Before publishing blog posts, you should proofread your content. Grammarly helps you check your content.

Grammarly has free and paid options. The free option offers basic grammar and spelling suggestions.

Grammarly’s paid options offer advanced writing suggestions.

I use Grammarly (*Paid Link) on my WordPress website. I check blog posts for errors with Grammarly before I publish every article.

Let’s get started.

How To Use Grammarly

Grammarly is not part of WordPress. It is a browser extension that integrates with the WordPress editor.

Once Grammarly has access to the WordPress editor, it highlights errors and offers corrections within the editor.

You can upload documents for grammar and spell checks on your Grammarly account dashboard.

Step One – Install Grammarly

Go to (*Paid Link), and click Get Grammarly.

You can install Grammarly on Chrome, Brave, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

Get Grammarly

Step Two – Create a Free Account

Create a free Grammarly account. Use an email address or continue with Facebook or Google.

Create a free account with Grammarly

Here is the Grammarly dashboard.

Grammarly dashboard

Use the Grammarly plugin to check your blog content as you write. Or upload a document to your Grammarly dashboard.

When I proofread my blog posts, I create a new document on my Grammarly dashboard and paste my content.

I correct errors found in my blog post from the document.

Step Three – Activate Grammarly

Click on the Grammarly icon on your browser, and click Log In.

Log in to Grammarly

Sign in to your account.

Sign in page

When signed in, return to your WordPress editor, and select the Grammarly icon.

Activate Grammarly for WordPress by sliding to the right.

Check the other settings to make Grammarly work efficiently for you.

Check for writing suggestions

Grammarly is integrated with the WordPress editor and makes correction suggestions as you type.

How To Use Grammarly On WordPress

As you type, Grammarly offers correction suggestions when it detects an error.


To view the correction, hover your mouse over the word.

View correction

To accept, click on the green word.

Correction accepted

When you want Grammarly to ignore this error, click Dismiss.

Ignore suggestion

At the bottom of the blog post, another icon alerts you to more correction suggestions.

More suggestions

Hover your mouse over the + icon to open the message.

Review more suggestions

To accept the correction, click Accept.

More suggestions

Once the basic error check is complete, there is an option to upgrade for advanced suggestions.

Premium suggestions

Click Unlock Premium to upgrade and view the advanced correction suggestions.

How To Proofread Blog Posts On Grammarly

You get more error suggestions when you open a document on your Grammarly dashboard.

To open a document, select New Document.

New document

Copy your blog post content.

Paste your text here

Then paste it into the document.

Paste your content

On the right, you get an overall score and other suggestions.

For this document, the overall score is 99/100. It has one error correction suggestion and eight premium suggestions.

Grammarly score

Click on the alert to view details.

The Correctness alert tells me the content has a spelling error.


To accept the correction, click the suggestion.

Click to correct

To remove the error, click the delete icon.


Every time you correct an error in the document, make the same correction on your blog post.

Or complete all corrections and copy and paste.

When basic error suggestions are complete, you get premium error suggestions.

The premium suggestions don’t offer a correction.

Premium suggestions

From the list, it is possible to know how to correct the error.

Grammarly highlights an error in the opening paragraph.

Premium suggestions

I think changing this to To Check should clear this error.

Premium suggestions

I cleared the error.

Premium suggestions

This error needs a comma.

Premium suggestions

I cleared the error.

Premium suggestions

When you don’t know how to correct the error, look at the error list on the right for help.

Writing issues

Continue correcting errors until you get a perfect score.


Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant tool.

Install the Grammarly plugin to your browser and activate it to check for errors on your WordPress blog.

If you have problems with Grammarly, please visit my Grammarly Not Working On WordPress post to learn more.

Make corrections within the WordPress editor or copy and paste your content into a Grammarly document.

Advanced suggestions are available to premium users.

I use the free version to proofread all my posts before I publish. Grammarly is simple to install and use.

To get started, go to (*Paid link) to install the plugin.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, leave them below.



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