How to check my grammar online

In my post, I show you step by step on how to use Grammarly in WordPress. I start with how to install Grammarly in your browser and then explain how to use it to check your content for spelling and grammar errors.

Grammarly is easy to install and use. As you type in WordPress, Grammarly checks for errors in your post.

When I first started blogging, I was concerned I would miss spelling and grammar errors in my posts. Now I use Grammarly and the job of finding errors is much easier.

By the end of this post, you will have a free error-checking tool to help you proofread your content for spelling and grammar mistakes as you type.

Let’s get started.

Installing Grammarly

To install, visit Grammarly’s homepage (*Paid link). Grammarly detects your internet browser and displays a one-click link install for you.

From the screenshot below, there is a link for Microsoft Edge, because I took this screenshot using the Edge browser.

Grammarly homepage

You can install Grammarly for free on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

How to install Grammarly on Firefox

To install on Firefox, select the one-click install link on Grammarly’s homepage, click on ‘Allow’ to continue.

Confirm installation

Firefox then lists what this plugin wants access to and will ask you if you agree. To continue, select ‘Add’.

Select add to continue

Finally, Firefox confirms the addon had been installed and how you can access the plugin in the future. Click on ‘Okay, got it’, to remove the popup.

Select OK, got it

Once Grammarly is installed, you get a new icon on your toolbar.

Grammarly icon

Before you can start using Grammarly, you have to sign up for a free account.

Create a free account with Grammarly

Create a free account with Grammarly

To create a free account, you can use an email address, or sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Once you create your free account, you go to your Grammarly dashboard.

Grammarly dashboard

With Grammarly, you have two options to error check your work. Method one, upload a document to your dashboard. Method two, use the error check feature in your browser.

To upload documents to Grammarly, select ‘New’ and then paste your document or upload it.

How to use Grammarly when creating content in WordPress

Grammarly has access to WordPress, to activate the error checking feature, ensure you are signed into your account.

To sign in or to check if you are signed in, click on the Grammarly icon on your browser toolbar.

Sign in to your Grammarly account

This message shows that Grammarly is installed but I am not logged in. Click on the ‘Login’ link to get started.

Once logged in you get another message asking for permission. To continue, select the ‘Yes, start writing’ link.

Start writing

How does Grammarly work?

In WordPress, you create blocks. As you write your content, a green Grammarly icon appears in the bottom right of the block. If you don’t have much text in the block, then there is just a green dot.

Green grammarly icon on WordPress text blocks

Since the latest WordPress update in 2020, to get the icon to appear, you have to click on another block and then click on the block you are working on. I hope this problem will be resolved in the next major update.

Next to the green icon is a yellow tone detector icon. This is something that Grammarly is testing, to offer feedback, click on the icon and submit your review.

After you click on the block you are currently using, the green icon will appear and starts turning. The turning is Grammarly notifying you that a live error check is in progress.

If you have spelling or grammatical errors, the green icon will turn red and tell you how many errors have been found.

Errors found icon

The error is underlined in red, hover your mouse over the error and a correction appears. Click on the correction to change your text.

Click on the correction

Alternatively, click on the ‘See more in Grammarly’ link to see the error in more detail.

See more in Grammarly

To correct error on this page, select a bar from under ‘All alerts’, then click on the correction.

Once all your errors are corrected, ‘All alerts’ is replaced with a no error found image.

No error

The Grammarly free version is a basic spelling and grammar check. To unlock more excellent features, you must upgrade to a paid option.

Grammarly not working in WordPress

If Grammarly is not working in WordPress or is very slow for you. Then I recommend opening your Grammarly dashboard, start a new project, and paste your content directly into Grammarly.

Grammarly error checks the content and offers corrections. You can complete the correction and then copy and paste back into your blog post, or you can manually make the corrections.


You should always proofread your posts before publishing, you will find it hard to rank in Google if you have too many errors.

Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant tool. It helps you find those errors before you publish your content.

It is so easy to get started with Grammarly (*Paid link), head over to their homepage and click on the quick install link for your browser. Sign up for a free account and you are ready to go.

Since the last WordPress upgrade, I have found Grammarly to be a little sluggish. I need to click on another block and then click on the block I am working on to start the error check. I hope this will get sorted in the next Grammarly update.

If you are using Grammarly to error check old post content, don’t forget to submit your updated posts to Google after you publish. To find out how to do this, check out my ‘How to submit a post to Google‘ post.

Before you disappear to install Grammarly, would you kindly spare one minute to leave me a comment? Did my post help you? Do you need help with something else?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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