How To Use Grammarly In WordPress – Step By Step guide

In my post, I show you how to use Grammarly in WordPress, step by step. Grammarly is an excellent writer’s assistant tool to help highlight grammar and spelling errors in your blog content.

Grammarly is a browser plugin. Once activated, checks your work as you type. Grammarly has a free and paid version. The paid version offers advanced writing feedback.

I use Grammarly (*Paid Link) on my WordPress website. I check my blog posts for errors with Grammarly before I publish.

There are four steps to using Grammarly in WordPress.

  1. Install the Grammarly plugin on your browser.
  2. Sign up for a free account.
  3. Turn on Writing Suggestions.
  4. Correct errors highlighted by Grammarly.

Let’s get started.

How To Use Grammarly In WordPress

Step One – Install Grammarly

To install, go to, and select the one-click install link. Grammarly automatically detects the browser you use.

Grammarly homepage

You can install Grammarly for free on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

How To Install The Grammarly Plugin On Firefox

Select the one-click install link on Grammarly’s homepage, then select Allow.

Confirm installation

To continue, select ‘Add’.

Select add to continue

Finally, Firefox confirms installation. Click on ‘Okay, Got It’ to remove the popup.

Select OK, got it

You get a Grammarly icon on your toolbar.

Grammarly icon

Step Two – Create a Free Account

Use an email address, or sign up using Facebook or Google to create a free Grammarly account.

Create a free account with Grammarly

Once you create your free account, you go to your Grammarly dashboard.

Grammarly dashboard

You can use the Grammarly plugin to check your blog content as you write. Or you can open a new document and paste your content.

Step Three – Activate Grammarly

To activate Grammarly, click on the Grammarly icon on your browser, and select Log In.

Log in to Grammarly

Use your preferred method to sign in to your account.

Sign in page

Once you sign in to your account, return to your WordPress editor tab on your browser, and select the Grammarly icon.

Activate Grammarly for WordPress by sliding the first option to the right. Check the other settings to make Grammarly work efficiently for you.

Check for writing suggestions

How To Use Grammarly On WordPress

As you add content to your blog post, a colored dot appears on the right. A green dot indicates no errors.

A yellow dot indicates errors to review.

Errors to review

A red line under a word indicates a spelling, punctuation, or grammar error.

Red line

To correct errors marked by red lines, hover your mouse over the underlined word to reveal writing suggestions. Click on the writing suggestion to change the text on your post.

Should the word not be an error, click on ‘Add to dictionary’ so Grammarly won’t alert you again for this word. Or you can dismiss the error for this post by selecting Dismiss.

Writing suggestions

Yellow dots on the right of your content indicates errors. Writing suggestions for yellow dots are only available to premium account users.

Premium user writing suggestions

The colored dots on the right appear after you have written two to three sentences. You won’t see a colored dot if your text is shorter than this.

To check short text for errors, copy your text and click on the Grammarly icon on your browser. From the menu, select New Document.

New document

Paste your text onto the page.

Paste your text here

On the right, you can see your overall score and writing suggestions.

Writing suggestions

For advanced suggestions, you must upgrade to premium.

In the free version, click on the sections that indicate you have errors to review to see writing suggestions. Select one of the blocks to view. Click on the writing suggestion to correct the text in your content. Finally, copy and paste the text to your blog.

Error correction

The advanced suggestions tell you where the error is but won’t tell you specifically.

Advanced suggestion

From the writing suggestions on the right, it is sometimes possible to guess what the correction should be. For example, the writing suggestion indicates I have a punctuation error.

That probably means I should change the comma to a period. I made the change. Now the error has gone.

Advanced suggestion

I prefer to complete my blog post and copy and paste everything into the Grammarly document.

Corrections I make here I also change on my blog post before publishing.

Blog post example


Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant tool. First, install the Grammarly plugin to your browser and activate it to check for errors on your WordPress blog.

A red dot on the right of the WordPress block indicates a spelling, punctuation, or grammar error. Hover your mouse over the underlined word to view writing suggestions. Click on the writing suggestion to make the changes.

A green dot means you are doing an excellent job and have no errors.

A yellow dot indicates you have errors in your content. But to get writing suggestions, you must upgrade to the premium plan.

Short sentences don’t generate a colored dot from Grammarly. Proof check short sentences, copy the text, and open a new document from the Grammarly icon on your browser.

Paste your text onto the document. Grammarly proofreads your text and offers writing suggestions. Advanced suggestions are only available to premium users.

I use the free version to proofread all my posts before I publish. It is simple to install and use.

To get started, go to (*Paid link) to install the plugin. Sign up for a free account, and activate Grammarly writing suggestions for your blog.

Do you use a tool to proofread your blog posts? Have you ever heard of Grammarly? Let me know in the comments your opinion of Grammarly.

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