How to find out who is hosting a website

In my post, I share with you a free online tool you can use to find out who is hosting a website. It is free and easy to use, all you need is the URL of a website.

I show you step by step how to use this free tool to get information about a website’s nameservers. From the nameservers, we can identify the hosting company.

Let’s get started.

The free online tool

The free tool is ‘‘, this is their homepage.

What's my DNS homepage

How to use

First, type the URL of the website you want to check into the first box, you don’t need to add the HTTP part.

Enter the URL of the website

Next, in the next drop-down menu, select ‘NS’ from the list.

Select NS from the drop-down menu

NS stands for nameservers. Each hosting company has unique nameservers, therefore, we can find out who is hosting a website.

Let’s look at the nameservers for Once you have selected ‘NS’, click on the search link.

Nameservers of

We can see from the screenshot that is using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a CDN, passing your site through a CDN speeds up your website by using servers close to the location of your visitor. Therefore, we can’t see who is hosting this website.

Let’s look at another example, hopefully, this site isn’t using a CDN.

Nameservers for

This site is, this site doesn’t use a CDN, therefore we can identify the hosting company from the nameservers. There are two, on this site we can see ‘’ and ‘’. uses Siteground to host their site. The name of the hosting company is usually included in the nameserver.

Changing hosting companies

If you plan to change hosting companies, that also means changing nameservers. When you update your nameservers, the change takes from 24 to 48 hours to complete. You can use ‘’ to monitor the update progress.

After you update your nameservers, go to ‘’ and type your site’s URL into the box, select ‘NS’ from the drop-down, then click search.

As the update proceeds, you see the nameservers gradually change to your new ones. Once all the countries display your new companies nameservers, then the update is complete.


Now you don’t need to search the internet for a tool to find out who is hosting a website. Head over to, and enter the website’s URL. I use this site to check the progress of my sites when I change hosting companies.

If you see ‘Cloudflare’ when you do a check, that is not a hosting company, Cloudflare is a CDN. CDN’s help speed up your website by delivering content from a server that is close to your visitor’s location.

Before you start checking who is hosting a website, I would kindly ask you to leave me a comment. Did I help you with my post? Would you like me to add more information? I look forward to reading your feedback.

For more tutorials, check out my other domain and hosting posts. I also have a YouTube channel.

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