How To Edit A WordPress Website

How To Edit A WordPress Website

In my article, I show you how to edit a WordPress Website.

Over a third of websites use WordPress. It is the preferred website builder.

WordPress software is free to use and is improving to make website building easy.

WordPress alternatives offer free websites but charge for extra features.

You are free to design a website as you want with no hidden costs.

I build my sites with WordPress and love how easy it is.

I have complete design control of my website.

Let’s start.

How To Edit A WordPress Homepage

WordPress has two options for your Homepage.

You can display your published posts, or you can create a Homepage.

My website is a blog. I have my latest blog posts on my homepage.

A business would need to create a homepage so customers can contact them.

To set a homepage on WordPress, Hover your mouse over Settings and select Reading.

Select reading

Select one option from the Your Homepage Displays option.

Homepage displays

When you select A Static Page, you must create a Homepage and Blog page for your blog posts.

To create a Homepage, hover your mouse over New and select Page.

New page

Type Home and start building your homepage.

I recommend using the Patterns option for quickness.

Your theme may have extra options here.


Click on a Pattern to add to your Homepage.

Select patterns

Repeat this process for a Blog page.

You must have a Blog page when you select to have A Static Page.

When you publish a new post, WordPress places it on this page.

You do not need to edit the Blog page.

Publish blog page

Return to Settings and select Reading.

Select reading

Select your preferred homepage.

When you select A Static Page, you must choose a Homepage and Posts page.

Select the pages you created earlier, Home and Blog.

Edit The HomePage With The Theme Customizer

WordPress themes have opinions and feature to change the look of your website.

These features are accessed using the customizer.

On your WordPress admin page, hover your mouse over Appearance and select Customize.


Each WordPress theme has different customization options.

You can change the look of your website with these options.

The default page is your homepage. Use the customizer to edit your homepage.

Refer to your theme documentation for more information.

Theme customization

Edit The HomePage With The WordPress Block Editor

To edit the content on your homepage, go to Pages on your WordPress admin and select All Pages.

All pages

On the Page list, hover your mouse over Home and click Edit.


Use the block editor to edit your homepage.

Edit homepage

Edit The HomePage With Full-Site Editing

WordPress is working towards going full-site editing.

In October 2022, full-site editing is still in Beta.

When it is out of Beta, many WordPress theme developers will update their themes to full-site editing.

The theme customizer won’t be available.

There are full-site editing themes available, but not many.

The default WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two theme is a full-site editing theme.

Twenty twenty-two

To edit the content on your homepage using full-site editing, hover your mouse over Appearance and select Editor.


The default page is your homepage.

Default homepage

The page has three sections, Header, Footer, and Body.

Each section is an editable template.

To access these sections, click on the WordPress logo.

WordPress logo

To edit the Body, select Templates.


To edit the content on your homepage, select Templates.


Then select the Home template.

Home template

Start editing the body content of your Homepage.

I recommend you edit the Header and Footer templates.

To edit the Header and Footer template, select Template Parts.

Template parts

Select Header and Footer to edit those sections across your website.

Header Footer templates

How To Edit WordPress Posts From The Backend

To edit posts from the backend, hover your mouse over Posts and select All Posts.

All posts

Hover your mouse over the title you need to change and click Edit.

Select post

Make your edits and click Update.

Make changes

Quick Edit

To make a quick edit on a post, hover your mouse over it and select Quick Edit.

Quick edit

With Quick Edit, you can change the title, URL, date published, category, template, tags, comments, and status.

Once you have completed your changes, click Update.

Quick edit options

Bulk Edit

Select the titles and click the menu to make changes to multiple posts.

From the menu, select Edit and click Apply.

Bulk edit

With Bulk editing, you can change categories, tags, the author, template, comments, status, pings, and sticky.

Bulk edit options

Once your edits are complete, click Update.

How To Edit Content On WordPress

After you publish content, you can edit those posts at any time.

Changes take a while to show on Google and Bing after you make changes.

How To Edit Current Content

After you publish a post or page, you can access content from your WordPress admin area.

To edit a published post, hover your mouse over Posts and select All Posts.

All posts

Hover your mouse over the blog post you want to change and click Edit.

Select post

Make your changes to the post content. Once complete, click Update.

Make changes

How To Create New Content

To create a new blog post, hover your mouse over New and select Post.

New post

Give the blog post a name and start adding content.

Once complete, click Publish.

Create new post

How To Edit WordPress Site Information

Search engines and visitors must know what your website topic is.

I recommend adding a site title and tagline before you publish your first post.

Google and Bing use your information for their search engines.

If your information is wrong, it takes days for Google and Bing to update.

It is frustrating when Google and Bing display incorrect data about your website.

How To Edit Site Title And Tagline

From your WordPress admin, hover your mouse over Settings and select General.

General setting

Give your website a title, and write a short description of your site.

Site title and tagline

Here are two examples from two excellent travel blogs.

The first blog is Salt In Our Hair.

The large print is the site title, followed by their tagline.

Salt in our hair

The second blog is The Blonde Abroad.

The blonde abroad

After you complete your site title and tagline, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Save changes

If your site has been live for a while and you did not complete this step, then Google and Bing are probably showing incorrect information about your site.

Make your changes now and save them. Don’t panic if Google and Bing show old data after a few days.

The correct information will show after about a week, if not sooner.


I love using WordPress to build and edit my website.

WordPress is constantly evolving and improving.

Before you publish content, select your homepage. Do you want to display your latest posts? Or do you want to create a homepage?

Ensure you complete your site title and tagline. Once you go live, Google and Bing will visit your site to gather data for their databases.

You need your site information to be correct for search engine results.

You can edit WordPress content using the theme customizer or selecting individual posts.

I recently moved my site to a full-site editing theme and love editing a WordPress website using templates.

Once full-site editing comes out of Beta, I expect theme developers will look at integrating this feature.

Do you want to remove the publish date from your blog posts? Visit my How To Remove Dates From WordPress Posts article to learn more.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.



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