How To Edit Blog Posts On WordPress

In my article, I show you how to edit blog posts and pages on a WordPress website, step by step.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to access, edit and publish content to your live WordPress website.

Let’s begin.

Step One – Log In To WordPress Admin

To edit the content on your website, log into your WordPress admin. The login page looks like this.

WordPress admin login page

Enter your username and password, then select Log In. Now you are in your WordPress admin area.

WordPress admin area

Click on ‘Posts’ in the main menu. Or hover your mouse over ‘Posts’ on the menu and select ‘All Posts’ from the popup menu.

Click on Pages, or hover your mouse over Pages and select All pages from the popup menu.

Access edit mode from WordPress admin

Select ‘Edit’ from below the blog post title.

Select 'Edit' to change your content

How To Edit Blog Content From Your Website

If you are on your website and want to change something, you can go directly to the WordPress editor. When logged into your admin account, there is a toolbar across the top of your screen.

Access edit mode from your website blog post or page

To edit content for that blog post, click on Edit Post.

Select 'Edit post' from the toolbar

Now you can edit your content.

Edit post window

Step Two – Edit Blog Content

In the WordPress editor, create content by using blocks. There are blocks available for all types of content.

How To Create A New Block

Click on the plus icon on the top-left or to the right.

Create a new block on WordPress

Next, select the type of block you want to create for your post.

When I click on the icon to the right, I get a shortlist of my most used block types. To see the list, I can click on ‘Browse all.’ I can also use the search feature to find other block types.

Most used block list

To create a new block, click on the icon you require. For example, If I wanted to add some text to my blog, I would select the paragraph block. Once created, I add as much text as I need.

Add a paragraph block

When I click on the plus icon on the top left, I get the list of available blocks. I can scroll to find the block I need or use the search feature.

List of available blocks

How To Move A Block

To move a block, click on the one you want to move. On the toolbar, select the up or down arrow. A single click moves the current block one space above or below.

Move blocks up or down

It is possible to move multiple blocks at one time. Click on one block and then use the ‘Shift’ key and mouse to highlight other blocks.

Use arrows to move the highlighted blocks.

Move multiple blocks

How To Edit A Block

To edit a block, click anywhere within the block area. Use the option in the toolbar to edit the block.

Edit a block

How To Delete A Block

To delete a block, click within the block to access the toolbar. Click on the three dots on the right, then select Remove block.

Delete a block

You can remove multiple blocks by using the shift key with your mouse.

Step Three – How To Update Changes

Select ‘Update’ on the top-right to update changes.

Update your changes

Once your post updates are applied, you get a confirmation message on the bottom left of your screen.

Update complete confirmation message

How To Edit WordPress Posts Video Tutorial


The recent WordPress updates have made it easier to create content for your blog. There are blocks for everything you need to make your blog posts engaging for your visitors.

These blocks can be created, edited, moved, or deleted. Click on the block you want to edit, and use the toolbar to make your changes. Once completed, don’t forget to hit that ‘Update’ button on the top-right to action your changes on your live website.

You can edit your blog posts from your WordPress admin dashboard or the toolbar when viewing your website.

Before you return to your WordPress blog, would you kindly spare one minute to leave me a comment? Let me know your thoughts on my blog post. I appreciate all feedback.

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