Edit WordPress posts and pages How to guide

In my post, I show you step by step how to edit the content of your website in WordPress. It is good practice to update old content and improve posts that are ranking.

You can access the edit mode to change your content from with your WordPress admin dashboard or directly from your website.

Let’s do that step by step.

Accessing edit mode from WordPress admin

First, sign in to your WordPress admin.

WordPress admin log in

After signing in, you come to your WordPress admin dashboard. On your dashboard, look for ‘Posts’ in the main menu on the left.

Access edit mode from WordPress admin

To find all your posts in WordPress, click on ‘Posts’ in the main menu or ‘All Posts’ in the popup.

To find all your pages in WordPress, click on ‘Pages’ in the main menu or ‘All pages’ in the popup menu.

Now you have a list of all the posts on your website. To edit a post, find the title of the post, as you hover your mouse over the post title, an ‘Edit’ link will appear. Select the ‘Edit’ link.

Select 'Edit' to change your content

How to access edit mode from your website

When you are logged in to your WordPress admin account, you will see a toolbar running along the top of your screen every time you visit your website.

Access edit mode from your website blog post or page

To edit the page or post you are viewing, select ‘Edit Post’ from the toolbar.

Select 'Edit post' from the toolbar

Now you are in editing mode.

Edit post window


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How to change your existing content

In the WordPress editor, you use blocks to create content. You can create a new block, edit an existing block, delete blocks, or move blocks up or down.

Create a new block

To create new blocks, click on the plus icon on the top-left.

How to create a new block

Once you select the icon, a popup of available blocks appears. The blocks that are most used, appear first. To use other blocks, scroll down or use the search feature.

Available block popup

Move a block up or down

To move a block up or down. Click on the block you want to move and an up and down arrow will appear on the left.

Move blocks up or down

It is possible to move multiple blocks at one time. Click on one block and then use the ‘Shift’ key with your mouse to highlight other blocks.

Use the move icon on the left to move the highlighted blocks.

Move multiple blocks

Edit a block

To edit a block, click anywhere within the block.

Edit a block

Deleting a block

To delete a block, click anywhere within the block to access the toolbar. From the toolbar, click on the three dots on the right, then select ‘Remove block’.

Delete a block

You can remove multiple blocks by using the shift key with your mouse.


Updating changes made to your content

Once you have finished making your changes, select ‘Update’ on the top-right.

Update your changes

Once your post updates, you get a confirmation message.

Update complete confirmation message

Edit WordPress posts and pages video tutorial

How to edit WordPress pages and posts guide
Watch this video on YouTube.


You can edit your blog posts from your WordPress admin dashboard or from the toolbar when you are viewing your website.

You can edit, move, or delete blocks with ease. It is good practice to analyze older posts and ranking posts to keep the content fresh and relevant.

If you found my tutorial helpful, please leave me a comment to let me know. I love reading comments and answering questions. I look forward to reading yours.

For more WordPress tutorials, please visit my YouTube channel. I publish new videos every week. Or check out my ‘WordPress’ category on this website.

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