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In my post, I show you how to customize the Ashe WordPress theme step by step. I use the free version of Ashe, they also have a paid version with more options.

To see a demo of the Ashe theme, read customer reviews, or buy the pro version, head over to their website at This is a paid link, which means I receive a commission should you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

When I started blogging, it took me a while to choose a WordPress theme that I liked. It can be frustrating trying to find a theme that works for your site. I chose Ashe because it is clean, simple, and responsive.

Let’s begin customizing.

Open the theme customizer in WordPress

First, we need to open the theme customizer in WordPress. To do that, hover your mouse over ‘Appearance’ in the main menu on the left, and select ‘Customize’ from the popup menu. Like this.

WordPress theme customizer

There are many options in the Ashe WordPress theme. Let’s look at them one by one.

Customize options in Ashe

About Ashe

The first option is ‘About Ashe’, this tab offers extra information about this theme. You can upgrade to the paid version, get tutorials, demo content, and documentation.


Skins allow you to change the color tone of your website. In Ashe, you can select the default light tone or dark tone.

This is the default light skin.

Light skin

Here is the alternative dark skin option.

Dark skin

When you change an option in the menu on the left, the preview window shows you how your changes will look on your website. You do not have to do anything to generate the preview, WordPress updates your changes automatically.


The color option allows you to change the color scheme of your website. You can change the colors of the text and background.

If you would like to have an image for your website background, you can upload an image in this section.

Color options

How to change colors video tutorial

How to Change Colors in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.

For more color options, you have to upgrade to premium.

General layouts

With this option, you can set the style of your content within your website.

General layout

The sidebar width option allows you to set the pixel width of your sidebar.

Underneath that is the ‘Enable sticky sidebar’ option. If you tick this box, the sidebar will follow the visitor as they scroll down your post. Unticked, the sidebar will stay at the top.

The ‘Header width’ is for the image at the top of the page. Below that is the ‘Featured-slider width’ if you enable a slider on your homepage, this will show under your main header image.

If you want to highlight certain posts or categories you can use the ‘Featured links width’ option to set the style.

‘Content width’ sets the width of content on your homepage. ‘Single content width’ sets the width of your individual post content.

Finally, the ‘Footer width’ sets the style of widgets displayed at the foot of your website.

Customize general layouts video tutorial

Customize General Layouts in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.

Top bar

Enabling the ‘Top Bar’ gives you the option of placing a menu above your main header image.

Top bar

Header image

Here you can change the header image. The default image for this theme is in the screenshot below. To change your image, select the ‘Add new image’ link and upload your new image.

The ideal size for this image is 1300*500 pixels. Ensure your uploaded image is at least this, otherwise, your image won’t be clear.

Header image

Page header and body background setup video tutorial

How to setup Page Header & Body Background Images in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.

Site identity

In this option, you can upload your logo. The logo will display over your main header image. Below that, you can set the width of your logo.

Next, you can set your image title and tag line. If your logo delivers your website identity without having to set a title and title tag, you have an option to disable.

At the bottom, you can upload a favicon for your site. The favicon is the image that sits in the browser tab. For a tutorial on how to can design a favicon for free, check out my ‘How to create a favicon in Canva‘ post.

Site identity

This section is for your menu. You have the option of setting your menu to the right, middle or left. This theme also has an option to create a mini-menu with a logo. There is a width setting option for the mini-menu.

Main navigation

Featured slider

Under your header image, you can have a slider with featured images from selected blog posts. If you enable this feature but don’t have any featured images on your blog posts, the slider won’t work.

Featured slider

Feature slider video tutorial

How to Enable a Featured Slider in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.

If you have posts or categories you want to promote, you can use this option. This section will appear below the featured slider, images appear side by side.

Featured links

Featured links video tutorial

How to Enable Featured Links in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.


Blog Page

On your homepage, if you opted for your latest posts to be displayed, this option will be important.

At the top, you can opt for a ‘post excerpt’ or ‘post content’. That means a section of your post or all of it.

Underneath that, you can select how your visitors navigate to another page of your posts. The two options are text or numbers, this is at the bottom of the page. You can have ‘Older posts’ or ‘1 2 3’.

The boxes below that option are for what information you want to be displayed. In this screenshot, I show you what each option enables.

Blog page

At the bottom, you have an option to show related posts.

Customize blog page video tutorial

Customize Blog Page in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.

Single post

This feature is for you to decide what information you want to display on each post. You can show categories, dates, comments, author, and author description.

Under that, there is an option to show related posts.

Single post

Social media

If you have any social media accounts, you can have links to those pages in the top bar on the top-right. Enter your URL details for each account and an icon will appear in the bar.

Social media

Social media icons setup video tutorial

How to Setup Social Icons in the Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.


This section is to select the font for your logo and navigation text.


Here you can set copyright text for your website. Use the shortcode to generate the year automatically and display the copyright symbol. The text will appear on all pages on your website in the bottom right corner.

Setup Copyright text video tutorial

How to setup a Copyright Text in Ashe Free WordPress Theme
Watch this video on YouTube.


This option enables preloading animation. When a visitor clicks to visit one of your posts they will see a short animation on the screen as the page loads.



This section is for you do decide what features you want to display on mobile devices.


Here you can create menus for your site. If you have already created a menu in WordPress, it will be listed here.

Create a menu

In this theme, there are three places you can set menus. In the top bar, under the main header image, and in the footer.

Menu locations


From this section, you can add extra features to your website. In the WordPress admin, there are many widgets you can use to add to your site. You can see from my screenshot, I have a ‘Site Search’ in the right-hand sidebar, that is a widget. Other widgets include recent posts, video, calendar, text, audio, and many more.


Homepage settings

In homepage settings, you can select your latest posts to be displayed or show a page you have created.

Homepage settings

Additional CSS

Additional CSS allows you to add code to change the style of your theme. For example, you want to change the default color of links in your blog posts, you add CSS code that can change the color. Another style aspect could be the text font, you can add CSS code to do that.

You paste your CSS code into the box on the left.

Additional CSS

Publish your customizations

If you make any changes to your theme, they won’t be active on your site until you select the blue ‘Publish’ link on the top-left of every section in the customizer. Once you select this link, there will be a short delay as your changes are updated to your website.



Now you can customize the Ashe WordPress theme. There are many options to set, but hopefully, my tutorial will help you. I have included videos from the Ashe theme creators to make it easier to follow.

Before you go to customize your Ashe WordPress theme, may I ask a minute of your time to leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you thought about my post. I look forward to reading your comments.

You can install the Ashe WordPress theme from the WordPress theme library, or direct from their homepage at (*Paid link)

For video tutorials on WordPress, SEO, and the Amazon affiliate program, please check out my YouTube channel.

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