How To Customize Single Blog Posts On Astra

How To Customize Single Blog Posts On Astra

In my post, I show you how to customize Single Blog Posts on the Astra WordPress theme step by step.

Astra is a light and fast WordPress theme. It is highly customizable and is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes.


Let us begin.

Customize Single Blog Posts On Astra

Choose Blog from the customizer menu.

Select blog from the menu

Next, select Single Post.

Select single post


Container Layout

The Container Layout option allows you to set the display style of your blog posts.

Container layout

Click on the style you want. The options are Default, Boxed, Full Width/Contained, Content Boxed, and Full Width/Stretched.

Sidebar Layout

You can set the style with the Sidebar Layout option if you have the sidebar enabled for your blog posts.

Sidebar layout

You can select Default, No Sidebar, Right Sidebar, or Left Sidebar.

Content Width

The content width default is 1200 pixels.

You can change this with the Custom option. Enter your required width.

Custom content width


The Structure option allows you to set the information displayed on your posts.


You can move the Structure and Meta blocks up or down to change the order.

To hide an element, click on the eye icon. In my example, I selected to hide the featured image.

Hide featured image

I have changed the blog title to show before the featured image in this example.

Title above image

Related Posts

The Related Posts option allows you to show other posts at the bottom of each blog post.

I recommend enabling this option to encourage visitors to stay on your website.

Related posts

Once enabled, you can customize how Related Posts display on your website.

Enable related posts

You can customize the title, title alignment, number of related posts, grid column layout, posts query, post structure, and meta information.

The last option to customize in Related Posts is Enable Post Excerpt.

Set how many words display for each related post with this option.

Enable post excerpt


Post / Page Title Font

The Post / Page Title Font option allows you to set the text size for your title.

Post title font

Related Posts

You can customize the Related Posts section here if you enable Related Posts.

Related posts customization

Post Spacing

The Post Spacing option allows you to set the space between your blog content and other sections.

Post spacing

When the link icon is selected, the values are equal. When unchecked, you can set values for each box.

Chain link

How To Customize Single Blog Posts On Astra Video Tutorial

Astra is one of the most downloaded themes on WordPress. It is fast and easy to customize.

The Astra WordPress theme has excellent customization options to help you create a beautiful website.

I recommend writing a short paragraph to introduce yourself by adding an about me section in the sidebar.

Visit my How To Customize The Sidebar On Astra post to learn more.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.



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