How To Customize Single Blog Posts On Ashe

In my post, I show you how to customize Single Blog Posts on the Ashe theme on WordPress step by step.

Ashe is a light and fast WordPress theme. It is highly customizable.

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Let’s start.

Customize Single Blog Posts On Ashe

Select Single Post from the customization menu.

Single post

The Single Post option allows you to set information displayed on your blog posts.

Show Featured Image

When you publish a new blog post, upload a featured image.

The featured image shows on blog post list pages and when you share a post’s URL.

Show featured image

If your site has a low-speed score on Google Page Speed Insights, removing the featured image could help.

Tick the Show Featured Image box to remove them from blog posts.

No featured image

Show Categories

Above your blog post title, there are internal links to the post’s category.

Show categories

To remove this information, untick the Show Categories box.

No categories

Show Date

The Show Date option tells visitors when the blog was published.

Published date

To remove this date, untick the Show Date box.

No date

Show Comments

If your site is new, I recommend activating comments so you can interact with your audience.

The Show Comments option shows visitors how many comments blog posts have.


Untick Show Comments to remove this information.

No comments

Show Author

The Show Author and Show Author Description give visitors information about the blog post writer.

Show author

Untick the author boxes to remove this information.

No author

Related Posts – Display

At the bottom of each post, the Related Posts option offers more posts to visitors.

Related posts

To remove Related Posts from your content, select None from the menu.

No related posts

How To Customize Single Post On Ashe Video Tutorial

How To Customize Single Blog Posts ...
How To Customize Single Blog Posts On The Ashe WordPress Theme

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I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.