How To Customize Breadcrumbs On The Astra Theme

In my post, I show you how to customize Breadcrumbs on the Astra WordPress theme step by step.

Breadcrumbs are navigational links at the top of a post or page.


Astra is a light and fast WordPress theme. It is highly customizable and is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes.


Let us begin.

Select Breadcrumb from the customizing menu.


Breadcrumbs allow your visitors to track their path to the current page.


The default position for breadcrumbs is None. Click the Position menu to change this setting.


After activating Breadcrumbs, visitors can view how they got to the current blog post.

In my example, the visitor landed on the home page and went to the Attractions In Loei category.

Finally, landing on the Thai Loei Ban Kang Pla Weaving Group post.

Visitors can use the Breadcrumbs links to return to previous pages.

After header


The next option allows you to set the style of the breadcrumb separator icon.

Select pages or posts to disable the breadcrumb feature.



Use Alignment to position the breadcrumb feature on your website.


Use Spacing to set space around the breadcrumb feature.

Selecting the link icon keeps the values equal.


The Colors option allows you to set the color for the background, text, link, and separator for your breadcrumbs.


Finally, use Typography to set breadcrumb text defaults.


How To Use Breadcrumb To Customize Your Website YouTube Video Tutorial


The Astra WordPress theme has excellent customization options to help you create a beautiful website.

Astra is one of the most downloaded themes on WordPress.

It is fast and easy to customize.

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I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.

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