How To Check Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

In my post, I show you how to check your Amazon affiliate earnings and what items were sold by visitors using your affiliate link, step by step.

Amazon pays commission on all items purchased by visitors you send to Amazon. It doesn’t matter what product page you sent your visitor to on Amazon. You get paid for all items bought.

Let’s find out how much you earned and items bought.

View Amazon Affiliate Account Summary

First, go to the Amazon affiliate program login page and click on the ‘Sign In’ link.

Sign in

Enter your details to access your affiliate account.

Sign in to your affiliate account

After you sign in, you see an earnings overview for the last 30 days on the left and a summary for the current month on the right.


Activity on your affiliate account is updated once every 24 hours.

Affiliates earn commission on shipped items only. If you have ‘Total Ordered Items’ but no earnings, this is because the customer hasn’t received the item.

Once the customer gets their item, this changes to ‘Total Shipped Items’ and earns you a commission.

View Full Amazon Affiliate Account Activity

To view an activity report, click on the ‘View Full Report’ link.

View full report

The default date range is the last day Amazon updated your account.

Default setting

To change the default, select the ‘Custom Date Range’ link.

Custom date range

Select one of the options on the left, then select ‘Apply’.

Select date range then apply

Should you have more than one website, ensure to select the correct tracking ID from the menu.

Tracking ID

The report summary graph shows earnings, clicks, and ordered items.


Under the graph, there’s a summary of clicks, ordered items, shipped items, returned items, conversion, shipped items revenue, bonus, and total earnings.

Data summary

View Ordered Items And Link Type Performance

Under the graph, you can view ordered items and what type of link is generating the most sales for you.

There are three tabs, ‘Ordered Items’, ‘Earnings’, and ‘Link Type Performance’.

Ordered Items Tab

The ordered items tab shows you the item ordered, the quantity ordered, and the affiliate link used.

In my example below, you can see a visitor clicked on the affiliate link to the duffel bag product page on Amazon. This visitor also bought other items. Amazon affiliates get commission on all items in the visitor’s basket.

Ordered items tab

Earnings Tab

The earnings tab shows you the number of items shipped, retail price, and commission earned.

Earnings tab

Link Type Performance

The link type performance shows you what affiliate links on your website are driving the most traffic.

Should you use various link types to test what works best for your blog. The link performance tab helps you improve your affiliate income by highlighting the best performing link type.

Link type performance

How Much Do Amazon Affiliate Links Pay?

Amazon pays their affiliate’s a percentage of the retail sale price. Products are categorised. Each category has a fixed commission income rate.

To view the latest rates. Click on the ‘View Full Report’ tab on your affiliate account dashboard.

View full report

Next, click on the ‘Commission Schedule’ tab.

Commission schedule

The latest commission rates open in a new browser tab.

Fixed standard commission income rates


Joining the Amazon affiliate program is an excellent way to earn money from your blog. The program is free to Join. My step by step guide shows you how to apply. Check out my ‘How to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program‘ post.

Your Amazon affiliate dashboard shows statistics for the current month on the right and the last 30 days on the left.

To see a detailed report, click on the ‘View Full Report’ link. Choose a date period and tracking ID.

The full report allows you to check your affiliate earnings by items sold and link-type used by your visitor.

Your affiliate account data is updated once every 24 hours.

To view the latest affiliate commission rates. First, click on the ‘View Full Report’ link. Then select the ‘Commission Schedule’ tab.

I hope you found my post informative. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments box below.

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