How to use Amazon product images on your website

In my post, I show you step by step how you can use Amazon product images on your blog posts.

Here is a screenshot of a post from one of my websites. All the images are from Amazon. I have been audited by Amazon and accepted into their affiliate program.

Images from Amazon

Amazon allows you to use product images from their website on your blog as long as you use the ‘Site Stripe’. From this stripe, Amazon affiliates can get Amazon product images and links that have unique affiliate codes embedded.

Let’s get started

What is the Amazon Site Stripe?

The site stripe is a feature accessible to Amazon Affiliates. After you sign up for an Amazon affiliate account and are logged in, the site stripe appears along the top of your screen every time you visit a page on Amazon.

You can see the site stripe on the top of the page just above the search bar in the image below. On the left, you can see ‘Amazon Associates SiteStripe’ and on the right, you can see’ Earnings’ and ‘Help’

The Amazon site stripe

How to use the Site Stripe to get Amazon product images

To get an image from Amazon, first, select a single product page. As an example, I have chosen the Wyse cam.

Amazon single product image

To get an image for this cam, click on the ‘Image’ link in the site stripe. Then you get this popup.

Click on image in the site stripe

In this popup, there is an image preview, size selector, and highlighted HTML code. Before you copy the HTML code, choose the image size you need. In my example, I have selected medium. Once selected, copy the code.



How to put the image HTML code into your blog

Once you have your HTML code from Amazon, go to your blog post. Here is my example blog post.

Example post

To add the image HTML code, click on the plus symbol on the top-left of the screen.

Create a new block

The ‘block’ you need is ‘Custom HTML’. If you do not see this block in the popup, type ‘HTML’ in the ‘Search for a block’ box.

Like this.

Custom HTML clock on WordPress

Select the Custom HTML block. Now you have a block to add your code.

Custom HTML block

Paste the code you got from Amazon into this block. I pasted the HTML code I got from Amazon into the block on my example post.

Paste your HTML code into the block

At the top of this block is an option to preview the image, select preview to see your Amazon product image.

Preview your product image

To view how this image will look on your website, click on ‘Preview on the top-right of your WordPress editor page.

Preview your product image on your website

The image is also a link, my affiliate link is integrated into the HTML code of this image. Therefore, if someone clicks on the image, they will go to the product page on Amazon.


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How to add ‘Alt text’ to your Amazon images

To ensure your images get indexed, it is important to give your images ‘Alt text’.

Once you have pasted the HTML code into the block. Click on the three dots that appear on the bar above the HTML block.

How to add alt text to your images

After you click on the dots you will get this popup.

Convert to blocks option in WordPress

From this, select ‘Convert to Blocks’. Once your block is converted, you get a box to enter your ‘Alt text’ on the right of your screen. Enter text here that is relevant to the image.

Like this.

How to add alt text to images from Amazon

Using the Site Stripe to get Amazon images video tutorial

Can I use Amazon images on my website?
Watch this video on YouTube.


Now you know how to get Amazon product images for your website. All images on the web are copyrighted, to avoid any violations and possible prosecutions, use the Amazon Site Stripe.

Don’t forget to add ‘Alt text’ to your images. This helps get your images indexed in Google.

Before you start looking for Amazon product images to put on your blog, I would really appreciate it if you could leave me a comment letting me know what you thought of my blog. Did I help you with my post? Would you like me to go into more detail? I look forward to reading your feedback.

If you would like to join the Amazon affiliate program. Check out my post on ‘How to join Amazon Affiliates‘. I walk you through the signup process.

I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials on WordPress, SEO, and the Amazon affiliate program.

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