Can I Use Amazon Product Images On My Affiliate Website?

Can I Use Amazon Images On My Affiliate Website?

When running a website that promotes products, like an affiliate site, it’s super important to use good pictures of the products.

These pictures grab people’s attention and make them want to buy things using your special affiliate links.

Now, if you want to know the right way to put Amazon’s product pictures on your website, you’re in the right place!

I’m going to guide you through each step so you can do it easily and make your website look awesome.

Whether you’ve been doing this for a while or you’re just starting, this guide is packed with helpful advice and examples to make you even better at affiliate marketing.

Ready to get started? Let’s jump right in and find out how to use those Amazon images on your affiliate website!

Amazon Affiliate Program Changes in November 2023

No More ‘Image’ and ‘Text+Image’ Links

Starting in November 2023, if you’re part of the Amazon Affiliate program, you won’t be able to grab product images the way you used to.

Amazon has removed the ‘Image’ and ‘Text+Image’ options from their SiteStripe toolbar.

This means you can’t click to get pictures for your website or blog anymore.

How to Get Product Images Now

But don’t worry, there’s a new way to get those images!

Amazon wants you to use the “PA API” to create image links for your site.

I haven’t tried this new method myself, so I can’t walk you through it step by step.

However, Amazon has made a video that shows you how to use the PA API to get your images. It’s meant to help you adjust to this update.

Alternative to SiteStripe

Amazon is making it difficult for affiliates. If you have many Amazon product images on your site or want to use images, there is an option for you, the AM Image Master WordPress plugin.

What is the Amazon Associates Program?

The Amazon Associates Program is a way for people who own websites or blogs to make money by advertising Amazon products.

If you’re part of this program, you can earn a little bit of cash every time someone clicks on a special link on your site and then buys something from Amazon.

How to Join the Amazon Associates Program

Joining is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the Amazon Associates website and hit the “Sign Up” button.

Amazon sign up

Step 2: Create an Amazon Account

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you’ll need to make one.

Create Amazon Account

Step 3: Fill Out the Application

Tell Amazon about your website and how you plan to tell your readers about Amazon’s products.


Step 4: Verify Your Identity

Prove who you are to Amazon so you can officially become an affiliate.

Verify identity

Play by the Rules

To stay on Amazon’s good side, you must follow their rules. This means:

  • Letting your readers know that you’re part of the Amazon Associates Program.
  • Using product images correctly, just like Amazon says.

If you don’t follow these rules, Amazon might close your affiliate account.

For instance, you should make it clear on your site that you’re working with Amazon and that you get a small share of money from the sales that happen because of your links.

Why It’s Worth It

By getting the hang of the Amazon Associates Program, signing up, and sticking to Amazon’s rules, you can earn some money and build trust with the people who visit your site.

Getting to Know Amazon’s SiteStripe

Amazon has a handy tool for people who are part of their affiliate program, called SiteStripe.

What is SiteStripe?

When you log into your Amazon Associates account, you’ll see SiteStripe right at the top of any Amazon page.

It’s packed with features that help affiliates easily use Amazon’s product images on their own websites.


Easy Access to Amazon Products

With SiteStripe, you can quickly find products from Amazon’s huge selection and get an HTML code that lets you put product images on your site.

This means you don’t have to upload images by yourself or use extra software.

Ready-to-Use Code

SiteStripe makes everything simpler by giving you code that’s all set to go and includes your own special affiliate tracking ID.

SiteStripe’s Cool Features for Amazon Affiliates

Product Linking

You can create links for specific products. This is really useful for pointing your readers to the exact items you’re talking about.

Image Linking

Grab high-quality images in different sizes from Amazon to spice up your blog posts, reviews, or product showcases.

How to Use Amazon’s SiteStripe for Your Affiliate Website

Logging into SiteStripe

First, sign in to your Amazon Associates account.

Sign in to your Amazon affiliate account

Then, go to the homepage.

You should see a toolbar called SiteStripe at the top of the page. If it’s not there, make sure you’re logged into your affiliate account.

Amazon SiteStripe

Picking the Right Product

Now, have fun browsing through Amazon’s huge selection of products. Find something that matches what your website talks about and what your readers are interested in.

Wyse cam

Think about how popular the product is, how well it fits with your topic, and how much money you could make from it.

Getting the Product Image Code

After you choose a product, click on “Image” in the SiteStripe toolbar.

Select Image from the Site Stripe

You’ll see the product picture and a choice of sizes.

Pick the size that looks best on your site and works with your design.

Then, just copy the HTML code that shows up below the picture.

Selecting the Best Image Size

Amazon gives you a bunch of different image sizes to pick from.

Think about how your website looks and find an image size that fits in nicely.

You want a picture that’s easy to see and fits with your content but doesn’t take over the whole page.

By following these simple steps, you can easily use SiteStripe to get Amazon product images for your website.

The key is to choose items that your readers will like and to use HTML code that makes your site look great.

Don’t forget to try out different picture sizes to get the look just right!

How to Add Amazon Images to Your Website

If you’re working on a blog post for your WordPress site and want to include images of Amazon products, here’s a simple guide to help you out.

This is perfect for adding that visual touch to your reviews or product showcases!

Step 1: Inserting the HTML Code into Your Blog Post

First, you’ll need to get your blog post open in the WordPress editor.

Edit Posts

Here’s what to do next:

Click on the “Create block” icon, which looks like a plus sign.

Create a block on WordPress

Type “HTML” in the search bar and pick the “Custom HTML” block.

Select custom HTML to create a block

Paste the HTML code you got from Amazon’s SiteStripe into the block.

Paste the code from Amazon

Hit “Preview” to see how the image will look in your post.

Preview image

If the image isn’t sitting right, click the three dots on the toolbar and choose “Convert to Blocks.”

Select convert to blocks

This will let you pick how you want the image to line up with your text.

Change alignment

Step 2: Adding Alt Text for Better SEO

“Alt text” stands for alternative text, and it’s super important for helping your site show up in search results and for people who can’t see the image:

Look for a box that says “alt text” in the WordPress editor when you’re adding your image.

Write something that describes the image well and toss in some keywords related to your post.

Add alt text to your image

Adding good alt text makes it easier for search engines to figure out what the image is, which can help more people find your website.

Step 3: Aligning and Customizing Your Image

How your image looks and fits into your post matters a lot.

You can change how it’s aligned by using the toolbar:

Look for alignment options like left, right, or center.

Change alignment

Try out different spots to see which one looks best with your post.

By following these steps, you can easily add cool Amazon product images to your blog.

Just remember to give your images some good alt text for SEO, and play around with the alignment to make your post look great!

Getting Your Affiliate Post Ready to Publish

When you’re done putting Amazon product pictures on your website with SiteStripe, it’s super important to look over your post and check it out in preview mode before you share it with the world.

Why You Should Preview Your Post

Before you hit that publish button, take a moment to preview your post. This lets you see how the Amazon product pictures will look with your writing.

  • Look out for any weird formatting, pictures that are out of place, or anything else that might look off to your readers.
  • Make sure the pictures look good and fit in nicely with your words.
  • Previewing is your chance to find and fix any mistakes, making sure everything’s perfect for your audience.

Your Affiliate Code: Automatically Included

One cool thing about SiteStripe is that it puts your special affiliate code into the image links for you.

  • When someone clicks on one of these product pictures on your site and buys something, you get paid a little bit for that sale.
  • This happens automatically, so you don’t have to keep track of it yourself.

Double-Check Your Affiliate Links

Before your post goes live, do a quick check to confirm that your affiliate links are all good to go.

  • Click on each Amazon product picture to see if it takes you to the right place on Amazon’s site.
  • Make sure your affiliate tracking code is in the web address for the product.
  • By doing these checks, you’re making sure that people get to Amazon correctly, and you’ll get your commission if they buy something.

By following these steps—previewing your post, knowing that your affiliate code is added for you, and checking your links—you can publish your affiliate post with confidence.

These steps help everything run smoothly for your readers, keep track of your sales, and help you earn money from your Amazon affiliate site.

How To Get Amazon Images For Your Affiliate Website Video Tutorial

Understanding Copyrights for Images on Your Website

When you’re adding pictures to your website that promote products (an affiliate website), it’s super important to know about copyright rules.

This means you need to be fair to the people who made those images.

Can You Use Someone Else’s Images Without Asking?

Nope, you can’t just take someone’s picture and use it without getting their OK first.

As soon as someone snaps a photo or creates an image, they have special rights to it, and you need their permission to use it.

What Happens if You Use Images Without Permission?

If you use someone’s image without permission, you could get into big trouble.

The person who owns the image can take you to court, and you might have to pay a lot of money or hurt your good name.

How to Use Images the Right Way

To stay out of trouble, always get permission from the owner before you put their image on your site.

You can ask them directly, use websites that sell the rights to images, or find pictures that are free to use because they’re in the public domain or have a Creative Commons license.

Where to Find Images You Can Use

You can find pictures that are okay to use on stock photo sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images, but you’ll usually have to pay for these.


There are also places like Unsplash and Pixabay that offer free pictures you can use without paying.


Giving Credit to Image Creators

If you’re allowed to use an image, either because you got permission or it’s free to use, you should say thank you by giving credit.

This means you should tell everyone who made the image and where you got it from.

Remember, following copyright laws is not just about staying out of trouble—it’s also about being respectful and fair to the people who create images.

Always make sure you have the right to use an image before you put it on your site.


To wrap things up, adding pictures of Amazon products to your affiliate website can really make your marketing stand out.

I’ve shown you some easy steps in this article to help you put these pictures on your site without breaking any copyright rules or Amazon’s own rules.

Here’s what we’ve gone over:

  • How to join the Amazon Associates Program.
  • How to use Amazon’s SiteStripe tool to get pictures.
  • How to pick and put product pictures on your website.
  • How to make sure you’re using images legally.

It’s super important to get permission and use images that you’re allowed to, so you don’t take credit for someone else’s work.

Also, you’ve got to follow Amazon’s rules and keep your affiliate account in good shape.

If you stick to these steps, you can jazz up your website with cool Amazon product images and maybe even earn more money through the Amazon Associates Program.

Curious about how to easily use Amazon images for your affiliate site?

Check out our guide on ‘What Is The Amazon SiteStripe? How Do You Use It?‘ to learn all about this cool tool that makes it super simple!

I hope you found my article informative. Please leave any questions in the comments below. I appreciate all the feedback. participates in various affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are designed to provide a means for sites like to earn fees by advertising and linking to their products and services at no extra cost.

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  1. Davis Perez avatar
    Davis Perez

    I have done that, however when I check on SEO products, (such as SEOQuake) it appears that I don’t have the “alt text”. So how do you solve it?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Excellent point. I totally missed adding ‘alt text’. I will update my post today to include how to add this text. In case you can’t wait, here is how you do this. After you have pasted your HTML code into the box you need to click on the three dots on the bar above your code. The menu that appears will have a ‘convert to blocks’ option. You click on that and a ‘Alt Text (Alternative Text)’ box will appear on the right. Add your text in there. I will add screenshots to my post later to make it clearer. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. Davis Perez avatar
        Davis Perez

        Hi John, thank you very much for your previous response was really helpful. However there is one last detail, in the case of images within tables (I am using the TablePress plugin) how do you do? I tried to add the Alt-text manually but it failed, I analyze it with various tools and it continues to indicate that AltText is missing

        1. newblogr avatar

          Hello again, I have just had a look at this plugin, and you can add the alt text to the image before you place it in the table. When you are editing your table and you select ‘add image’, your media library will open. When you click on the image you want to use, on the right-hand side are the options for that image. One of the options is ‘Alt text’. Fill this in before you insert your image into the table. Give this a try and let me know how you get on.
          I read an article today that said that tables in posts are a great way to win the snippet on Google search results. So good luck with your new post.
          I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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          I just remembered you are using HTML code from Amazon for your images.I will have another look and get back to you soon.

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            Hi there, I don’t know how to add alt text to Amazon images in Tablepress. I suggest you contact the plugin author and ask them how to add the alt text. Sorry, I can’t help you with this problem. Let me know how you get on. Kind regards, John.

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          Hi Perez,

          Did you got the solution for fixing Alt-text to Amazon Images in Tablepress.



          1. newblogr avatar

            Hello Sammy. Thank you for your comment. After you paste the code from Amazon into the box, look for alt=”. Enter the alt text after the speech mark. I think this is what you need. Try it and let me know.

          2. Sammy Mwangi avatar


            I entered the Alt text after the speech Mark, but i got a double image

          3. newblogr avatar

            Hello Sammy. Try this. Paste the code from Amazon into the custom HTML box. On the image toolbar, select Convert to blocks. After a few seconds, a second image appears, delete that. Go back to the first image and select Edit as HTML from the toolbar. Add your Alt text between the “”. I just tried this and it worked. Let me know how you get on.

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            Thank you, it has worked for Me.

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            Excellent. Thank you for letting me know.

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      1. newblogr avatar

        I wouldn’t recommend copying images from Amazon, they are copyrighted. You can apply to the affiliate program with 10 posts, they won’t audit your site until you make three qualified sales. You have 180 days to make the three sales, so plenty of time to publish more content for your website.

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    I can’t see the image on my website. All I see is ‘?’ in blue. So, How can I solve this issue as I really need the product images?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Can you send me the url of the product you want to use?

        1. newblogr avatar

          Hi Oana, I have just tested the image link and the text+image link on a test post. You can see it here ( They both work fine for me. Are you having issues with any other image affiliate links on your blog?

          1. Oana avatar

            Thank you. I have solved the issue by taking photos of the product and used them instead of Amazon.

          2. newblogr avatar

            Excellent. I’m really glad you found a solution. Good luck with your website.

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    Can you please help me ? I have few questions. I am new to Amazon affiliate and i desperately want to know answers of these questions.

    But before asking my questions, i would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful post. It cleared my lots of doubts.

    Question 1. Amazon images contain my affiliate link, so, i want to know, are these links nofollow by default ? Will they get me a penalty from Google ?

    Question 2. When i list some amazon products then i post an amazon products image then i write few lines about it and then i add a button image like check price on Amazon. As Amazon images already contain a link and then again i am giving a link through button, will it affect my SEO and get me some penalty ? I just hate Google 😉

    Question 3: Can i cloak Amazon Affiliate Links ?

    Question 4: Amazon already provides a short link to its products. Should i use short affiliate link or full link as i want to cloak these links ?

    Question 5: Is using alt text will not be considered as code change ?

    Can you check my website once ? And please tell me is it fine to create such a website ? You can remove this text if you want and link too ! I just need you help

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi, so many questions. You are right to be concerned about having too many affiliate links in your blog posts. Google is looking for quality content to display in its search results. Google will not rank content that has too many links. How many are too many? Only Google knows that.
      The best practice is to have a handful of links per post. Have lots of informative, helpful content, with a sprinkling of affiliate links.
      Never cloak your Amazon affiliate links, you will get banned if you do. It is in their terms and conditions. Use the links you get from the site stripe and don’t use redirects.
      You should have alt-text for your images. It helps Google understand why the image is there. Alt-text is just a description of what the picture is displaying.
      If you are new to blogging, I would recommend you concentrate on getting at least 30 to 50 pieces of content published.
      Build a website around a subject that you are interested in. If you try to build a site about something you don’t care about much, you will get bored and will stop writing exciting and helpful content.
      Good luck with your website.

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    Hello Sir,
    I have created a blog in which I write posts on various different mobiles,
    Sir, I have a question that if I use Amazon affiliate image on my blog, will my blog get AdSense approval?
    please give me answer

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, as far as I am aware you can have Amazon affiliate links on your website and still be approved by Google Adsence.

  5. kishan kakadiya avatar

    Sir, are you sure? If I use the Amazon affiliate image in my blog, will my blog get AdSense approval?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, this is a link to Google Adsence, they allow links.

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      Hi.nice post. I am a new blogger. I am planning to start a new Amazon affiliate website. I can’t apply for the affiliate program as long as I do not publish at least 10 articles. Without an affiliate account from where should I get the Amazon product images. For my new website for these 10 new articles.please help. Can I copy them directly from the Amazon website? Please help.

      1. newblogr avatar

        I wouldn’t recommend copying images from Amazon, they are copyrighted. You can apply to the affiliate program with 10 posts, they won’t audit your site until you make three qualified sales. You have 180 days to make the three sales, so plenty of time to publish more content for your website.

    1. newblogr avatar

      You are very welcome.

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    Thanks for sharing these kind of information.. Its very helpful for me.
    But i have facing one problem with Affiliate images, when i open images on amazon they are good and clear image and then when i put that image on my site, when i zoom little bit that image the image gone blury . Plz tell me if you have solution of this..

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, do you mean you are altering the code you get from Amazon to make the images larger? As far as I am aware you can’t alter the images. The only thing you can do is select large before you copy the code. If you have the product, why don’t you take your own pictures?
      I sometimes look on YouTube to see if the manufacturer has a YouTube channel, if they do, you can embed their video into your website.

  7. David Lindahl avatar
    David Lindahl

    Where does it say in the operating agreement that you can’t add the product images to your site? I found this Operating Agreement: Associates Program Operating Agreement ( and this Associates Central – Resource Center – Best Practices for Using Images in Your Content ( and neither mention how downloading or adding outside of Site Stripe will get you banned. Their tools page also doesn’t say anything about how Site Stripe is the only way to add without violating TOS. Choose from a variety of tools that suit your website ( .
    Can you please site the link? Thanks!

    1. newblogr avatar

      Saving images to your server is a violation of copyright. Before you save an image, you have to find the owner and request permission. Amazon is crystal clear about the abuse of copyright. The source of the following text can be found at

      Respect Copyright

      Each image that you find online is protected by the owners’ copyright, and you need agreement from the owner to use an image. Failure to observe this can have serious legal implications, and may result in warnings, fines and other legal action being issued for unauthorized use of images. Before you publish any image on your blog, it’s important to respect the copyright and to pay close attention to how the image may be used, if it can be used at all.

      Below is a list of common sources or options for finding image sources online:

      DIY Graphics: You can use graphical elements you’ve designed yourself, but as with photos, you should ensure any graphical elements you’ve used aren’t subject to copyright.
      Screenshots: Normal screenshots are permitted for the purposes of illustrating a walkthrough or other instructional material. However, no person or artistic works should be clearly visible – such as from another website or source.
      Stock Photos: If you do not have images of your own, then you can purchase stock images from professional photo agencies online. Pricing can vary depending on the type or amount you are seeking. These type of sources provide explicit details on what disclosures are needed if you use their images, so ensure you are adhering closely to them.
      Social Media or Photo Sharing Websites: Images you find on social media or photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest are not should not be considered as fair game to use on your site. Find out precisely what kind of license the images were published under and stick to it, or reach out to the source to give the appropriate credit. Almost always, some type of disclosure will be required.
      Free Image Databases: There are several online databases with images that you are able to use freely, such as Creative Commons licensed imagery. These sources offer a cost effective solution for bloggers, but be sure to read through the terms and conditions of reuse for any imagery you find there and disclose appropriately.

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    Hi.nice post. I am a new blogger. I am planning to start a new Amazon affiliate website. I can’t apply for the affiliate program as long as I do not publish at least 10 articles. Without an affiliate account from where should I get the Amazon product images. For my new website for these 10 new articles.please help. Can I copy them directly from the Amazon website? Please help.

    1. newblogr avatar

      I wouldn’t recommend copying images from Amazon, they are copyrighted. You can apply to the affiliate program with 10 posts, they won’t audit your site until you make three qualified sales. You have 180 days to make the three sales, so plenty of time to publish more content for your website.

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    Sir I have one question can I use amazon product images for my blog if I do like that can i get AdSense approval?

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      Hello Shanid, I don’t know anything about Google Adsense. Check out the terms of service or just apply and see what they say.

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    I’ve been having issue with my Amazon product link, cause if I paste the link on my website it appears as just plane codes of numbers, text, not as an image or referral link, but after watching your YouTube tutorial, I applied the link using HTML to insert the link, then I clicked on preview, and the image appeared. But Each time I publish the post the image disappears. Please what should I do.

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Zubby, I also had this issue. It was because I had an ad blocker in my browser, once I de-activated it, the image appeared. Send me a link to your published post and I will let you know if I see the image.

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    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, thank you for your comment. In WordPress, the function for adding a block is the same on a page or post. If you are creating content for your blog, you should create a post, not a page.

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    Sir I have a question that if i am writing an article on 10 best face washes and i want product images so do i need to get registered with amazon affiliate program ? Or i can directly take the picture from official website of a specific product and give them credit like © Amazon India or © Beardo like this in caption area? Will i get safe from getting copyright and get approval of adsense?

    1. newblogr avatar

      I recommend joining the Amazon affiliate program so that you can get images for your products without worry. I would also check out the manufacturer’s website, see if they have an affiliate program. If they do, put both links on your post.

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      I don’t know anything about Google Adsense, except they offer pennies and the code slows down your site.

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    Hi Sir,
    Great article, helped me a lot.
    The following answer of yours raises a doubt in my mind,
    I wouldn’t recommend copying images from Amazon, they are copyrighted. You can apply to the affiliate program with 10 posts, they won’t audit your site until you make three qualified sales. You have 180 days to make the three sales, so plenty of time to publish more content for your website.

    So, are you suggesting to go ahead and put images from Amazon before applying to their affiliate program?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi, thank you for your comment. In my comment, I recommend applying to the Amazon affiliate program first so that you can use product images from their site stripe. If you are concerned you don’t have much content on your blog, don’t worry because Amazon doesn’t audit your site until you have made three qualifying sales. If you are not an affiliate with Amazon, you can’t use their images.

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    Thank you i use this method in my website. It’s really pretty cool. But i face page loading issue. Suppose my blog about fitness product review and i write a post about 10 best fitness product(for example) then i need 10 product image. Now if i embed image like this. It will hurt my page loading speed.😢😢Can i download product image directly and use my site? I am new blogger i have new affiliate account… Not fully verify i mean i don’t receive API Key…

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, your page speed won’t be affected because you are not hosting the image. To understand why a page is slow to load, I recommend using Google page speed and Gtmetrix. Don’t download images directly, they are copyrighted.

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    Sanjoy Mondal

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      You are very welcome.

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    How can I use site stripe HTML code when creating a comparison table? I tried but there is no option adding an image as an HTML block. I am using the affiliatebooster plugin for creating a product comparison table. There is only 1 option which is uploading images from PC. I was downloading images from amazon but it’s risky.

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      Hi, thank you for your comment. Have you considered using another plugin? I am sure there must be one that allows you to add HTML code.

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      You are welcome. Thank you taking the time to leave your comment.

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    can I use a product image from the comment section of amazon in the blog for affiliate marketing. there are a lot of people who click the photo of the product and put it in the review/comment section. what if i take images from those places and paste them into my blog post will I still be getting strick/ban?. Please please please please replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, Shakyadeep. I don’t recommend using someone else’s photograph. Use the Amazon SiteStripe or take your own product photos. If you don’t have the product, try reaching out to the manufacturer to request images to use on your website.

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      Hello Abhinav, thank you for your kind comment.

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    HI! Thanks for this post, I am a new Amazon influencer and recently I’ve been looking at the founditonamazon section of their site in order to see what storefronts they promote and what others are doing. I see many of the most successful/popular storefronts use a graphic where they show multiple images. Like, “10 great Fall finds” or something similar, with product images of the various products. I don’t think I can use sitestripe to download these images for use in another graphic, can I? Do you know if I’d need to use the product API tool for that? Thanks for any help you can give me. I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere as to how these influencers are obtaining the photos for creating these graphics

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Marcia. Thank you for your comment. I don’t know anything about the Amazon Influencer Program, I’m afraid. Here is a YouTube video link of how to set up a storefront. Hope this helps.

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    Hii thank you to help me with the article on how to use Amazon Product images on my affiliate website

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      Hello A Paul, thank you for your kind comment. I’m glad you found my post helpful.

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    Thank you for sharing this amazing content.

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      Thank you for your kind comment.

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    Your opinion may not be correct. I am also looking into this. Because the image of SiteStripe is not clear. Beautiful images will help increase the reader’s experience. I found a photo of this shared by someone else. Answers from amazon that can be downloaded and uploaded to your website. Just don’t edit it.
    I see many other sites are doing the same and they have no problem.
    Here is the image:

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello, thank you for your comment. I recommend you contact your Amazon affiliate program support directly to get confirmation about using images for your site.

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    Thank you for sharing this amazing information with us.. This Article Gives Lot of knowledge

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