How to Use Amazon Product Images On Your Affiliate Website

In my article, I show you how to get Amazon product images for your affiliate website, step by step.

Product images are available to Amazon Associate members. To sign up for the Amazon associates program, go to

Let’s begin.

Use Amazon Product Images On Your Affiliate Website

Step One – Sign In To Your Amazon Affiliate Account

Amazon product images are available to Amazon affiliate members only. To start, sign in to your account.

Sign in to your Amazon affiliate account

Once signed in, you get access to the Amazon SiteStripe.

The SiteStripe is how you get product images from Amazon.

You can see the SiteStripe across the top of the screen every time you visit

Amazon Site Stripe

Step Two – Select A Single Product Image

Next, find a single product page on Amazon. Only single product items have an option to get product images.

For example, this is the Wyse cam.

Wyse cam

Step Three – Select The Image Link From The SiteStripe

Click Image on the SiteStripe.

There is an image preview, a size selector, and highlighted HTML code.

Select the size you require, and then copy the highlighted code.

Select Image from the Site Stripe

Step Four – Paste The Code Into Your Blog Post

Once you have the code from the Amazon SiteStripe, return to your blog post.

Click on the create block icon on the right or top-left.

Create a block on WordPress

Search HTML.

Search for HTML

Select Custom HTML.

Select custom HTML to create a block

Paste the code you got from Amazon into this block.

Paste the code from Amazon

To preview the image, select Preview from the toolbar.

Preview image

To change alignment, click the three dots on the toolbar.

Select the three dots on the toolbar

From the list, select Convert to blocks.

Select convert to blocks

Once selected, you get an error message.

To delete the error message, click the section and select Remove Block.

Remove block

Once removed, you can change the alignment of your image.

To change alignment, select this icon, and make your selection from the list.

Change alignment

Add your text to the box on the right.

Alternative text is essential to get your image indexed in Google.

Add alt text to your image

Step Five – Publish Your Post

Once you finish your blog post, publish your content.

Select Publish, then View Post to see your Amazon product image on your blog.

View post

The image has your unique affiliate code.

When a visitor clicks on the image, they go to the product on Amazon. If they purchase the item, you get a commission.

Product image on my blog

How To Get Amazon Images For Your Affiliate Website Video Tutorial

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Can I use Amazon images on my website?

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As a member of the Amazon affiliate program, you can use Amazon product images for your WordPress blog. There is one image available for each product.

I don’t recommend downloading images directly from Amazon. All Amazon images are copyrighted. Use the Amazon SiteStripe.

Do you want to join the Amazon affiliate program? Check out my How to join the Amazon Affiliate program article. I show the signup process step by step.

I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials on WordPress, SEO, and the Amazon affiliate program.

Before you return to your blog, would you kindly spare one minute to leave a comment? Did you find my blog post helpful? Are you having problems displaying Amazon images on your posts? I appreciate all feedback.