Bing Keyword Rank Checker

Bing Keyword Rank Checker -(FREE)

In my post, I show you a free Bing keyword rank checker tool.

The Bing rank tracker tool is Bing Webmaster Tool. It is available to website owners.

After creating an account, Bing collates traffic data and checks Bing search results for keywords for your website.

You can view this data to check where keywords appear on Bing’s search results.

Let us start.

Step One – Create A Free Bing Webmaster Tools Account

Create a free account at Bing Webmaster Tools.

On the homepage, click Get Started.

Bing Webmaster Tools Sign Up

Next, add your site to your dashboard.

You have to verify ownership of your site. Once verified, Bing collects data for your site.


It takes a couple of days for the data to appear.

Step Two – Sign In to Your Bing Webmaster Tools Account

When you want to view keyword ranking data, go to Bing Webmaster Tools, and sign in.

Sign in

Step Three – Open The Search Performance Report

From your account dashboard, click Search Performance.

Search performance

The top graph gives an overview of your website. The default setting is three months.

You can change this by clicking on the menu on the right.


Over the last three months, this site got four clicks and 144 impressions.

To view ranking keywords, scroll down to the next section.

Step Four – Check Keyword Ranking Data

You can list the data by keywords or pages. The default setting is keywords.

Ranking Keywords

Keyword Rankings show you keywords generating impressions and clicks for your site on Bing search.

There is a data column for impressions, clicks, CTR (Click Through Rate), and average position.

Keyword ranking data

The more impressions and clicks you have, the more accurate the ranking position.

I have 54 impressions for the keyword Phi Ta Khon. Bing Webmaster Tools tells me I rank in position 5.78.

Another keyword generating impressions for this site is Phi Ta Khon Festival. This keyword ranks in position 6.33.

Ranking Pages

Select the Pages tab to view pages on your site that generate impressions and clicks.

Pages data

My Phitakhon Festival post is generating the most search result impressions.

The pages on this report have average ranking positions on the first page of Bing.

Step Five – Verify Ranking Position

The Bing rank checker data report gives the average search result position.

You can verify this data by searching for the keywords on Bing.

Bing search

The first keyword is Phi Ta Khon.

Bing search

The report said this keyword ranks in position 5.78.

The actual ranking position is 7.

Bing search

The second keyword is Phi Ta Khon Festival, ranking at 6.33.

The actual ranking position is 8.

Bing search

This website doesn’t get many impressions or clicks. But the data is accurate.

The positions change because other websites are publishing or updating content.

Step Six – Improve Search Position

You can update blog posts to improve Bing rankings. Use the performance report to see what keywords generate impressions.

Try to add relevant keywords to your blog content.

For example, my website ranks for the search phrase Phitakhon festival.

I should search for that keyword on Bing and note what information I need to improve the post.

I need to read the other posts to see how they are formatted and note what information they contain.

Do the other websites use images, videos, statistics, and infographics?

Analyze your competition to find a way to make your content better.

How do they phrase their blog post titles? Do you see common phrases used in multiple titles?

Understand what type of content Bing has ranked and format your post to meet that.


Spyserp is a paid keyword rank-checking tool. It allows you to track five keywords for free on Google and Bing.

Spyserp keyword tracker

Create a free account at (*Paid link) and start tracking your keywords.



Whatsmyserp SERP checker is another paid keyword ranking check tool.

You can track ten keywords from Google search results for free.

Whatsmyserp keyword rank checker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easier To Rank On Bing?

Ranking on search engines like Bing and Google depends on several factors, including the quality and relevance of your content, the strength of your website’s domain authority, and how well you optimize your website for search engines.

It is difficult to determine whether it is easier to rank on Bing without analyzing your specific website and the factors that may affect its ranking.

Why Is Bing Less Popular?

There are many reasons why Bing may be less popular than other search engines like Google.

One reason is that Google has a much larger market share and a long history, so it may be more familiar to users and have a more established reputation.

Additionally, Google’s search algorithm is more accurate and relevant, which may make it a more attractive option for users.

Finally, Google also offers a better range of services and products, which may make it a more appealing choice for users.

These are just a few reasons Bing may be less popular than other search engines.

Why Do I Rank Well On Bing But Not Google?

One potential reason is that the ranking algorithms used by Bing and Google are different, so a website that performs well on one search engine may not necessarily perform well on the other.

Additionally, the competition for keywords and phrases may differ on Bing and Google, so a website that ranks well on Bing may not necessarily rank well on Google for those keywords.

It is also possible that you haven’t optimized your website for Google, or it may be penalized by Google for some reason, which could affect its ranking on that search engine.

It is hard to provide a specific reason without analyzing your website and the factors affecting its ranking.


Bing Webmaster tool is a free online Bing rank tracker that gives you valuable data for your site.

Sign up for an account, verify your website, and let Bing start collecting data.

You can find out what keywords drive traffic to your site and what blog posts are popular.

Analyze the data to improve ranking posts or find ideas to create new posts.

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I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.





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