Bing rank checker tool

In my post, I show you a free Bing rank checker tool you can use to find your keywords positions on Bing.

Website owners can open a free Bing Webmaster account. In this account, you can check your keyword ranking positions on Bing.

I show you how to use Bing Webmaster to check rankings, step by step.

Let’s get started.

Open A Bing Webmaster Account.

If you have a website, you can open a Bing Webmaster account. Go to and select ‘Sign up.’

Bing Webmaster sign up

Once you have an account, add and verify ownership of your site.

It takes a little while for Bing to gather search data for your site. I recommend opening a Bing Webmaster account as soon as you launch your site.

Step Two – Sign Into Bing Webmaster.

On the homepage, select ‘Sign In.’

Sign in to Bing Webmaster

Once signed in, you come to your account dashboard. From here, select the site you want to check.

Select your site

On the next page, you have an overview of your site’s performance on Bing.

Site overview

Over the last three months, my site has had 412 clicks, 22.6 thousand impressions in Bing search, an average click-through rate of 1.82, and an approximate keyword position of 16.6.

To get more details of keyword ranking, select ‘View complete report.’

Select view complete report

The default setting is three months, if you want to change this, click on the drop-down menu and select your preferred choice.

Select your preferred setting

Step Three – Check Keyword Rank Positions.

On the search performance report, you can see all the keywords you are ranking for on Bing. The ranking keyword is on the left, followed by impressions, clicks from search, click-through rate, and average position.

The default setting is to show the keyword with the most impressions. You can change this by clicking on one of the other headings. For example, to see the keyword getting the most clicks, I click on ‘Clicks’ twice.

Clicks from search

To check where your keywords rank on Bing, click on ‘Avg. Position’ once, this puts your best-performing keywords at the top of the list.

Average keyword position

As you can see, I have many keywords that have the number one position, to confirm, type that keyword into Bing and check the results.

When you search, I recommend you use a browser in incognito mode. You want to see search results that are not influenced by your previous searches.

Here is the keyword ‘how to upgrade PHP Hostgator’ on Bing using Opera in a private window.

This page has advertisements, a snippet, and people also ask section before the organic search results. The report said my average position in Bing for this keyword was number one the actual position is second.

Confirm search position

Top-performing blog posts

You can also check which blog posts are performing well in Bing. On the performance report, select ‘Pages.’

Pages report

Once selected, click on ‘Avg. Position’ to get your top-performing posts to appear first.

Post average position

I have two posts that are generating clicks, a post about removing dates and one about updating PHP versions on Hostgator.

To find out what keywords are driving this traffic, click on the post. For example, I want to know more about the PHP version post.

Keywords driving traffic

These are the ranking keywords for that post, keywords that are driving traffic. I want to know what keywords are getting the most clicks, so I have to click on ‘Clicks’ twice.

Keywords driving traffic

My best performing keyword for this post is ‘Update PHP Hostgator.’ I have got three clicks with an average position of 1.67.

Here are the Bing search results for the keyword ‘update PHP Hostgator.’

Bing search results

For this keyword, I am in third.

Step Four – Improve Your Search Position.

You can use the data found on your performance report to improve your post ranking positions. Bing highlights the keyword phrases driving traffic to your blog.

Make a list of these keywords and return to your blog post. Does your content contain these words? How many times do they appear? Can you expand on your blog content to improve it?

How do the articles above you in the search results format their content? Do they use images, videos, statistics, infographics? Analyse your competition to find a way to make your content better.

To find out how to add ranking keywords to your blog post to get better ranking, check out my ‘How to add organic keywords to your website to help you rank‘ post.


Spyserp is a paid tool for checking keyword rankings in Google, Google mobile search and Bing. They have a free option that limits you to five keywords. There is also a monthly limit on the number of searches for these keywords.

I use the free option for the following keywords.

Spyserp keyword tracker

I have set up my account to check keyword positions once a day at 05.30. I can see the current ranking position and if the keyword has gone up or down from the previous check.

To get your free keyword ranking searches, head over to (*Paid link) and sign up for a free account.



Whatsmyserp is another paid rank checking tool with a free option. You get ten keywords with unlimited checks on Google. If you want to know your position on Bing, then use Spyserp.

Here are my current ten keywords.

Whatsmyserp keyword rank checker

You can sign up for a free account at


Bing Webmaster gives you valuable data for your site, and it is free. Sign up for an account, verify your website, and let Bing start collecting data.

You can find out what keywords are driving traffic to your site and what blog posts are the most popular. To get traffic to your site, you need to be on the first page of the search results, in the top three positions is ideal.

Blogging is competitive. It isn’t easy to rank on the first page. Use the data in Bing Webmaster to identify keywords generating traffic to your post, and integrate them into your content to make it a better source of information than your competition.

To read more about this strategy, please check out my ‘How to add organic keywords to your website to help you rank‘ post.

It takes time for new content to rank, so don’t be disappointed if your keywords aren’t ranking as soon as you publish them. Give Bing time to scan your article and decide what searches are suitable for your content. After about three months, you should have some excellent data in your performance report to use to improve your articles.

If you are a new website, concentrate on producing high-quality content for your blog. Publish between 50 to 100 posts on your website and leave them for a year. Writing blog content that ranks and generate clicks from search is a long term strategy patience is the key.

I also have a YouTube channel, with tutorials on using WordPress, SEO, and the Amazon affiliate program.

Now you know about an excellent free tool you can use to check keyword ranking positions on Bing search.

Before you head over to Bing to open an account, would you kindly spare one minute to leave me a comment? Did my post help you? Did you know you had access to such excellent data? I appreciate all feedback you have about my content.

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