Bing keyword rank checker

Website owners can open a webmaster account with Bing. In your Webmasters account is the Bing keyword rank checker. I show you how to find the keywords your blog is ranking for in Bing search results.

Let’s get started.

Sign in to your Bing Webmaster account

If you haven’t signed up for your Bing webmaster account yet, you need to do that first. Go to, sign up and verify your site. Then Bing will start tracking data for your site.

If you have signed up already, sign in to your account.

Bing webmaster tools

Once you sign in you will come to your site dashboard. From here, you select the site you are looking to check your keyword ranking.

My site dashboard in Bing Webmaster tool

I am going to check my keyword ranking for my site. Once I select my site, I come to this overview page.

Bing webmaster dashboard

Find your top-ranking pages

First, find your top-ranking posts, then we can check the rank of the keywords that are driving traffic to those pages.

To do that we open the ‘Reports and Data’ menu on the left, and select ‘Page traffic’ from that menu.

Like this.

Select page traffic

Once I click on ‘Page Traffic’, I have a list of my blog posts that are ranking in Bing. The default setting is ‘Appeared in search’. If you would like to change the setting, select one of the other headings.

Here is my list with the default setting ‘Appeared in search’.

Page traffic list in Bing webmaster

The data displayed is from the last 30 days. To change that, change the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen. I am going to change this data to be from the last six months.

Changing the data period in Bing webmaster

What keywords are you ranking for in Bing?

From my list, you can see that my post on creating an email address with your domain name, has appeared in Bing search 1118 times. I have had 15 clicks to my website from those searches producing a click-through rate of 1.34%.

My average position in search when I received those clicks was 2.3, my overall average position for that page is 12.2.

With a low click-through rate, I have an opportunity to improve this post to get a better click-through rate. By checking the ranking keywords for that page, I can see what keywords I need to include in my post.

To check what keywords are driving traffic, we click on the ‘View search keywords’ link.

Like this.

Bing keyword rank checker

Once you click on the link you will see a popup. In this popup, you have the search phrases that were put into Bing search that resulted in my site appearing in the search results.

On the right of this popup, you have your average keyword ranking. Let’s look for a keyword that Bing says I have in the top-five.

On this list, I found the keyword phrase ‘how to set-up email address from new domain’, Bing is telling me my average position is 3.0.

How to confirm keyword ranking position

To check that position, we click on the ‘Open in a new tab’ near the keyword phrase.

Like this.

How to check your Bing keyword ranking

Here is the first-page result of that keyword phrase.

Bing keyword ranking check

I am at position three for that keyword phrase. Let’s look at another keyword. I will check the keyword phrase that is at the top of this list, ‘creating email address with your own domain’. Bing is telling me my average position is at 15.1. That will put me on the second or third page.

Here is the result of that search. My website was in position 22, a little off the Bing average position, but by only a few places. This is normal, the search positions will constantly change as Bing improves its search results.

Bing keyword rank check

Use your ranking keywords to improve your search position

You can use the data found on your ‘view search keywords’ report to improve your post ranking. Bing is telling you the search phrases it thinks matches your blog post.

If you find some keywords are relevant to your post but you haven’t included them, then you have a great opportunity.

If you include those extra keywords and add content to your post, you should get more clicks. More clicks equal a better ranking position.

Sometimes it could be a tweak to your site title and your meta description to make your site more appealing to searchers looking at Bing’s search results.

To find out how to add ranking keywords to your blog post to get better ranking, check out my ‘How to add organic keywords to your website to help you rank‘ post.

A paid keyword checking tool with a free version

Spyserp is a paid tool for checking keyword ranking, but they have a limited free version. In the free version, you can have two websites and for each website, Spyserp will check five keyword phrases. Spyserp checks your keyword position in both Google and Bing.

Here is my dashboard in Spyserp.

Spyserp keyword ranking checker tool

I like to use Spyserp to check the rank position of new blog posts on Bing and Google. It checks my keyword positions every morning at 05.30. Thee is also an option to do an immediate check.

I use this tool to check my new post ranking and also any posts I update. To sign up for your free account, head over to


Bing webmaster is a fantastic tool because it tells you all the keywords that are driving traffic to your website.

There will be keywords in that list that you never knew you ranked for. Those extra keywords allow you to improve your content and rank higher in Bing.

If you are a new website, you need to give your site time to get data from Bing. For new sites, I recommend concentrating on getting 50 to 100 posts on your website and leaving them to grow over a year. SEO is a long term strategy, patience is the key.

With many months of data, you can analysis the posts that are getting the most traffic and use Bing webmaster to see where you can make improvements to your posts and get higher in the rankings.

To read more about this strategy, please check out my ‘How to add organic keywords to your website to help you rank‘ post.

I also have a YouTube channel, I have tutorials on using WordPress, SEO, and the Amazon affiliate program.


How do you track your keyword ranking?

Do you use Bing webmaster tools?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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