What Is The Amazon SiteStripe

What Is The Amazon SiteStripe? How Do You Use It?

If you’re a blogger looking to monetize your website, the Amazon affiliate program may be just what you need.

Amazon’s affiliate program allows you to earn a commission by promoting Amazon’s products on your blog.

This program lets you make money from your blog without creating or selling your products.

One of the best tools available for Amazon affiliates is SiteStripe. SiteStripe is a feature in your Amazon Associates account that allows you to quickly and easily generate affiliate links for Amazon products.

With SiteStripe, you can promote products on your blog with just a few clicks, making it easy to earn a commission from your blog.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a program that allows website owners and bloggers to promote Amazon products on their websites and earn a commission on any resulting sales.

To get started, sign up for the Amazon Associates program, create an affiliate account, and choose the products you want to promote on your website.

Once you have joined the program, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote Amazon products on your website.

The commission rates for different product categories vary, with most categories offering a rate of around 2-5%. However, some product categories offer a higher commission rate of up to 10%.

By promoting Amazon products through the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission on any resulting sales and monetize your website or blog.

What Is The Amazon Associates SiteStripe?

The Amazon Associates SiteStripe is a powerful tool for Amazon affiliate members to create affiliate links and generate more referrals.

SiteStripe is a link generator tool that appears at the top of any Amazon website once logged in as an Amazon affiliate member.

It provides various ways to create affiliate links for any product on Amazon, including text links and image links.

Please note that only members of the Amazon Associates program can use SiteStripe to promote Amazon products and services on their websites.

How to Enable the Amazon Associates SiteStripe

The Amazon SiteStripe is only available to members of the Amazon Associates program.

If you are not a member, you can’t use SiteStripe. To enable the Amazon SiteStripe, log in to your affiliate account.

You can log in on the Amazon retail website.

Sign in

Or use the Amazon Associate’s login page.

Sign in

Once SiteStripe is enabled, it will appear at the top of Amazon.com whenever you are logged in as an Amazon affiliate member.

Amazon SiteStripe

From there, you can use SiteStripe to generate affiliate links for the products you want to promote on your blog or website.

How to Use the Amazon Associates SiteStripe

Once you have enabled the SiteStripe, you can generate affiliate links for products you want to promote.

Here is how to use it:

Go to Amazon.com and log in to your Amazon Associates account.

Sign In

Search for the product you want to promote on Amazon. Once you have found the product, go to the SiteStripe menu at the top of the screen.


From the SiteStripe, you can choose from different links, such as Text+Image, Text, Image, and Custom. Depending on the type of link you want to create, click on the corresponding button and copy the link generated by SiteStripe.

Generate affiliate links

Create a Custom HTML block on your post and paste the affiliate link into your blog post where you want to promote the product.

Paste code

It’s important to note that each generated link by SiteStripe includes your unique affiliate ID, which allows Amazon to track clicks and purchases made through your links.

You can create different types of links to promote Amazon products based on your blog post’s content and the promotion you want to do.

For example, you can create a text link that includes a call-to-action within your content or create an image link that showcases the product you are promoting.

By using SiteStripe to generate your affiliate links, you can ensure that your links are properly formatted and include your affiliate ID, which can help you earn commissions on purchases made through your links.

Tips for Using the Amazon Associates SiteStripe

To make the most out of the Amazon SiteStripe, here are some tips you can follow:

Include Relevant Amazon Products in Your Blog Posts

While creating content for your blog, try to include products relevant to your audience.

Promoting relevant products will increase the chances of your readers clicking on the links and purchasing the products.

Use Different Types of Links

The Amazon SiteStripe allows you to create different types of links such as text links, and image links. Experiment with the links to see which ones work best for your blog.

Track Your Clicks and Earnings

Amazon provides reporting tools that allow you to track clicks and earnings. Make use of these tools to analyze your performance and make improvements to your strategy.

Leverage SEO

Use relevant keywords in your blog posts and product descriptions to optimize your content for search engines. This will help your blog rank higher in search results and attract more readers.

Join Amazon Affiliate Training Programs: If you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, consider joining online training programs that provide guidance on how to use the Amazon SiteStripe and promote products effectively.

By following these tips, you can maximize your earning potential with the Amazon SiteStripe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon Associates program?

The Amazon Associates program is an affiliate marketing program that allows bloggers and website owners to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products.

When a reader clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the blogger earns a commission.

How do I set up an Amazon Associates account?

To set up an Amazon Associates account, go to the Amazon Associates website and click on the “Join Now for Free” button. Follow the instructions to be an affiliate and provide information about your website or blog to become an associate.

What is an affiliate store ID?

An affiliate store ID is a unique identifier assigned to each affiliate account. It tracks clicks and purchases made through your affiliate links.

What is SiteStripe in Amazon?

SiteStripe is a toolbar that appears at the top of Amazon.com when logged into your Amazon Associates account. It provides a quick and easy way to create affiliate links for the products you want to promote on your blog.

Why don’t I see SiteStripe on Amazon?

If you don’t see SiteStripe on Amazon, it could be because you are not logged into your Amazon account. Make sure you are logged in to your account before visiting Amazon.com.

How do I use SiteStripe to get affiliate links?

To use SiteStripe, log in to your Amazon Associates account and visit Amazon.com. You will see the Amazon SiteStripe at the top of the page. Use SiteStripe to create affiliate links for the products you want to promote on your blog.

What types of affiliate links can I create with SiteStripe?

SiteStripe allows you to create various types of affiliate links, including text links, image links, and product links. You can also create short links and share them on social media.

How much do Amazon affiliates make?

The amount of money an Amazon affiliate can make varies depending on the products they promote and the commission rates.

Commission rates range from 1% to 10%, with some categories offering higher rates.

Some bloggers make a few dollars a month, while others make thousands of dollars a month.

It all depends on the traffic and sales generated by their affiliate links.

What is Amalinks Pro?

Amalinks Pro is a plugin for WordPress that helps Amazon affiliates create beautiful product displays on their blog.

It offers various customization options and reporting tools to help bloggers maximize their earnings.


In conclusion, the Amazon affiliate program is an excellent way for bloggers to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products.

The SiteStripe tool makes creating affiliate links for the products you promote and tracking your earnings easy.

By using SiteStripe, you can save time by not manually creating affiliate links.

I encourage readers to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program if they haven’t already and start using SiteStripe to promote products on their blogs.

With the right strategies, you can increase your earnings and monetize your blog effectively through the Amazon affiliate program.

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I hope you found my post informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.



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