What is the Amazon associates program

What Is The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program?

Are you looking to join an affiliate program? I recommend the Amazon Associates affiliate program. It is free to join. You can promote Amazon products on your website straight away.

In my post, I share details of the Amazon affiliate program. I also talk about the pros and cons.

Let’s begin.

What Is The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Associates affiliate program is a referral program that allows website owners to earn money from linking to products on Amazon.

The program is free to join. Anyone can register as an affiliate and start promoting products from Amazon within minutes on a website.

Amazon has affiliate programs in many countries around the world. You can join as many as you want for free.

Amazon is one of the largest retailers. Almost 40% of online sales go through Amazon in the United States.

What Are The Pros And Cons?


The Amazon Affiliate program is free and is open to anyone. Once registered as an affiliate, you can start promoting Amazon products within minutes.

Amazon is a trusted brand. People choose to shop on Amazon because they know and trust them.

Amazon has a large number of products. Whatever niche you are in, Amazon has products you can link to from your blog.

It is easy to generate affiliate links for your website. Amazon has the SiteStripe. The Sitestripe generates links for you that include your affiliate code.

Visit my Amazon Affiliate Link Generator article to learn more.

You receive a commission on everything purchased using your affiliate link within 24 hours. Not only the product you promote.

Amazon does an excellent job of upselling to its customers. Once you send your visitor to Amazon, they will probably buy multiple items.


New affiliates have to make three qualified sales within 180-days. Amazon terminates affiliate accounts that don’t make the required sales. You can re-apply and start the process again.

Commission rates on Amazon vary. Some products have commission rates as low as 1%. To earn a good commission, you need to promote items retailing for at least $100.

Conversion rates are essential. Monitor your account dashboard to see how many people click on your links.

Amazon tracks purchases for only 24 hours. Visitors that buy after 24 hours don’t earn you a commission. Visitors returning to Amazon using another affiliate’s link don’t earn you a commission.

Amazon has a 60-day payout. That means that commissions earned in January get paid in April.

There is a minimum payout limit. If you don’t earn enough commissions to reach the minimum payout, Amazon withholds payment until you do.

You can get paid by check, but the minimum payout limit is $100, with a processing fee of $15.

Tips For Amazon Affiliates

Find a niche that you enjoy. Writing blog posts about something you like is easy.

Your experience and knowledge will help you create content that helps others.

Write blog posts about pain points. Offer solutions and include affiliate links in your blog post to products on Amazon.

Create regular and original content for your blog. If you copy specifications from Amazon, this is not original.

Your visitor can find that information on Amazon. They don’t need to visit your website. Offer something extra. Go the extra mile to help your visitor.

Optimize specific products. Find a pain point and write about how to solve the problem with an in-depth article offering a product.

When the reader gets to your affiliate link, they should be ready to click.

Use a link localizer. Visitors to your website come from many countries.

By default, Amazon redirects visitors to the Amazon website in their country.

If you don’t use a link localizer, you don’t earn a commission on purchases made on international Amazon websites.

Amazon has a link localizer available to affiliates. Log in to your dashboard and select One Link from the menu.

One link

Click on Add Countries.

Add countries

Select countries and click on Next. Agree to the terms and conditions to complete.

Select countries

Currently, there are seven countries available. For more, you need to use a third-party application.


The Amazon Associates affiliate program is free to join. You can start promoting products immediately after becoming a member.

The Amazon Associates affiliate program has many rules. Your account could get closed if you break them.

Amazon has thousands of products. Whatever niche you are in, there are products you can promote on your website.

As an affiliate, you can use Amazon product images on your site.

Visit my How To Use Amazon Affiliate Images On Your Website article to learn more.

I recommend writing about specific products rather than writing reviews or list posts.

Buyer keyword phrases are competitive. More competition means it’s harder to rank on Google.

Don’t forget to use Amazon’s link localizer to ensure you get a commission from international traffic.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below.


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