Amazon Affiliate Clicks But No Earnings

Why Your Amazon Affiliate Account Has Clicks But No Earnings

My post shows why your Amazon affiliate account has clicks but no earnings.

Let’s start.

#1. Customer Cancelled Their Order

When a customer purchases on Amazon. They have the option to cancel.

When a visitor to Amazon cancels after making a purchase, there is a click on your account but no earnings.

Sometimes customers receive their items but want to return them.

It appears on your account as a returned item. You do not earn a commission on returned items.

Returned item

#2. Amazon Can’t Fulfil The Customer’s Order

Once Amazon receives an order, they start shipping the items to the customer. Occasionally, Amazon has no stock and can not fulfill the order.

The item is sent to the customer once it becomes available. After shipment, you earn a commission.


Amazon also allows customers to pre-order selected products. Such as computer games or movies.

You get a click on your account, but you don’t earn a commission if the item is not shipped.

Once the customer receives the item after launch day, you earn a commission.

#3. Non-Commission Item

Amazon affiliates can not use their links to buy on Amazon. This rule also applies to family and friends.

Amazon deems this as an unofficial discount. Should you ask friends or family to purchase an Amazon product using your affiliate link, Amazon won’t pay you.

Your affiliate account could get canceled if friends and family purchase items from Amazon using your link.

When Amazon decides an affiliate has used their link to buy, Amazon won’t pay a commission.

Your Amazon Affiliate Account Has Earnings But No Clicks

When visitors put items into their shopping basket but don’t check out, Amazon assigns a 90-day cookie.

You earn a commission if the visitor returns to pay for the goods within 90 days.

You see the commission payment but no click.

How Often Does Amazon Update Affiliate Accounts?

Amazon Affiliate accounts are updated once every 24 hours.

When Do Amazon Affiliates Get Paid?

Amazon pays affiliates on the first of each month. Payments take 60 days.

To ensure you get paid on time. Select your preferred payment method and complete your tax information.


The Amazon Affiliate program is one of the leading affiliate programs. It is free to join. There are thousands of products to promote.

If you have clicks but have no earnings, here’s why.

  • Number one – The visitor you sent to Amazon purchased an item and then canceled. Or they returned the item later.
  • Number two – The item is out of stock. There is a delay in sending the product to the customer for out-of-stock items. Affiliates get paid after the customer receives the product they ordered. Amazon also allows customers to pre-order selected products. Amazon affiliates must wait for the item to reach the customer before getting paid.
  • Number three – The item is a non-commission product. If Amazon thinks you let family and friends use your affiliate link, they won’t pay you a commission. I recommend you refrain from doing this. Amazon could cancel your account.

After joining the Amazon affiliate program, you must set up a preferred payment method. Visit my How To Withdraw Money From Your Amazon Associates Account to learn more.

Amazon offers three payment options for affiliates. Visit my Amazon Affiliate Payment Methods article to learn more.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have any questions, please leave them below.



18 responses to “Why Your Amazon Affiliate Account Has Clicks But No Earnings”

  1. EMMANUEL OKOYE avatar

    Someone bought a product with my link and i haven’t seen number of orders or sales yet

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi Emmanuel. Thank you for your comment. Did you ask a friend or family member to use your link?

      1. lanae avatar

        do they cancel ALL commissions if one family or friend opens a link? Also, how do they know who is friends/family? I give link to my clients if the product makes sense and also put them in lead magnets in my business.

        1. newblogr avatar

          Hello Lanae. Thank you for your comment. Amazon won’t pay a commission on sales from family or friends. I don’t know how they know, but they do. I don’t recommend sending affiliate links directly to your clients, this is against Amazon’s operating agreement ( Try sending them a link to a blog post that has your link if possible.

  2. Yvette Boye avatar

    Reading about Non-Commision Items in part 3 I started to wonder if all products on Amazon are commision items. Do you know if there are som products/categories that are not?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Yvette. Thank you for your comment. Amazon uses non-commission items to describe sales made to people you associate with. They consider that an authorised discount. As for items on Amazon with zero commission, here is a list I saw on their website.
      Gift Cards; Wireless Service Plans; Alcoholic Beverages; Digital Kindle Products purchased as a subscription; Food prepared and delivered from a restaurant; Amazon Appstore, Prime Now, or Amazon Pay Places 0.00%.

  3. Paul avatar

    Amazon Affiliate sales is a very tricky and does not end happy every time.

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Paul. Thank you for your comment. It is essential to target a specific audience when creating affiliate blog posts. Find a problem and present a solution. Offer step-by-step guides on how to use the product and why they should use it.

  4. Kathy Murphy avatar
    Kathy Murphy

    Hello. I am seriously researching getting into affiliate marketing. I have a few questions. 1) I read somewhere that if you don’t generate a sale within 180 days, Amazon closes your account. Can it be re-opened? 2) How can I be careful to avoid copyright infringement? 3) Also, if it’s good to blog about only one item (since it shows your expertise more effectively), can you set up a separate website to promote a different item?

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Kathy. Thank you for your comment. 1. Yes, you have 180-days to make three qualified sales. You can reapply if you don’t get the sales and start again. 2. Don’t copy someone else’s work or brand without permission. If you are not sure about something, Google it first. 3. Build a website about a topic rather than a product. You have to test various types of blog posts to see what ranks. Traffic must come to get sales. It is essential you become an authority on your topic and that means producing lots of quality content. I wouldn’t build a site to promote a product because ‘Seller’ search terms are competitive. Informative posts are easier to rank for.

  5. Jason rau avatar

    Amazon Affiliate sales is a very tricky and does not end happy every time.

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Jason. Thank you for your comment. Selling online is tough. It takes time to build a brand and trust.

  6. Malika Madani avatar
    Malika Madani

    Hey, i have like 119 clicks but no order but i’am sure that someone buy cuz u target the people that search where can they buy things and i give them the link directely

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hi Malika. Thank you for your comment. Amazon sends visitors to the Amazon store in their country when they leave your site. Are you a member of that country’s affiliate program? Have you checked your affiliate link using the affiliate link checker tool? If you are positive you should get a commission, drop Amazon support an email. Be careful giving your affiliate link to someone you know. Amazon won’t pay you if they think you know them.

  7. fikayo avatar

    Hi, I have clicks and 10 orders but no earnings. what could have gone wrong

    1. newblogr avatar

      Hello Fikayo. Thank you for your comment. You get a commission when Amazon ships the item to the customer. Sometimes customers cancel, so there is a delay.

  8. Nancy avatar

    Can I post links in Facebook threads or do I have to have my own blog page?

    1. newblogr avatar

      As I understand it, you can post affiliate links on accounts where you are the administrator. I don’t recommend posting your links on random Facebook threads.

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