What Are The Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements?

The Amazon Affiliate program is an excellent way to monetize your blog. In my post, I will share with you the program requirements.

The Amazon affiliate program is free to join. There are affiliate programs in several countries. You can sign up for as many as you want.

Let’s start.

Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements

180-days To Make Three Qualified Sales

After joining the Amazon affiliate program, you have 180-days to make three qualified sales.

If you have a new website with little or no traffic, I recommend waiting until you get traffic to your site before applying.

Amazon will close your account if you reach 180-days without making the required sales.

You can reapply straight away and start the process again.

Once you get the three sales, Amazon audits your site to evaluate your website content.

Ten Published Posts

Before joining the program, you should have at least ten published posts on your website.

These posts must be accessible to everyone. They can’t be on a restricted access website.

The content should be high-quality and original. Copied content or articles that don’t offer value won’t pass the Amazon audit.

24-Hour Cookie

When visitors click on your affiliate links, Amazon assigns a 24-hour cookie to track purchases. Affiliates earn a commission on all items purchased within 24 hours.

The exception is when visitors add items to their cart but do not check out. In this instance, Amazon assigns a 90-day cookie. If the visitor returns to purchase the items within 90-days, affiliates earn a commission.

Don’t Use Your Affiliate Links

Using your affiliate links to buy on Amazon will get your account closed. Asking friends, family, and associates to use your affiliate links is also against the rules.

Amazon recognizes this as an unofficial discount.

It is tempting to try this when you haven’t achieved the three sales required in 180-days.

Amazon monitors this closely. You can reapply to the program if you don’t get the three sales.

Don’t Display Prices

Amazon prices fluctuate. Affiliates are not allowed to display prices on their websites. Showing the wrong price could lead to a poor user experience.

The exception is to use the Amazon SiteStripe to embed code that automatically updates when prices change.

Visit my ‘What Is The Amazon SiteStripe?‘ post to learn more.

An alternative to displaying prices is to use the $ symbol. One $ indicates the item is cheap. Three $$$ shows it is expensive.

Don’t Incentivize Your Affiliate Links

You can’t offer an award for people to click on your affiliate links. Place your links naturally in your blog content and let the visitor decide if they want to click on them or not.

Don’t Include Affiliate Links In Marketing Material

It is not uncommon for website owners to have subscribers. Amazon doesn’t allow affiliates to include links in emails, e-books, or PDF downloads.

Affiliates links are for your website. Should you want to promote products to your subscribers, use your marketing material to direct your subscribers to a blog post with your link.

One Amazon Affiliate Account

You can have one Amazon affiliate account. You can have multiple identities within one account.

You can add other websites to your account. Go to ‘Account Settings’ on your affiliate dashboard and select ‘Edit Your Website List’.

Don’t Copy Amazon’s Website

Amazon is protective of its brand. They don’t allow affiliates to copy content from its website, including customer reviews.

Taking screenshots to use on your website is not allowed.

Designing your website to copy Amazon will also get your account closed.

Don’t Download Images

Downloading images from Amazon to use on your website is not allowed.

You can’t use copyrighted images without permission.

Affiliates can use the Amazon SiteStripe to get one image. Once you find a product you want to promote, click on the image link to get the code.

Product image

Visit my ‘How To Use Amazon Product Images On Your Amazon Affiliate Website‘ post to learn how to get images and add them to WordPress.


Joining the Amazon affiliate program is an excellent way to monetize your blog.

The Amazon affiliate program requirements are not hard to follow and should not stop you from joining.

The requirement that catches a lot of new affiliates is the 180-day one. If you have recently launched your site and don’t have regular traffic, I recommend you delay joining the program.

Publish quality content to your blog and link to Amazon products. Once you get traffic to your site, apply to the Amazon affiliate program and change the links for your affiliate ones.

Once you get the three qualifying sales, Amazon audits your site. Ensure you have over ten high-quality content posts on your site.

Please visit my ‘How To Not Get Banned From Amazon‘ post for a more detailed list of Amazon rules.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below. I enjoy reading comments.

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